Fifth young doctor dies in Toronto as fourth jab rollout continues

(GTA = Greater Toronto Area)

“But these premature deaths have nothing to do with the demands of the hospitals for a fourth jab of the so-called “vaccines” which don’t work, don’t last, maim and kill and are not safe or effective except for increasing business for funeral directors.”

5 thoughts on “Fifth young doctor dies in Toronto as fourth jab rollout continues”

  1. She sounded like a nice young woman and her death is a loss to the country. Relatives of mine just received the results from the autopsy performed on a cousin of mine who dropped dead at the age of 34 at Christmastime. Apparently, she died of a very, very rare – extremely rare – case of heart inflammation. There is a 21 year old woman in my hometown who has had the misfortune of being afflicted with the same very, very rare – extremely rare – condition. Very rare!!!

  2. I think a society that cannot summon the will to care about the loss of unborn children unknown to them, because other unborn children will be born and replace them in the fields and factories…
    is a society that is primed to not summon the will to care about the loss of born children: in fact a twenty-seven-year-old child, because other born children will appear and replace her. Out of sight, out of mind, as long as enough born children live to adulthood so that Amazon delivers my food and my toys.
    I’m struggling to understand how people cannot say to themselves, “Yes I live a thousand miles away and no I never met her but no I do not want any more people to die like that so yes let’s stop the covid shots now.”

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