You will own nothing, and you will be happy: Ecclesiastical Edition


We need to stop being surprised. We are dealing with the antichurch in full ascendancy, and its powerful forces of Satan. You ain’t seen nothing yet. The former Ecclesia Dei orders will not put up a fight, nor will they “disobey” unjust laws. Even more so diocesan TLM priests. Being the tip of the spear would never occur to (most of) them. Ignoring unjust laws would never occur to them. Care of souls being the supreme law of the Church would never occur to them.

Just know, as laity, as a parish, be it FSSP/ICKSP/diocesan TLM, YOU OWN NOTHING.


The buildings? The diocese owns that.

The furnishings? The diocese owns that.

The grounds? The diocese owns that.

The building fund? The diocese owns that.

The weekly collection and surplus bank account?

The diocese owns all of it, and your bishop can do whatever he wants.

Bergoglio is not the Vicar of Christ, and he never was. He has zero power to promulgate and enforce even just laws, let alone unjust laws. Do you see how this matters? It seems to me that obeying unjust laws of an apostate antipope, especially concerning the suppression of proper Divine Worship, is a violation of the First Commandment.

But that’s just me.

The Mazzathon continues with Tim Gordon interview: How can there be two different ways to properly resign the Papal Office?

This episode is premised on the incredible Register article from 21 July, wherein the author mistakenly unknowingly reveals why Pope Benedict never validly resigned, HERE.

Dr. Mazza methodically goes through the BiP evidence, Gordon tries to poke holes, it’s a good back and forth between these two. You won’t want to miss Tim’s comparison of Bergoglio’s intricate retirement denials with a 1987 aquamarine IROC-Z. Bravo, sir. Mazza closes with a Depeche Mode reference that WILL make you spit out your drink, so be careful.

Please go ahead and watch on YouTube, if you don’t mind, and hit the like button. Enjoy!

Fatima, Bergoglio, scandal, and judging the actions of Pope Benedict according to his own words: A brilliant prosecution of current events by Dr. Edmund Mazza


5 minutes – (it’s a zoom call, so it takes a few minutes for people to join)
10 minutes – Setting the stage- “Living on Borrowed Time” (Fatima, unheeded)
20 minutes – “Is Pope Francis the Holy Father?”
30 minutes – The subject of “Scandal” – is it wrong to discuss this if it causes Scandal
38 minutes – Dr. Mazza offers us a preview of his new academic paper
57 minutes – what is “Pope Emeritus?”
1 hour, 20 minutes – Talking about the words in Benedict’s Interview-Book
1 hour, 30 minutes – Wrap-Up Summary
1 hour, 34 minutes – Benedict’s “Spiritual Diary” & the revelation of the Third Secret?
1 hour, 40 minutes – maybe we only have 3.5 years (2025) instead of 7 years until the prophesied coming crisis.
1 hour, 43 minutes – During the canonization of Francisco and Jacinta, Pope Francis said he was the “bishop dressed in white,” what is the deal with that, and what did Sr. Lucia mean when she wrote about that?
1 hour, 49 minutes – Hasn’t Pope Benedict XVI already been stripped of his authority in keeping with Our Lord’s warning to Sister Lucia of Fatima?
1 hour, 51 minutes – Is it possible that Pope Benedict XVI could be the pope of the assassination “killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him” described in the vision of the Third Secret of Fatima?
1 hour, 53 minutes – To me the Benedict-is-Pope position makes sense but so does sedevacantism. The latter position answers my question about how a valid Pope could call an invalid council. How can I be sure sedevacantism is incorrect. There is not much debate comparing these two positions.
1 hour, 55 minutes – Do you think the “katechon” could be the reservation of some measure of the Papacy by BXVI restraining canonically/legall/juridically the full force of Francis’ actions?
1 hour, 56 minutes – Dr Mazza, under your understanding of the current situation, would BXVI have the canonical ability to name Cardinals “in pectore”?
1 hour, 58 minutes, 30 seconds – Why is the date 2029 instead of 2017?
2 hours, 1 minutes – What about the bones of St Peter being sent by Francis to Contantinopole?
2 hours, 3 minutes – Who is the real “Vicar of Christ” if Pope Francis did not accept the title?
2 hours, 10 minutes – The Pastoral Council and the Vatican-Moscow Agreement
2 hours, 14 minutes – Is it okay to attend Mass (esp. Novus Ordo) if the Priest invokes the name of Francis as Pope during the Canon?
2 hours, 22 minutes – If the words of the Consecration becomes deranged and anyhow, with all the banalities occuring at the NO, wouldn’t it be better to remain home with our devotions, especially if the Mass in those last 3 1/2 years become invalid? 

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Fifth young doctor dies in Toronto as fourth jab rollout continues

(GTA = Greater Toronto Area)

“But these premature deaths have nothing to do with the demands of the hospitals for a fourth jab of the so-called “vaccines” which don’t work, don’t last, maim and kill and are not safe or effective except for increasing business for funeral directors.”

Whatever you may think about the Benedict is Pope position, the prelates in this video are not Catholic

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About Dr. Mazza

EDMUND J. MAZZA is former Full Professor of History at Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles. For 14 years he taught Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance and Reformation History. Mazza is the author of The Scholastics and the Jews: Coexistence, Conversion and the Medieval Origins of Tolerance by Angelico Press and host of “The Bar of History” at He has produced teaching videos shot on location in Athens, Ephesus, Istanbul, Palermo, Naples, Venice, and Rome. Mazza was an invited scholar at Liberty Fund’s 2015 San Diego seminar “Convivencia and Reconquista: Freedom and Responsibility in Medieval Spain.” That same year he organized at New York University the conference “Conversing Conversion,” celebrating the 750th anniversary of the birth of Dante. Dr. Mazza was also the organizer of “Christ Among the Medieval Mendicants,” a 2013 conference commemorating the 750th anniversary of the Barcelona Debate and the institution of the Feast of Corpus Christi, co-sponsored by The Graduate Center of the City University of New York and the Morgan Library and Museum.

Mortality and Fertility Rates After COVID Vaccinations

By Father David Nix

As we approach the first week of August 2022, it is now about two years after the initial COVID “vaccine trials” of 2020 and exactly 18 months after AJMC reported on their timeline that on 1 Feb 2021 “more Americans [were] vaccinated than infected with COVID-19.”  We must now ask:  What have been the effects of the injection upon Western populations?  LifeSite News has an extensive report here, but I’m going to highlight a few of the stats that I believe to be the most important after my time in medicine.

All-Cause Mortality

Because of the misreporting on the cause of death by hospitals and clinicians over the past two years, the most significant statistic on the covid-injection is all-cause mortality.   Dr. Joseph Mercola MD reports here that “in the week ending November 12, 2021, the U.K. reported 2,047 more deaths than occurred during the same period between 2015 and 2019” and that “heart disease and strokes appear to be behind many of the excess deaths.”  Dr. Mercola also reports, “In the last 13 weeks alone, about 107,700 seniors died above the normal rate, despite a 98.7% injection rate [of the COVID-19 vaccine.]”  Those stats alone show how many people the COVID-vaccine has killed and continues to kill, ironically by COVID on many occasions.  New South Wales stats reveal the detrimental effects of numerous boosters, too:

Birth-Rates plummeting

LifeSite News reports “Between January and April 2022, Switzerland’s birth rate was 15 percent lower than expected, the U.K.’s [birth ratewas down by 10 percent, and Taiwan’s [birth ratewas down 23 percent.” This month, Counter Signal reports the Hungarian MP saying the following to his Parliament:  “In January this year, something happened that has not happened for decades. The birth rate fell by 20% compared to the same period last year. And what is even more worrying is that the fertility has also fallen – something not seen since 2011 … [A] researcher at the KRTK Institute of Economics points out that this drastic decline came just nine months after the COVID mass vaccinations began in Hungary.”

Miscarriages following Covid-19 shot

LifeSite News reports (with sources) that “in November 2021, Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), delivered an astonishing 13 stillborn babies in a 24-hour period, and all of the mothers had received the COVID jab… In a typical month, there may be one stillborn baby at the hospital, making 13 stillbirths in 24 hours highly unusual. Scotland has also experienced an unusual rise in infant death rates. During September 2021, at least 21 babies under 4 weeks old died – a rate of 4.9 per 1,000 births. Historically, the average death rate among new-borns in Scotland is about 2 per 1,000 births.”

Blessed Feast of Saint Anne, mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Patroness of all mothers

Anne and Joachim, her husband, were both of the royal house of David. They served God continually in prayer and good works, but were looked down upon by the Jews because they were childless. At length God gave them a daughter, who was to become the mother of His own divine son. Because St. Anne devoted herself ceaselessly to educating her child in innocence and sanctity, she is patron of all Christian mothers. St. Paul says that it is by a holy exercise of their parenthood that parents are to be saved (Col. 3:18-21).

The Lesson for today from the Mass of a Holy Woman Not a Martyr, and we hear it only a few times per year. It is the Valiant Woman passage at the conclusion of the Book of Proverbs. You won’t find that phrase in any prot bibles of course, and most Catholic bibles are even worse: The NRSVCE has it as “Capable Wife.” Good grief.

Anyway, it is an absolutely beautiful passage. The man and woman described here are models for us, for our spouse, or future spouse. Happy Feast! Could you please offer an Ave for my mother, Anne Docherty?

LESSON Prov. 31:10-31
Who shall find a valiant woman? far, and from the uttermost coasts is the price of her. The heart of her husband trusteth in her, and he shall have no need of spoils. She will render him good, and not evil all the days of her life. She hath sought wool and flax, and hath wrought by the counsel of her hands. She is like the merchant’s ship, she bringeth her bread from afar. And she hath risen in the night, and given a prey to her household, and victuals to her maidens. She hath considered a field, and bought it: with the fruit of her hands she hath planted a vineyard. She hath girded her loins with strength, and hath strengthened her arm. She hath tasted, and seen that her traffic is good: her lamp shall not be put out in the night. She hath put out her hand to strong things, and her fingers have taken hold of the spindle. She hath opened her hand to the needy, and stretched out her hands to the poor. She shall not fear for her house in the cold of snow: for all her domestics are clothed with double garments. She hath made for herself clothing of tapestry: fine linen, and purple, is her covering. Her husband is honourable in the gates, when he sitteth among the senators of the land. She made fine linen, and sold it, and delivered a girdle to the Chanaanite. Strength and beauty are her clothing, and she shall laugh in the latter day. She hath opened her mouth to wisdom, and the law of clemency is on her tongue. She hath looked well on the paths of her house, and hath not eaten her bread idle. Her children rose up, and called her blessed: her husband, and he praised her. Many daughters have gathered together riches: thou hast surpassed them all. Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: the woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands: and let her works praise her in the gates.