Catalonia and Convergence: Is the pace of events getting your attention?

The Catalonia situation is not going to end well. If you haven’t been following this, you need to.  Today the Catalan parliament voted overwhelmingly for independence, and declared Catalonia a free republic. This move and the sentiment that caused it are very much akin to Brexit and MAGA. Later in the day, Madrid moved to crush the movement by dissolving the Catalan parliament and exerting, for now, direct rule on the region.  That should go over well, don’t you think? It will be very interesting how this plays out, given that it goes without saying the EU and all the globalists, including inside the Church, will want to crush the rebellion. This also has NATO implications.
In Rome, Summer is over and the silly season is about to begin. There is a distinct feeling of imminent doom, as we march headlong toward schism. You need to be spending a lot of time in prayer, all three kinds.  But also set aside some time to meditate on the coming storm, and what it might look like as it unfolds in your country, your diocese, your parish. You probably haven’t given nearly enough thought to what it’s going to be like when you are forced out of the “Visible Church”. You do realize, barring some supernatural intervention, this schism is coming with 100% metaphysical certitude. In fact it is already upon us, it’s just that the real purge has yet to begin.  When it does, they won’t allow one square inch of “dissent” to remain. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you can start envisioning scenarios and developing your plan.
Back in the States, we learned again this week that we really have no idea the extent of Deep State, because it constantly shows itself to be deeper than we could imagine. Russia/DOJ/FBI/Clinton/Obama bombshell revelations, which have been covered by the MSM exactly zero minutes and zero seconds. We must never forget that we really do need to rely on supernatural help not only in spiritual warfare, but also in this earthly fight, because their immoral tactics know no bounds.  We are in a pitched battle in which we have a rule book, but they don’t. And never forget that deep down, the other side really truly thinks they are doing the “right” thing. As I have stressed over and over, if you live in flyover country, and have never lived in the northeast corridor or the west coast, it’s hard to convey just how depraved these people can be, AND PROUD OF IT.
Tantumblogo over at Dallas Area Catholics writes brilliantly about it today HERE.

If you want to figure out what evils, what dirty tricks, what law-breaking the DNC and the Left generally are most involved in, most committed to, and which they feel is both one of their most powerful tools of malfeasance as well as one of the greatest dangers to their position of power, just look at what they accuse the other side of.
And it’s not just this fake (and frankly stupid, and disgusting) dossier contrived by a deep state apparatchik – it’s also things like the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the emerging masses of reports indicating that many leftist men, who constantly reproach normal men for their “toxic masculinity” and hateful, antiquated views towards women, are, in fact, serial rapists and abusers of women themselves.  Sargon apparently has a massive expose coming on this subject this weekend.
The three, invariable rules: leftists always lie, leftists always project, leftists always double down.
Now that the “Russian collusion” meme has been shown to be a massive conspiracy and illegality engaged in by the DNC, Hillary campaign, Deep State apparatchiks, and their media leftist running dog lackeys, it is suddenly to be flushed down the memory hole.
But in future, always remember, the very accusations themselves are a total giveaway of the evils the Left is wholly immersed in.
I felt this “Trump pee-party dossier” thing was a massive redirect and information op from the beginning.  And indeed, that’s finally, painfully slowly, what has been revealed.
How deep this goes is anyone’s guess.  It is already known the Obama administration, through its wholly corrupt and politicized Eric Holder/Loretta Lynch InJustice Department, is knee deep in this scandal.  How far up the chain of command involvement goes is easy to guess by how furiously the Dems are trying to prevent further investigation of not only Fusion GPS, but also the very strange scandal of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’ muslim former IT admin, who happened to abscond with several terabytes of classified data from now totally wiped computer hard drives.  The dems have been using all their power to keep that data from being subpoenaed………why?  What will it show?  Will it show, for instance, Obama’s direct involvement in the 2016 presidential election and deep corruption/collusion with the Russian government?

Great stuff. He goes on to explain the sexular pagan agenda and why it’s all tied together. Everything is connected.

…This Deep State/Leftist penetration of power and solidification began under Clinton, became entrenched under the (laughably inept and tone deaf) Bush 43 (thanks for giving your stalwart supporters a great big middle finger the other day, we sure appreciate it!  Guess we know where your loyalties lie.  Skull n Bones take care of their own, no?), and reached apotheosis under Obama.  I don’t know whether it is even possible at this point to deconstruct it.
Back to the rampant sexual abuse on the Left, up to and including massive pedophilia rings in their centers of power (just HOW many times did Clinton dump the Secret Service and fly to pedophile island?), Corey Feldman threatened to start naming names in Hollywood, and all of a sudden he gets slapped with a marijuana possession charge.  In CALIFORNIA?!?
The scandals are coming so thick and fast they are overwhelming, as, indeed, they are intended to be.  Scandals 10 times the importance and scope of Watergate pass by almost daily now, with the bought-n-paid for corporate/Deep State media telling us “nothing to see here.”  Or simply refusing to cover this at all.

The pace of events, indeed.

…This is what comes from an “elite” that rejects God and Our Savior Jesus Christ.  Pagan societies always devolve into endless self-aggrandizement, corruption, and wholesale ineffectiveness/incompetence.  People devoid of any sense of a law greater than themselves feel zero compunction over robbing citizens blind, colluding with deadly enemies, raping little children and forever destroying their sacred innocence, or the wholesale slaughter of very nearly 1 in 3 babies conceived in this nation over the past 44 years.  Indeed, the last point is the most telling – abortion has brought a curse down upon America, and, most particularly, on those “elites” who have done the most to keep it legal and the blood sacrifices to satan flowing.

And of course, the Church plays into this too, in a huge way.

…Incredibly, historically, philosophically, theologically, and historically speaking, the Church has played a huge role in the ascendance of sexular paganism among the cultural elites. By surrendering all the firm dictates and sublime, impervious moral and theological aspects of the “bad old faith” (e.g., “razing the bastions”), Church leadership not only left the Church open to further penetration by the forces of sexular paganism, but gave many wavering souls both perfect cover, and the perfect excuse, to make the final, irrevocable choice between God and Mammon.  By utterly neutering the Church’s unique power and voice, that leadership – some of which consisted of double agents of Mammon, but much of which were simply men to weak to resist – the choice of God or Mammon was made elementary, obvious for millions of lost souls, especially those with great ambitions and access to all the “delights” of power, money, and renown the world can offer.

I really want to cut and paste the whole thing… You can really tell when the stream of consciousness is just flying out of someone’s fingers onto the keyboard. I bet he wrote this in ten minutes. PLEASE click the link and go read it all.
Did I mention it’s the 100th Anniversary of Fatima and the Communist Revolution in Russia? And the 500th of the Lutheran heresy? Just sayin’.

Please join me for eleven minutes as John Kelly delivers stunning press conference every American should see

The left possesses such blind rage over the Trump presidency, the depth to which they will stoop knows no bounds. But they really are making a habit of exploiting Gold Star families, and I find this grotesque.
The audio of the actual phone call Trump made is now making the rounds. There were awkward moments, but how could there not be? Have you ever had to make such a difficult call? I didn’t hear anything offensive, although there were some points of levity which seemed a little forced. I commend Trump for making the call, and the others he’s made.
A lot has been written critically about the phrases “He knew what he was signing up for, he died doing what he wanted to do, he died surrounded by his brothers.” Let me explain something. No one who has ever been in combat or who has family members in combat would take any offense to these phrases. On the contrary, these phrases are a COMFORT, and were repeated over and over by me and my wife when our oldest son was deployed. Repeated to others, and to ourselves.
Repeated when we were constantly asked how could we “let” him go? Repeated when asked “gosh why didn’t he pick a ‘safer’ MOS?” Repeated when asked, “how do you deal with the stress?” You deal with it by accepting that he is over there doing the job he has wanted to do since he was a child; has it ever dawned on you that no nation on earth can stand without warriors? You deal with it by understanding the absolute necessity of the warrior class, and the transcendent honor attached to sacrifice on the battlefield. How many people die while doing the very thing they were born to do? Calvary comes to mind, and that’s a pretty good model if you ask me. We should always aim to unite our sufferings to those of Christ on the cross, never more appropriate than in this case.
Our son went to boot camp two months after high school graduation. He was deployed to Afghanistan as a Navy Corpsman nine months later, exactly as he wanted. This was 2008-09, the height of the surge. He made sure to get ‘CRUSADER’ tattooed on his forearm before he left. I will never forget watching him leave with his Marines, on the bus to the airfield at Camp Lejeune, not knowing if we would see him again. So many prayers.
You dread watching the news. You dread the politics. You dread the deadly and traitorous change in the ROEs, which gave the enemy a real tactical advantage. You dread all the good men being forced out, the unleashing of the LBGTQXYZ agenda by Chuck Hagel and Ash Carter, the opening of combat roles to women.
But mostly you dread the phone call.  You pray it never comes. When the phone rings, you never want to look at the caller ID. When it rings in the middle of the night, your chest implodes. But we knew that if it was bad, the call would come from a duty officer stateside, so whenever the number was clearly from overseas, we knew our son had gotten his turn on the Sat phone. Those times were the best, even when he would lie and tell us everything was just fine, no major firefights, blah blah blah.
Thanks be to God, the dreaded call never came.
The homecoming is so sweet.  It makes you realize that, no matter how many parties you’ve been to, you never really had something to celebrate quite like this. You appreciate the time you have together. Then the next deployment comes, and then the next. It’s a cycle that never becomes comfortable, although it’s never as bad as the first time.
My point is, this episode demonstrates that nothing is sacred to the left except leftism. And even as we are constantly presented with evidence confirming this, we continue to be shocked by it. This is what Chief of Staff John Kelly, retired Marine General and himself a Gold Star father, was trying to get across in his press conference yesterday. First he describes the process of recovering/removing KIA and then walks the press patiently and opening through his discussions with Trump, explaining the process to him. As he relates the moment yesterday morning when he learned what the congresswoman said, I have no idea how he remains so calm.
I beg you to watch the first eleven minutes of this.  You’ll be glad you did.

What to do when the Rosary is under demonic attack? MOAR ROSARY!

We certainly are sprinting toward the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the sun at Fatima, this coming Friday, are we not?
The latest round of diabolic began with the astounding amount of garbage antipope Bergoglio managed to pack into last Wednesday’s “general audience”, including condemnation of those who are just “repeating memorized lines” without “smiling”. HERE This alone is a great reason to say more rosaries. He went on to condemn as fake Christians those who refuse to believe that “no person is permanently in error”; in other words, unless you believe Hell is empty, you are not a Christian. Then he railed against those who dare take the gospel mission seriously, as if oh I dunno as if souls depended on it, as “Profits of Doom”, which is a variation on an oldie but goody and still a great rock band name to be sewn onto the back of a leather jacket. HERE
Then over the weekend, as we celebrated Our Lady of the Rosary/Our Lady of Victory, there were attacks on Our Lady and on the rosary by various factions within and without the Church. There was a particular slant against Lepanto, not surprisingly, which criticized the rosary as a weapon against Muslims in an attempt to label the rosary Islamophobic.
Which, of course, it totally and rightly is. Deus Vult.
So please join me in deploying what is truly a spiritual WMD. Help me make them multiply. Your goal is to get through all 15 decades EVERY DAY between now and Friday.  Are you groaning? It’s only a few days. And you’re actually going to like it, because I have some super helpful tips to get you through this.
I first made a plea for the daily rosary back in May, as the anniversary of the initial Fatima apparitions was upon us:

Pray it every day. It will change your life like nothing else. If you are searching for that transformative element that seems to be missing, the thing to get you over the hump, so to speak, this is it. I didn’t believe it either. I was incredulous when a priest first explained it to me — in the confessional.
The trick is to find the time during an activity where it fits perfectly and you’re not distracted or tempted by something else. If you are lucky enough to get to daily Mass, arriving a little early or staying after is perfect. Or on your commute… turn off the radio and tune in the mysteries. You’ll be surprised how easy it is. Drive time is actually really good for all sorts of prayer, even really long drives.  Try it. HERE

So if you still aren’t praying at least five decades a day, I realize that all 15 may seem daunting. But fear not. You don’t have to recite it all at once, you could spread it out through the day, but it really is more edifying if you do it all at once. One of the keys, as mentioned above, is to find a time or activity when you are otherwise preoccupied and you can let the mysteries take over.  That might sound counterintuitive, but unless you are in a cloister, it’s imperative. For me, it is mostly my daily hike, followed by drive time. I find myself too easily distracted in church, even an empty church, and I really dislike public/group recitation unless it is for a stated purpose.
If you want to wade in, but not sure you can commit, start with the mysteries proper to the day (Joyful Mon/Thu, Sorrowful Tue/Fri, Glorious Sat/Sun/Wed). Then try to work in a couple more decades of the next set of mysteries. Then try to find a day where you can dedicate one hour to get through all 15 decades. You don’t have to say the opening and closing prayers at every set (Creed, Salve Regina, etc), but just at the overall beginning and end. Don’t worry about a special intention if you don’t have one. She knows what you need, and she knows what others need. You also don’t need beads; I like using my fingers instead.
It’s time to storm heaven, boys and girls. If you don’t understand the power and necessity of spiritual warfare, read THIS.

Spiritual warfare is going on around us 24/7/365 whether you realize it or not. It’s warfare for sure, but the stakes are way higher than any earthly battle, because the outcomes affect the eternal destiny of souls. Our physical actions (i.e. ‘Just War’, proselytising, protests, petitions, voting, BLOGS) are merely small arms fire, or at most, artillery.  But the WMDs of this war are prayers.  It’s easy to forget, or even to doubt whether that’s true, because you’ve been conditioned for 50 years to kneel at the altar of Active Participation.

Won’t you join me?

Understanding and executing the sacred duty to protect your family from corporeal threats: Long guns and training

These people walk among us by the millions. They really, really hate you. They see no irony in their wonderment about us wanting to keep our guns to protect ourselves, even in the midst of making death threats. Can’t make it up.
I penned the following essay in the weeks after the election, as the marches and riots were fully underway, attempting to somehow prevent the inauguration, via faithless electors or some other means. It’s one of the most popular posts I’ve ever written, and it bears repeating in the aftermath of Las Vegas. The first few paragraphs accurately predict the Deep State anarchy which we’ve seen play out in the past eleven months. Then it gets down to the practical business. It’s rather long, as sometimes is necessary when you are progressing through the linear thought process, from true premise to logical end. God bless.

Are you honoring your sacred duty to prepare for corporeal threats?

Everything in this essay is subordinate to my earlier post on spiritual prepping HERE. If you aren’t prepping your soul, none of what follows matters.
The American political situation is NOT, repeat NOT settled. Regardless of the recount/electors/etc, everything is still in complete chaos. Even if Trump is installed, there will continue to be a massive push to maintain the status quo by the entire DC power structure, and this will include covert acts of anarchy, possibly from both sides. $20TTT in debt, out of control spending led by a criminal oligarch/collusory “healthcare” industry, the death of the rule of law and the obstinate refusal of both parties to do anything about it — none of this is going away. The question I have for you today, the answer to which I hereby hope to influence, is this:
Are you prepared to protect your family in the event of some… shenanigans?
The situation of the financial markets, the irreversible debt bubble of world governments, the house-of-cards default-swap leverage mountains of the major banks… none of this will or can change or be remotely fixed in any way. The only solution is a total system collapse and hard reset. Have you done that research yet? Have you been adult enough to look at the publicly available balance sheets? Have you done anything to prepare? Whether the collapse is imminent or merely inevitable, you have a solemn duty to yourself and your family.
Natural disasters also sure seem to be on the rise. Large earthquakes from Europe to South America to Asia.  A lot of them. Earthquakes and other extreme natural phenomena (like lightning striking the dome of St. Peter’s TWICE in the last four years, an occurrence never before recorded) are God’s way of warning humanity to repent, because something big is about to happen. So first of all, repent; the spiritual prep is way more important than the corporeal prep. Start by reading yesterday’s blog post. But still, are you remotely prepared for a sudden natural disaster of any kind? Do you have a plan and does your family know the plan?
And I haven’t even mentioned ISIS! Domestic tactical terror, mass terror, cyber terror, infrastructure terror… are you prepared for any of this? We just had a fresh Somali Muslim “refugee” car/machete attack at Ohio State (soft target/gun free zone). How many tens of thousands of future terrorists have we purposely brought to our shores in the past eight years? Do you understand that invasion by immigration is Islamic doctrine? Google ‘Hijrah’.
How about if the grid went down where you live – no electricity, no cell phones, no refrigeration, no internet – cash registers don’t work, credit card readers don’t work, ATMs don’t work, ahem EBT CARDS DON’T WORK–how prepared are you? What contingencies have you made? Do you think that it’s someone else’s job?
There are plenty of logistical considerations that you can go do the research on crisis management. There are dozens of prepper sites to give you the basics on water, food, shelter, comms, mobility, currency, etc. I will limit myself here to speaking about the God-given duty of self-defense.
If you are a Christian, then you should be interested in what Jesus had to say about self-defense. Do you have not just a right, but actually a God-given duty, to arm yourself for the conflicts ahead?
First, let’s examine what is often presented as the answer. Are you familiar with the scene in the garden where Jesus is ultimately arrested? During the process, Simon Peter strikes the servant of the high priest with his sword, cutting off his ear. Jesus heals him, and tells Peter to put away his sword. This event is recorded in all four Gospels, which means it’s a really big deal, so listen up:  People who claim that Peter was wrong to resort to violence are diabolically inverting the very words of our Savior.
Peter was NOT wrong to resort to violence. Peter was RIGHT/JUST (as in, God-given right) to resort to violence. The reason he was rebuked by Jesus is only because of the broader context: It was time for Jesus to redeem the world, and He had to go willingly. The warning  “all that take the sword shall perish with the sword”, refers to aggressors, not defenders. In fact, not only was Peter justified drawing his sword, but Jesus goes much, much farther, telling Peter in the very next verse that He would be justified in calling down more than twelve legions of angels to slaughter their adversaries.  That’s 60,000 angels, y’all. Matt 26:53.
Also, do you remember what happened immediately prior to the scene in the garden?  Oh yeah, the part where Jesus instructs the apostles to ARM THEMSELVES, even if it means selling their clothes to acquire weapons. Right after He instituted the Eucharist and commissioned the apostles comes this:

He said to them, “When I sent you forth without a money bag or a sack or sandals, were you in need of anything?” “No, nothing,” they replied. He said to them, “But now one who has a money bag should take it, and likewise a sack, and one who does not have a sword should sell his cloak and buy one. For I tell you that this scripture must be fulfilled in me, namely, ‘He was counted among the wicked’; and indeed what is written about me is coming to fulfillment.” Then they said, “Lord, look, there are two swords here.” But he replied, “It is enough!” Luke 22:35-38

The last verse is a reference to the situation at hand (in the garden, which follows in the very next verse). The first three verses are a general instruction related to the missionary nature of the Church; a warning for disciples to be prepared, because the world will always be opposed to Truth.
May I also say, we are talking here about full-blown “assault weapons” of the day — swords. It was the most powerful weapon a man could carry with him.  If it were today, in the United States, the equivalent instruction would be to sell your clothes to acquire a semi-automatic rifle. But why, you say? Why would I want that, you say?
Because God doesn’t want the bad guys to have more firepower than you have.
Soooo… here is some very detailed advice from a recent veteran of multiple combat deployments, sent to me for the purpose of sharing here. Bear in mind, tools are useless or even worse than useless without training.

“If you don’t have one, you need one, and you need it now. When this thing comes down, which it will, a pistol isn’t going to cut it in defending yourself, your family, your home, your neighborhood, or in a mobile operation. “A pistol is a tool to get to your rifle”- anonymous SOF operator. You need a fighting rifle, designed to be used in open and close environments against hostile threats. This is a guideline for choosing that rifle, with various specs for you to consider.

Semi automatic: A semi automatic, magazine fed rifle allows for a rate of fire sufficient to rapidly engage threats with multiple rounds. No bolt actions; you are not going to win a close range fight with less than semi automatic.

Accuracy: A fighting rifle needs to have the accuracy to engage targets from 0-300 yards. Any AR or AK produced by a reputable manufacturer, chambered in an appropriate rifle round will be able to accomplish this.

Recoil management: The ability to control recoil to deliver rapid follow up shots. Downing an aggressor with one shot only happens in the movies, unless it’s a headshot. There are numerous examples of aggressors continuing to attack after taking ten or more hits, so you need to manage recoil to get back on target quickly. Example: The recoil of an AR15 or AK47 is manageable and easy to learn to control, but a battle rifle chambered in .308 is a much more difficult weapon to deliver rapid, accurate fire.

Caliber: Choosing a caliber that is both common, easily accessible, and is sufficient for neutralizing a human threat. Example; your chances with a 22 LR at 200 yards is low. Your chance of being able to find large stocks 6.8 SPC is low. It really comes down to just a few practical alternatives, which I will discuss in a moment.

Maneuverability: Your rifle should be of a size and weight that is easily handled in close quarters, and light enough to move rapidly. The same goes for the rest of your gear, i.e. body armor. Example; Deltas don’t clear rooms with a heavy chassis, 26″ barreled M1A, they used short barreled ARs.

Reliability: A fighting rifle should be made with capability to be extremely reliable, with proper maintenance. Your budget determines your options. You can buy a $500-600 dollar AK that will function reliably, but a $500 dollar budget isn’t going to work for a reliable AR.

These factors generally limit you to 2 platforms, an AK chambered in 7.62×39 or 5.45×39, or an AR15 chambered in 5.56. Both of these weapons are plentiful, AT THE MOMENT. They are the most common fighting rifles in the world, and their ammo just as common. These weapons are user friendly, easy to learn the basic operation, and therefore fast to train and become effective with. Yes there are other platforms that fire these cartridges, Tavor, Galil, G36, ACR, etc etc. If you are versed in these weapons, that’s great, if not, your best bet is AR or AK.

The AK and the AR both have ups and downs.  AK is cheaper not only in buying a quality rifle, but cheaper to buy ammo. The AR has greater accuracy and better recoil management. You can buy a quality AK for around $600. A high end AK might get up to $1200. A quality AR will run about $1000, high end ARs run from $1800 to $2600.
The importance is in buying a QUALITY weapon. Your life hangs in the balance of your weapon and level of training. If you are just starting out, its better to go with a quality $1200 rifle and a thousand dollars towards a solid training course than spend 3 grand on a rifle with no training. Training is life.

Lastly, attachments: Once again, just basics. Two things, a proper weapon light, because night time, and sights, because aiming. A proper weapon sight should be able to illuminate a target 50 yards away. Sights, Iron sights at a bare minimum, and a non magnified, quality red dot if you can. Nothing beats a red dot in CQB shooting, super fast. Furthermore, a red dot zeroed at the proper range will ensure that your point of impact will not drift more than 4″ off point of aim from 0-250 yards, depending on your platform and ammo used. You put that dot on a targets chest, and it doesn’t matter if they are 25 yards away or 200, you will hit your target. It is much easier to accurately engage targets at range with a red dot than with iron sights.

The time is now. You can go look at any website that sells weapons parts. They are wiped out. But your local gun shop still has plenty of ARs and AKs. When SHTF, they will be sold out in a day, and prices will skyrocket to the point people will be selling stripped lower receivers (a $150 part) for $550. It’s happened before, in the aftermath of various events.

A fighting rifle, and the training to use it, is the first piece of the puzzle, but not the last.”

Yet how many of you, after reading these 1900 words, instead of immediately seeking to strengthen and protect you and your family’s supernatural life, and immediately seeking to strengthen and protect you and your family’s corporeal life , will just go about your day like none of this is real?

When the Modernists start to make your own argument for you…

…can the formally declared apostasy be far away?

“Not Catholic anymore.” Got that? nuChurch is a totally new religion, and they’re not trying to hide it.  What was Catholic from the Incarnation until 1965 isn’t Catholic anymore. They are screaming it from the rooftops.
There is no room left for anyone to suggest Vatican II was “hijacked”, “misinterpreted”, or is in any way consistent with Church teaching throughout the ages. It is a total rupture; a false floor where neocons go to nuance the documents in a traditional light to make themselves feel better. Tertium non datur — law of the excluded middle — this position NO LONGER EXISTS. You either drop the facade and join the actual Catholics, on the side of Tradition, or you go with this guy, over the cliff.

There is no possibility of coexistence. HE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! nuChurch must be totally rebuked, torn down, and looked back on with scorn. But it doesn’t seem to be moving that way, does it. It seems to be going Massimo’s way.
Apostasy, by its very nature, must be formally declared. The Great Apostasy will be no different. God doesn’t hate us; He will give us every chance to be saved. He will ensure the signs are right out in the open. But be prepared, because choosing sides is the easy part. Where it goes from there won’t be fun, so long as we remain in this vale of tears.
Make sure you have your facts straight when you get attacked. God doesn’t change; He exists outside of time itself. God was the same in 65 A.D. as He was in 965 as He was in 1965 and as He is today. I will attach below a post about immutability published a few days after the publication of #AmorisLaetitia that’s really handy for understanding this. HERE

AL#301 and the dogma of Immutability

This is when I got the knot in my stomach.

301. For an adequate understanding of the possibility and need of special discernment in certain “irregular” situations, one thing must always be taken into account, lest anyone think that the demands of the Gospel are in any way being compromised. The Church possesses a solid body of reflection concerning mitigating factors and situations. Hence it is (sic) can no longer simply be said that all those in any “irregular” situation are living in a state of mortal sin and are deprived of sanctifying grace. More is involved here than mere ignorance of the rule. A subject may know full well the rule, yet have great difficulty in understanding “its inherent values”,339 or be in a concrete situation which does not allow him or her to act differently and decide otherwise without further sin.
Footnote339: John Paul II, Apostolic Exhortation Familiaris Consortio (22 November 1981), 33: AAS 74 (1982), 121.

Before we get to the footnote, as misleading as the footnote is, there are two other things here that are even worse.  And I only pasted the first half of the paragraph.
See those air quotes around “irregular”?  That’s what writers do when they believe the phrase in question is inherently fallacious. Like Catholics referring to so-called “gay” marriage.  So Francis is mocking the very notion that there is anything irregular about these relationships. Ya think that might be a teensy weensy problem?  Explains a whole lot of other things, doesn’t it?
Then comes a real show stopper.  After 232 pages of set-up, Francis attempts to abrogate the dogma of Immutability. Does everyone remember the dogma of Immutability?  “For I am the Lord, and I change not” (Mal 3:6).  God does not change, so His divine will does not change, so the things which go against His divine will (sin) do not change. Nor can doctrine, which is the codification of His will. How do we know God doesn’t change? Because time is a construct.  Time was created by God, just like all the material dimensions were created by God.  God exists outside of time.  Change cannot occur without the element of linear time.  Now watch this.
“Hence it is (sic) can no longer simply be said that all those in any “irregular” situation are living in a state of mortal sin and are deprived of sanctifying grace.”
Got that?  “Can no longer be said.”  What was true in the past is no longer true. That’s why He is the God of surprises. Surprisingly, He now loves moral relativism, situational ethics, divorce and adultery.  Well, He might not LOVE them, but He knows there is certainly GOOD contained within them, and He wants us to discover that GOOD, and to stop being so mean. Time to face the strange cha cha cha changes.
Someone at the Vatican must be super busy collecting every extant copy of the CCC and whiting out paragraph 2384: (emphasis mine)

2384 Divorce is a grave offense against the natural law. It claims to break the contract, to which the spouses freely consented, to live with each other till death. Divorce does injury to the covenant of salvation, of which sacramental marriage is the sign. Contracting a new union, even if it is recognized by civil law, adds to the gravity of the rupture: the remarried spouse is then in a situation of public and permanent adultery:  If a husband, separated from his wife, approaches another woman, he is an adulterer because he makes that woman commit adultery, and the woman who lives with him is an adulteress, because she has drawn another’s husband to herself.

Honestly, I will say this.  It is entirely possible that Francis himself is eligible for some of this cheap grace he is dishing out, because the brashness, the hubris he is exhibiting here is at such a level that you wonder if he was ever properly taught the faith.  Is he really rejecting it, or does he just not understand it?  Yes, I really think that could be true.  Think of the irony if he is actually guiltless out of invincible ignorance.
Finally, the footnote. It’s from FC 33 HERE.  Is FC 33 dealing with people in irregular situations who are living their lives in a state of mortal sin?  Um, no. FC33 is about ACTUAL MARRIED PEOPLE, and the subject matter is WHOLLY DIFFERENT from what’s being dealt with here.  Namely, a situation where the actually married couple struggles, in the context of modern sexually depraved society, to understand, accept and practice continence while avoiding artificial means of contraception.
Which in itself is a rather generous bit of sympathy, given that Humanae Vitae isn’t that hard to understand  HERE.