Demons in the combox: “The joys, blessings, and power” of Pachamama


Trust me, you do NOT want to “discover the joys, the blessings and the power of the Spirit” of Pachamama.

Pro tip: If anyone, especially a priest, suggests to you that the truth can only be found by following a “spirit” that guides us BEYOND what we know to be “true, sacred, and holy,” then you are dealing with someone undergoing a preternatural disturbance. This is Teilhard’s demonic dream where creation, cosmos, and consciousness go forward together toward new mo’ better troofs, if only we are brave enough to set aside our fears and embrace the “spirit.”

They aren’t more enlightened than you are. They aren’t in possession of some acquired knowledge, blossoming as the fruit of docility to the “spirit.” Friends, the fullness of truth is already in front of you in the Deposit of Faith. It doesn’t change, because God never changes, hello Malachi 3:6. It doesn’t “go forward, always forward.” Anything contrary to this is satanic, and it’s only going to get worse. The lies will always be interwoven with truths like, “God is bigger than all of us.” Arm yourself.

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6 thoughts on “Demons in the combox: “The joys, blessings, and power” of Pachamama”

  1. I wonder how many of these “transcending spiritual encounters” come to these guys after smoking a doobie in the woods…

  2. Revelation closed on Patmos with the death of St. John, the Apostle.

    There is no more to be said. Just the Cross of Christ and Christ crucified, risen, among us.

    Anything that turns us even a micro mm from a living awareness of this Truth is a false religion.

    Anything that presents itself as the Catholic Faith that does not enshrine this Truth is a false diabolical spirit.

    In confusing times like these, when Priests, Bishops, Pope, present Golden Calves and Baals as sacred worship of Almighty God, it is easy to get lost and go lose our bearings of True North. True North is as simple as the Cross. Go there with the Blessed Mother and the Apostle John.

    The chattering, laughing, joking profane crowds that surround the Blessed Lord on His Cross will always remain from age to age. The small, sorrowful remnant remains at the feet of the bleeding body of Jesus. In reparation for the sins of the world, if He was not angry with the crowds, neither will I. Forgive them, Father. Blessed is the name of Jesus.

  3. This man is a wicked priest. A quick google search on him took me to a view of his Twitter page which looks like something you’d expect from Bernie Sanders’ supporters. Pure hatred.

    The battle lines have officially been drawn. If you’re still attending a novus ordo parish, I would strongly advise you to leave now for the sake of your soul and get to an exclusive TLM of Eastern Catholic Divine Liturgy.

  4. It always amazes me how none of these fools ever bothered to read the Apocalypse. It’s like, the last book right there that any idiot could at least grasp the message that as time moves on there will be a loss of faith and great destruction. But these nitwits only read up to the Gospel’s ends and think the story ends here and everything is always progressively getting better from here on out…

    Though I suppose, they likely don’t believe the Gospels either. It’s just a nice story they can use to hang their socialist causes on. So they don’t need all that negativity that Apocalypse brings…

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