“Class is a bearing, a mode of conduct, not a resume, not a designer label, and certainly not a net worth.”

Well, this is exactly correct. This is Miss Barnhardt bringing the Truth HERE.  The corollary in the moral realm is that one’s character is demonstrated not by how he perceives himself, or even how he is perceived by others, but rather by his actions. By choices. In fact, your choices don’t just demonstrate your character, your choices ARE your character. They are the very substance of it.
Notice her use of the word “bearing”.  This is usually used in a military sense in terms of situational awareness and operational tactics. And trust me, those aspects do apply here. But in the socioeconomic realm it’s also a mixture of preparedness, comportment, and demeanor. Understand the differences between these words, and how they come together to form your bearing – or lack thereof.  If you don’t think this is important, you don’t know what you don’t know.

“…“periphery” is anyone outside of the Boston-New-York-Washington DC metroplex, and the San Francisco-Los Angels corridor, having any say in anything.  Like, VOTING.  Look at a county-by-county red/blue map of the U.S. It is staggering.”

Yes, it is staggering.  I’ve used this map in at least two previous posts, and I can’t get enough of it. There are so many things to be said. But what we’re addressing here are the “elites”, and what they think about you.

“…their hatred isn’t just for Trump personally.  It is for anyone that they perceive to be “beneath them” – not of the Ivy League law school coastal elite.”

If you’ve never lived in one of the blue areas, I’m not even sure I can adequately explain this to you. But you really do need to understand the mindset of the typical Californian, and how far down the rabbit hole the ideology has taken them. You really do need to understand the Ivy League mentality, and how cultural Marxism has so altered the wiring in their brains, they are incapable of rational thought/discourse. You really do need to understand that the island of Manhattan might as well be the ocean on Solaris – the more you attempt to communicate with it, the more it tortures you (read the book please, the movies are garbage).
They view you as sub-human, and you are vomitous to them. Your existence is a burden. See where this is going? Oh, and here is something you might find funny.  They think you all want to be like them. This is no joke – I’ve walked amongst them. They know that when we use the term “elite” we mean it as a pejorative, but they think that it’s borne out of jealously not contempt. They think we view them as they view themselves. Such is the thickness of the bubble. They think all the red counties are actually jealous of the blue counties, and wish they were blue too. Which of course means the blues should do everything they can, for the sake of the common good, you know, to force the reds into blues. It’s for our own good, they say.

“And the truth is, they’re all trash, and deep down, they know it.  Class is a bearing, a mode of conduct, not a resume, not a designer label, and certainly not a net worth.”

Amen, sister.

5 thoughts on ““Class is a bearing, a mode of conduct, not a resume, not a designer label, and certainly not a net worth.””

  1. By her definition, Trump has no class and yet innumerable soi disant trads voted for him.

      1. Abstain from voting in national elections for a vote for either major party candidate signals one’s acceptance of a government that succors willful murder (abortion) sodomy (so-called gay marriage) usury (our economic system, esp banking, is usurious) and use of illegal immigrants for labor (depriving a laborer of a just wage).
        Of course those are the four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance and what will Trump do about any one of them?
        Jesus Christ is King and His Universal Kingship means that no legislation can be approved by any government that violates any of His Commandments.
        These United States are screwed and we are just lucky enough to be alive to witness its (prolly violent) dissolution and death and which dissolution and death was assured when the govt chose to from a govt apart from and in opposition to Jesus Christ.

      2. I found this document very helpful when considering how to vote during the recent presidential election:http://www.catholicapologetics.info/morality/general/voting.htm. It’s titled “Catholic Principles of the Obligation of Voting” and was authored by by Rev. Titus Cranny, S.A., M.A.., S.T.L. and published by Catholic University of America in 1952.
        What I found especially persuasive were excerpts from letters of European bishops written in the early 20th century encouraging — indeed, in some cases demanding — that Catholics vote for unworthy candidates in order to prevent the election of communists.

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