What to do when the Rosary is under demonic attack? MOAR ROSARY!

We certainly are sprinting toward the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the sun at Fatima, this coming Friday, are we not?
The latest round of diabolic began with the astounding amount of garbage antipope Bergoglio managed to pack into last Wednesday’s “general audience”, including condemnation of those who are just “repeating memorized lines” without “smiling”. HERE This alone is a great reason to say more rosaries. He went on to condemn as fake Christians those who refuse to believe that “no person is permanently in error”; in other words, unless you believe Hell is empty, you are not a Christian. Then he railed against those who dare take the gospel mission seriously, as if oh I dunno as if souls depended on it, as “Profits of Doom”, which is a variation on an oldie but goody and still a great rock band name to be sewn onto the back of a leather jacket. HERE
Then over the weekend, as we celebrated Our Lady of the Rosary/Our Lady of Victory, there were attacks on Our Lady and on the rosary by various factions within and without the Church. There was a particular slant against Lepanto, not surprisingly, which criticized the rosary as a weapon against Muslims in an attempt to label the rosary Islamophobic.
Which, of course, it totally and rightly is. Deus Vult.
So please join me in deploying what is truly a spiritual WMD. Help me make them multiply. Your goal is to get through all 15 decades EVERY DAY between now and Friday.  Are you groaning? It’s only a few days. And you’re actually going to like it, because I have some super helpful tips to get you through this.
I first made a plea for the daily rosary back in May, as the anniversary of the initial Fatima apparitions was upon us:

Pray it every day. It will change your life like nothing else. If you are searching for that transformative element that seems to be missing, the thing to get you over the hump, so to speak, this is it. I didn’t believe it either. I was incredulous when a priest first explained it to me — in the confessional.
The trick is to find the time during an activity where it fits perfectly and you’re not distracted or tempted by something else. If you are lucky enough to get to daily Mass, arriving a little early or staying after is perfect. Or on your commute… turn off the radio and tune in the mysteries. You’ll be surprised how easy it is. Drive time is actually really good for all sorts of prayer, even really long drives.  Try it. HERE

So if you still aren’t praying at least five decades a day, I realize that all 15 may seem daunting. But fear not. You don’t have to recite it all at once, you could spread it out through the day, but it really is more edifying if you do it all at once. One of the keys, as mentioned above, is to find a time or activity when you are otherwise preoccupied and you can let the mysteries take over.  That might sound counterintuitive, but unless you are in a cloister, it’s imperative. For me, it is mostly my daily hike, followed by drive time. I find myself too easily distracted in church, even an empty church, and I really dislike public/group recitation unless it is for a stated purpose.
If you want to wade in, but not sure you can commit, start with the mysteries proper to the day (Joyful Mon/Thu, Sorrowful Tue/Fri, Glorious Sat/Sun/Wed). Then try to work in a couple more decades of the next set of mysteries. Then try to find a day where you can dedicate one hour to get through all 15 decades. You don’t have to say the opening and closing prayers at every set (Creed, Salve Regina, etc), but just at the overall beginning and end. Don’t worry about a special intention if you don’t have one. She knows what you need, and she knows what others need. You also don’t need beads; I like using my fingers instead.
It’s time to storm heaven, boys and girls. If you don’t understand the power and necessity of spiritual warfare, read THIS.

Spiritual warfare is going on around us 24/7/365 whether you realize it or not. It’s warfare for sure, but the stakes are way higher than any earthly battle, because the outcomes affect the eternal destiny of souls. Our physical actions (i.e. ‘Just War’, proselytising, protests, petitions, voting, BLOGS) are merely small arms fire, or at most, artillery.  But the WMDs of this war are prayers.  It’s easy to forget, or even to doubt whether that’s true, because you’ve been conditioned for 50 years to kneel at the altar of Active Participation.

Won’t you join me?

5 thoughts on “What to do when the Rosary is under demonic attack? MOAR ROSARY!”

  1. Gee, I thought I was the only one who didn’t like praying the Rosary with a ‘group’. To me somehow, it’s distracting, and I find it much harder to keep my mind on the mysteries, but I’m ok with it in Church as long as the Church is quiet and fairly empty. I have pretty much given up though on going to Mass early in order to pray a Rosary. The choir is practicing and LOUD, and it seems to be one big social hour as we have all complained about numerous times, so how in the world can one meditate under those conditions?! Thanks for the reminder, I will pray the 15 decades today and tomorrow anyway, and I think it would be helpful also if people would make the effort to go to Confession this week as well, this week has been difficult for me in particular with temptations, Satan is working particularly hard this week, as I read another blogger say as well, and I concur with him as I have experienced the same.

  2. To pray the Rosary in a group is more powerful ,than reciting solitary.The outcome of battles have been changed through people praying the Rosary in public .Its possible to pray solitary ,yet in union with others by signing up with the Living Rosary .each member is assigned one decade to recite daily in union with 14 other people. .http://www.philomena.org/rosary.asp

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