A triumvirate of Antifa Fascists

I’m giving you three examples here, one audio and two video, in an effort to demonstrate how totally unhinged are the Leftists/Marxists/Fascists. Not only are they completely detached from reality, they are living inside their own separate “reality” which cannot be penetrated by reason whatsoever. So as you review the material here, see if you can find the common thread that runs through the thought process of all these brainwashed souls. All of these are at least a month old, so sorry if it’s old news to you. But seeing them together really drives home the horror.
First is an audio clip of Professor David Parry of the not-in-my-lifetime “catholic” Saint Joseph’s University of unhappy memory. I attended in the gogo 80s, when the Theology chair was a turtleneck atheist, at least that was my impression at the time, and the campus didn’t even have a chapel. They do have one now, but bring some eye bleach if you visit.
Anyway, this was recorded two days after the election, 10 Nov 2016. The good professor, still huffing paint from two nights previous, encourages minorities toward full hate of Trump supports and condones violence against them. Actually he condones anything at all they feel the need to do. He says, “People are going to die” because Trump won, and he’s basically inciting a preemptive race war. Listen for three minutes and tell me if I’m exaggerating:
The university issued this statement in response:

“Saint Joseph’s University…is fundamentally committed to free speech and the exchange of ideas…Fostering a safe learning environment is one of the University’s primary obligations. Freedom of expression is integral to this effort. The University does expect respectful dialogue at all times and opposes any form of intolerance. This always has been and will remain a central principle at Saint Joseph’s University.” (Full statement HERE)

I ask you, is sedition covered under free speech?  I didn’t think so. Did you hear respectful dialogue, or did you hear intolerance? I guess the university will only tolerate intolerance toward the tolerant. Liberal pretzel logic! What a great acronym…LPL. LOL.
On a side note, I must say it astonishes me how few people actually click the videos or source references I link to, even on the most insane subjects. I’m sitting here writing on topics and taking positions many times that 99% of the world would disagree with, and you’re not even going to fact check my own references? This is how fake news is spread.  People, do a little digging.
Up next, a two minute video with a professor from NYU at the Gavin McInnes protest last month. Warning, she’s a bit of a potty mouth. Try to ignore that, and focus on her message.
Got it?  Of course…violence is the answer! Look, we really should be praying for these people.  This woman might very well be possessed by something more serious than an ideology. But you’re starting to see a pattern, right?
Yep, it is those protesting fascism most vociferously who are themselves the fascists.
Okay, last clip.  It’s ten minutes but you only need to watch the first three. This one is yet another “educator”, Yvette Felarca, self proclaimed advocate of intolerance “by any means necessary.”  You almost feel bad for her, because Tucker simply sets up the deadly irony and then lets her destroy herself in her own words.
The video opens with Felarca inciting violence and assaulting a peaceful protester. Then Tucker asks her to define fascism. It’s an instant classic, watch:
This is what we are up against.

Sorry, I’m back now

Two crazy weeks with work and a surprise 50th birthday party for my wife, which I actually managed to pull off.
Random thoughts:

  • Isn’t this the same guy who famously said, “No more pickled pepper sour puss Christians?”
    francis pickle faced
    “Non Serviam”

    This was during Exposition on the Annunciation last Saturday. Does this look like a man in prayerful reflection before his Lord and his God? Notice this time the instructions were given beforehand to NOT set up the prie-dieu. No, just a chair will be fine, and I’m not removing my zucchetto either BECAUSE IT’S JUST A CRACKER. Remember, the signalling isn’t just for you, boys and girls. The act itself is thrilling to him personally – the brazen, out in the open nature of it – because the real thrill for the diabolical narcissist is in publicly getting away with it. I would be willing to bet that the greatest thrill in his life was at his first Mass as “Pope Francis”, when he refused to genuflect at the consecration, as the whole world watched.
  • The endless wait for the public correction from the four cardinals of dubia fame which may or may not be forthcoming has enjoined me to a guessing game of dates. If it does come, it’s not going to be just any random Tuesday. It will be a date of historic significance befitting the occasion. I imagine the only way it happens during Lent would be on the anniversary of the release of AL, which is 8 April, otherwise not until after the Easter Octave. And the very first day after the Octave is Divine Mercy Sunday, 23 April. Oh my, how appropriate it would be to restore the correct application of Divine Mercy. Then 13 May is the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima. Hmmmm. Pray for this to happen.  Prayer is not the least we can do, prayer works.
  • Everything going on politically in the U.S. right now is going to lead to mass violence instigated by Leftists. I’ve never seen Deep State operating so far out in the open. There are literally thousands of Leftist operatives pulling all the strings attempting to ruin Trump and shut down the government.  If you don’t live here, I’m not sure how I can convey what’s going on in a believable manner. Even going into this with what I thought were eyes wide open, it is still stunning.
  • The whole thing about repealing Obamacare was a complete bait and switch, and was designed as such from the beginning. There is no way to fix a healthcare system built on oligarch collusion, lawlessness and theft, not to mention a built-in ten percent inflation rate. The current system, whether it is Obamacare, Trumpcare, or Single Payer (which is where this will go next) all of these will bankrupt the country within ten years without systemic reform. Which you can’t do when the Rule of Law is long dead.
  • And remember, the same holds true for the economy as a whole. It’s all fake news. There is no recovery. There is no stock market “boom”. The market is twice as overbought as it was before the collapse. Although it is interesting to watch the selling since it peaked on March 1st.  The Dow was down for the eighth straight day today, which might not sound like much, but is actually a very rare event. Keep in mind the entire globe is tied into everything. When SHTF, it won’t be like anything that’s ever happened before. Also remember the debt… oh yeah, that.  Try doing the math on what a 3% hike above ZIRP would mean in terms of our ability just to service the debt (interest payments only). If you supported Trump as the moral choice over a monster, for the sake of souls, thank you for joining me.  But there is no such thing as MAGA. Get your head around that and get on with preparing for whatever comes next.
  • Never lose sight of the fact that we already know how the world ends. It ends in victory. You really need to keep this at your center, because we also know that it’s going to get much, much worse, before it gets better. If you can read Matt 24:21-25 without being terrified, you better go back and read it again.

    “For there shall be then great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be. And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened. Then if any man shall say to you: Lo here is Christ, or there, do not believe him. For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect. Behold I have told it to you, beforehand.”

“unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved”… not one person.
Stay frosty.

Ember Saturday and the rightness of calling down the Wrath of God

Fourth Lesson
Lesson from the book of Ecclesiasticus (Sirach)
Ecclus. 36:1-10 
Raise Your hand against the heathen, that they may realize Your power. As You have used us to show them Your holiness, so now use them to show us Your glory. Thus they will know, as we know, that there is no God but You, O Lord. Give new signs and work new wonders; show forth the splendor of Your right hand and arm; rouse Your anger, pour out wrath, humble the enemy, scatter the foe. Hasten the day, bring on the time; that they may declare Your wonderful works, O Lord, our God.
Pour out wrath.
Humble the enemy.
Scatter the foe.
There are five Lessons before the Epistle on Ember Saturday in Lent. They are traditionally used as an ordination sequence, and often omitted (except for the first) when ordinations are not conferred. That’s a shame. Okay, I groaned a little when the priest came out and announced he was doing the long form this morning. I had things to do, errands, some work work. Taxes. A neglected blog. It’s always in these situations that we get hit right between the eyes.
The fourth lesson comes after we’ve already heard in earlier lessons about the absolute sanctity of the Commandments (and our duty and ability to keep them), the value of sacrifice, and the glory of God. Now we arrive at prayers to destroy our enemies. How unFrancismercy, eh? no?
Of course these prayers are at the same time prayers for conversion… both for us and our enemies. We all need prayers, right? But there is a difference between those who know and acknowledge their need for a Savior, and those who in their obstinance refuse to do so. God doesn’t will Hell for anyone, but He respects the free will of those who choose the path to enter there.
I’ve been contemplating (meaning, I know I need to do it, but I’m being lazy and putting it off) starting the old breviary, with all the lost prayers for protection and wrath which have been removed from the new “liturgy of the hours.” Only God knows how many spiritual battles have been lost because of this.
Online breviary HERE
Three volume hardbound HERE

Nothing like a little Lenten retreat to plan something wicked. Start Praying.

“Collaborators” is not a word normally associated with being on retreat. Even if it is not a silent retreat, it’s still a strange word, because it suggests the creation of something new. Such is normally the end product of a collaboration. It also suggests a closed group working together toward a desired result. It is strongly horizontal language, which seems at odds with what should be a transcendent  experience.
I checked the Italian handle to see if maybe it was a translation er….. nope.

So should we start girding ourselves for some further development of nuChurch next weekend? The Second Sunday of Lent is the Transfiguration. Perhaps a little faux nouveau dogme? “See, I wear white, just like Jesus! I get to deny His true words and replace them with my own.”
Here are some visuals that “collaboration” brings to mind. I can’t help it.
The Godfather

“Class is a bearing, a mode of conduct, not a resume, not a designer label, and certainly not a net worth.”

Well, this is exactly correct. This is Miss Barnhardt bringing the Truth HERE.  The corollary in the moral realm is that one’s character is demonstrated not by how he perceives himself, or even how he is perceived by others, but rather by his actions. By choices. In fact, your choices don’t just demonstrate your character, your choices ARE your character. They are the very substance of it.
Notice her use of the word “bearing”.  This is usually used in a military sense in terms of situational awareness and operational tactics. And trust me, those aspects do apply here. But in the socioeconomic realm it’s also a mixture of preparedness, comportment, and demeanor. Understand the differences between these words, and how they come together to form your bearing – or lack thereof.  If you don’t think this is important, you don’t know what you don’t know.

“…“periphery” is anyone outside of the Boston-New-York-Washington DC metroplex, and the San Francisco-Los Angels corridor, having any say in anything.  Like, VOTING.  Look at a county-by-county red/blue map of the U.S. It is staggering.”

Yes, it is staggering.  I’ve used this map in at least two previous posts, and I can’t get enough of it. There are so many things to be said. But what we’re addressing here are the “elites”, and what they think about you.

“…their hatred isn’t just for Trump personally.  It is for anyone that they perceive to be “beneath them” – not of the Ivy League law school coastal elite.”

If you’ve never lived in one of the blue areas, I’m not even sure I can adequately explain this to you. But you really do need to understand the mindset of the typical Californian, and how far down the rabbit hole the ideology has taken them. You really do need to understand the Ivy League mentality, and how cultural Marxism has so altered the wiring in their brains, they are incapable of rational thought/discourse. You really do need to understand that the island of Manhattan might as well be the ocean on Solaris – the more you attempt to communicate with it, the more it tortures you (read the book please, the movies are garbage).
They view you as sub-human, and you are vomitous to them. Your existence is a burden. See where this is going? Oh, and here is something you might find funny.  They think you all want to be like them. This is no joke – I’ve walked amongst them. They know that when we use the term “elite” we mean it as a pejorative, but they think that it’s borne out of jealously not contempt. They think we view them as they view themselves. Such is the thickness of the bubble. They think all the red counties are actually jealous of the blue counties, and wish they were blue too. Which of course means the blues should do everything they can, for the sake of the common good, you know, to force the reds into blues. It’s for our own good, they say.

“And the truth is, they’re all trash, and deep down, they know it.  Class is a bearing, a mode of conduct, not a resume, not a designer label, and certainly not a net worth.”

Amen, sister.