Munich Protest: Apologies and prayers; please join me in the prayers

Towards the end of the latest Barnhardt Podcast, the topic turned to the recent Acies Ordinata protest in Munch. It was a private, invitation only gathering, organized primarily by Dr. Roberto de Mattei, and promoted via live-tweet and video by Michael Matt and The Remnant. Rorate has the English translation of an interview with de Mattei where he explains the purpose and background HERE.

My take on the event was… less than enthusiastic. I suppose my patience is wearing thin with the “recognize and resist” crowd, because the only solution to this mess is “expel and expunge.” I couldn’t understand the secrecy, and I decried the “silent” nature of the thing, because silence is a big part of the problem. I also thought it could have been much bigger, and not only in Munich. Why not have simultaneous protests in dozens of countries? It’s not like we don’t have the numbers.

As Ann is wont to do, she proceeded to school me. Start at the 1:09:00 mark HERE.

First, she explained that what is commonplace in America in terms of First Amendment protections regarding the right to peaceably assemble is not assumed at all in Europe, and one can imagine how much more that must be true of Munich. The Marienplatz is beautiful, yet haunting in its history, trust me. So pulling off the secret gathering, the mere fact that it happened, is a statement in itself. Second, she made the argument that numbers are secondary in these matters, and she had an interesting line of reasoning. This dialogue takes up the last twenty minutes of the podcast, and I rather you listen to her tell it in her own words.

Finally, I made the comment that the protest looked to me more like an excuse for a few Americans to travel to Bavaria (and hey, who doesn’t want to be in Bavaria). I was obviously taking a shot at Michael Matt, and it was wrong. I should have known it was wrong, given everything that Mr. Matt has done for Tradition. It was a cheap shot. But the point wasn’t driven home to me until he broke the story of the family crisis he is dealing with, while managing through the Munich event, as you will see below.

I offered a personal apology a few days ago via email, and I offer a public one here now. Please join me in prayers for Walter Matt and the entire family.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Remnant Editor’s Son in Serious Accident

Written by  

mike and walt
Michael and Walter Matt

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.  A telephone call in the middle of the night. A social worker in a hospital a thousand miles away: “Your son has been in a life-threatening accident and had a traumatic amputation of his foot.  He’s in emergency surgery now. No, we don’t know anything more at this time.”

Everything real—and I mean everything—screeches to a halt, as the nightmare of the surreal begins.


Remnant followers will know my son Walter’s work, even if you don’t know him personally.  A communication arts major at Franciscan University, he’s been my ‘righthand man’ at Remnant TV for several years and one of my favorite people in the world for a lot longer than that.

Walter and I have walked many pilgrimages to Chartres, France together and, a few years ago, he set up the first American contingent of “tent builders”, where he and his friends devote their pilgrimage each year to building tents and helping the French set up camp for 10,000 pilgrims.

He’s in it all the way!

And now this—a distant voice on the other end of the line, telling his parents and six siblings that something terrible has happened to their brother and son.

I hung up the phone, we prayed the rosary, and waited to hear what would happen next.  By sunrise, I had all but convinced myself that Walter wouldn’t make it out of surgery.

God, Our Lady, prayers, guardian angels— in the debilitating helplessness of that night, those became the only tangible realities that mattered.

The phone rang again. Walter’s sister Alexandra had driven to Pittsburgh to be with him in the hospital. “He’s going to make it, Dad. Walter’s not going to die.”

It wasn’t a miracle, but it felt like one.

And then the weird scramble began. Flights were booked and rides arranged as the family scattered in different directions to confront the crisis head-on. The little ones went to Grandma’s house. My wife took a plane to Pittsburgh to be with him. And, incredibly, I found myself on an airplane to Munich.

It seemed all wrong, but from his post-op hospital bed, my son had practically begged me to go.

We’d been scheduled to go to Germany together to cover the Acies Ordinata for Remnant TV. Change of plans. Walter had to do something else now. Another surgery to remove even more of his leg, to make it clean and eventually ready for a prosthetic. He asked me not to change the plan for his sake. “Go to Germany, Dad. We’ve both got a job to do.”

So, there I was, feeling like my insides were being torn out, in Germany when the only place I wanted to be was in a hospital room in Pittsburgh.

And then something wonderful happened. Word got out that Walter was in a bad way, and over the course of the next week the outpouring of love and prayer from the Remnant family was overwhelming.

Masses were offered for Walter by everyone from Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, to Bishop Athanasius Schneider, to Walter’s boyhood pastor, Father John Echert, and so many other priests who’d learned of the accident and leapt into action.

It was truly humbling.

Priests from Franciscan came to be with my son. They were so kind to my wife, who loves her son as only a Catholic mother can, and who’d spent 12 years homeschooling him.

Father Ladis Cizik, Father David Rombold, Canons of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest in Pittsburgh came in the early morning hours to bring Holy Communion and hear my son’s confession.  One of them went the extra mile for my wife: “I spoke to the doctor. Walter does not need Extreme Unction. He’s going to be okay.” Priestly charity like that is Mother Church literally taking us under her wing.

And now time is moving on. Walter is recovering. I’m with him now, in fact, in the home of one of my oldest and dearest friends, who literally turned his house into a convalescence home after Walter was released from the hospital.

I’m moved to tears by the solicitude and Christian charity shown to my son, who will learn to walk again.  He has the challenge of his life ahead of him, yes, but he also has the faith to move mountains and the courage to make it happen.

But I’m just not sure he would be in this good place were it not for the tremendous outpouring of support and prayers, as well as the support of the Catholic friends with which my son is blessed at university. His tennis coach and teammates visited him in the hospital and his loyal roommates are like a troop of wonderful Catholic characters from a movie.  He has the support system, in other words, that money cannot buy.

Walter (second-from-left) and a few of his close friends

So, there it is. I write these few words at my son’s request. He wants the Remnant family to know how grateful he is to you and to God, and to assure you of his commitment to recovery and to come out the other side ready to fight harder than ever for the Catholic cause we all share.

Please keep him in your prayers and accept the gratitude of his father and mother for the kindness and support you’ve shown our family during this ordeal.

I’d also ask you to be patient with customer service at The Remnant as our family scrambles to keep this apostolate on track. With the help of my eldest daughter, Cecelia, and my faithful assistant back in the office, Tess Mullins, we’ve managed to put the January issue of The Remnant on the press just a few days late and, so my son tells me, we intend to shoot a From the Editor’s Desk RTV program remotely in a few days. So, God willing, we’ll keep The Remnant afloat even despite this bitter broadside.

Everything happens for a reason. To God be all glory and honor.

Many thanks for your prayers and patience, and may God bless you all.

Kobe and the Fourth Glorious Mystery




It doesn’t matter if you are a popular bazzilionare, with a helicopter, a private jet, multiple mansions. If you did not make certain to prepare for a well-provided death, you ain’t got jack.

I pray that everyone on board was ready.

The story is still developing. Kobe was a Philly boy, and I know grown women back home who are crying right now. It’s big news.

Get yourself right with the Lord. Repentance and penance. Use this as a teachable moment with loved ones. Stop what you’re doing right now and say a decade of the Rosary for Kobe, his family, and you and your family. The Fourth Glorious Mystery is Mary’s Assumption into Heaven. Fruit of the mystery is a well provided death. Amen.

Father Z has a few words about it HERE.

A subitanea et improvisa morte, libera nos, Domine.

From a sudden and unprovided death, save us, O Lord.


Barnhardt Podcast #101: The ShutUpStupiSode

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Barnhardt Podcast #101: The ShutUpStupiSode

[Direct link to the MP3 file]

In this episode we** discuss the works and miracles of St. Raymond of Peñafort before diving into the current events surrounding the Bergoglian anti-papacy. We also talk Pope Benedict as Kantian co-author — we can’t really know if he is or he isn’t — and “Bookgate,” in which the “former” Pontiff continues to co-author books not in silence behind the Vatican walls. We also cover the Damn Dirty Liar Georg Ganswein, the doctrinal guarantee of the Visibility of the Church (reproach of 1958 sedevacantism), and the current and glaring visibility of the anti-church. Regardless of the craziness and the manifest reasons to be nervous and fear, Our Lady has foretold all that is happening and how to maintain Faith, Hope, and Charity until the end.

** Nota Bene: Mark D. substitutes for SuperNerd in this episode.

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Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen… IT’S GO TIME

Full cross-post below; no further commentary needed. Please, pray that the truth be exposed and acknowledged. Offer Rosaries with fervor. Lay down your Mass intentions like you would lay down a steady reign of suppressing fire. You have to mean it. Folks, we are so, so close.


It’s all happening. Rotate Caeli is coming onside. Benedict is Pope. HERE

Rotate Caeli, the very influential international Traditional Catholic blog, just retweeted this – a response to Professor Roberto de Mattei’s piece of a few days ago.

Here is the money quote from de Mattei’s piece:

The priesthood can’t even be lost by death, because it subsists “in aternum” . The papacy, on the other hand, can be lost, not only by death, but also in the case of voluntary renunciation or of manifest, notorious heresy. If he renounces being pontiff, the Pope ceases to be such: he has no right to wear white nor impart the Apostolic Blessing. He, from a canonical point of view, is no longer even a cardinal, but goes back to being a simple bishop.  Unless his renunciation is invalid: but this, in the case of Benedict XVI, should be proven. Effectively, the title of Pope today is being given to both Francis and Benedict, but one is certainly abusive, as only one [man] can be Pope in the Church.   

Folks, no progress will be made so long as the TRUTH of the canonical invalidity of Pope Benedict’s attempted resignation is not actively, positively acknowledged.
Anything less will simply mean more wheel-spinning.
BUT, if the truth is acknowledged, folks, I’m telling you, the sun will rise on a new world the next day.
Again, here is the form that a Cardinalatial announcement could take:
Significant canonical irregularities have been identified with regards to Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation as proffered in February of 2013. Pending further investigation, a state of emergency suspense is hereby declared.”
Thirty words.
Everything changes. For the better.
Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

Fury from the combox: “The central hidden lies of Fake News”

Frequent contributor “Aqua” once again manages to explain complex and seemingly dissimilar phenomena concisely and yet holistically.

I hope she doesn’t start charging me for content. (emphasis mine)


The leftist movement is global and seeks to control both the City of Man (global government – Soros, Clinton, EU, Obama etc) and the City of God (the Catholic Church – the Pope as Dictator to slaves).

I first noticed their (leftists) method to persuade me and other conservatives and orthodox like me (they already have the leftist like-minded) in the prelude to President Trump’s election. Though personal conversations with liberal (leftist) friends who shared my (then) dislike of Donald John Trump with typical variation on politics, I suddenly had a moment of clarity; literally as if a light bulb was turned on in mid-conversational stream: everything I thought I knew about the man (Trump) and the GOP (vis conservative) politics in general was driven by the central hidden lies of “Fake News”, or, the Ministry of Propaganda, Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, “Minitrue” in Newspeak.

I was a dupe (an increasingly doubting and questioning dupe) for decades. *Everything* they say is a lie. All of it, lies. I was literally shaking my head for days, processing this paradigm shift.

Since that moment, a few weeks prior to the election, I voted for Trump and have become one of his staunchest defenders. That moment of illumination has been confirmed as accurate over and over again.

And yes, I see the same pattern repeated in leftist, satanic driven efforts to subsume the Holy Catholic Church into their demonic leftist humanist ideology. They have “stolen a march” on Catholics, unaware of the threat behind their lines of defense.

Anyone who fails to acknowledge this now is guilty of willful deception. They are like the Never-Trumps who will hold their position whatever the cost because they have pridefully invested too much in a disastrously incorrect opinion at the moment of greatest need. It becomes harder and harder to admit error (“defeat” only from the perspective of pride) with their every public utterance and choice against the good.

Conservative commentators literally side with leftists on politics just to take down the object of their error and thus their hate.

I see (previously) orthodox Catholics committing similar error: siding with, defending, explaining away what until a few years ago was unthinkable apostasy.

Time is not their friend, as it becomes more and more gross, obvious, sulphuric.

I sincerely hope all Catholics of good-will find the humility necessary to forget all else and focus on the Truth, whatever the cost. The paradigm shift has (perhaps) begun. Everyone must choose a side in this divinely inspired time of moral choice and clarity.