Action alert! Fan the flames of fury with finite fungible funds

They’re selling like hotcakes, folks. Release date isn’t until March 12, and already an Amazon #1 Best Seller!

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12 thoughts on “Action alert! Fan the flames of fury with finite fungible funds”

    1. no no no….don’t order from Amazon!…go directly to Ignatius press website.
      Don’t give Dr. Evil a penny you don’t have to.

  1. Well the book’s a sure snoozer, preview some excerpts. Nonetheless the AAF or Antipope Annoyance Factor is temptingly high.

    I’d like to buy one of the first editions not to read but just for the cover, then go to Rome to ask Pope Benedict to autograph it.

    While there, I’d drop in on Francis, tell him “Benedict’s Pope, you, Sir, are an antipope,” and I’ll dance on his coffee table at the Casa Santa Marta in my Lucchese’s while I tell him so.

  2. I’m going to change the acronym to APAF–means the same, Antipope Annoyance Factor.

    Speaking of nonwhich–R&R TradInc.(TM) went to Bavaria today to protest…(drum roll please)–The German Bishops! Oh My! As if they’re somehow worse than the fem fag contingent here in the U. IS. Canada Italy etc.

    Not to Rome, the seat of apostasy.

    Not a word about Francis false pope antipope.

    But we’re assured “very important people are going to be there!”

    1. My thoughts on the stupid protest, exactly.

      Their premise is all wrong. Absent the correct premise, it is worse than doing nothing. It cements the futility of it all.

      I saw the neat little rows of good-hearted, but *wrong*, Catholics and I felt sorry for them.

      1. Clueless in Munich. Summed up by GTV in one sentence: “Nobody wanted to say in public that they are resisting Francis’s heresies[!]”

      2. Brother B: I saw that too. It was appalling. Melted like butter.

        Count Peter zu Stolberg specifically asked the assembled protesters “whether they were challenging the authority of Pope Francis”. “Nobody on the podium wanted to respond” “Mumble”. De Mattei refused to answer the question. “Someone else answer that?” Passed it off to Ureta. Ureta: “We have to resist mistakes. Only Jesus judges the Pope, not the Faithful”, (not sure how that distinction works). Michael Matt stated that “not everyone who has question marks needs to stand up”. Count zu Stolberg *returned to de Mattei* (!) who previously refused to answer the Count’s question and again demanded he answer. De Mattei again refused.

        Gloria TV: “Obviously, nobody wanted to say in public that they are resisting Francis’ heresies“.

        And that, in a nutshell, is what I see across the Catholic lands. As I was told by a blogger on a different site yesterday: “I can’t know who is Pope. It is not my place to know who is Pope. I don’t need to know who is Pope”. I have heard variations of this from the vast majority of every Catholic I know, including Priests, laymen, bloggers.

        And so the Freemasonic Anti-Pope continues to tear down the walls of Christendom from the inside as all Catholics remain in obedience to him. I am convinced if a loyalty statement to the Francis Magisterium were issued as a condition of receiving Sacraments they would sign it, including Michael Matt and de Mattei.

  3. In my mind, the following news is connected to this topic driving the “fury” behind the Papal debacle.

    It’s happened before – this British Royal protection of the dignity and structure of their Royal Offices.

    When King Edward VIII wished to exceed the constraints of his … *Office* ….. he was given a choice to return to the constraints of … what’s the word? … oh, yes, *leave*. He left the palace, left the country, left the title, left the power, left the wealth, left the Office. He became Duke. Exiled. Shamed. No one listened to him any more, except his smoking buds at cards. He stayed in Apartments and had fun.

    Now Harry and Meghan (allegedly). No longer Prince and Princess, no longer HRS, told to spend most of their time in North America, pay back “cottage” remodel money, future salary and benefits withdrawn, the Royal Office … withdrawn from them. No one will listen to them any more, except their agents. In time, as with all such things when there is a TRUE ABDICATION: Shame, shame; as is just and right.

    Meghan doesn’t get to do just anything she pleases with the Royal Offices of antiquity. And Harry is either servant to said Office, or he is gone. They evidently were presented with the clear choice. And they chose to *leave*. And have freedom and fun.

    As for this fellow Bergoglio, who presumes to rule and sail Jesus Christ’s Ark over a cliff: he doesn’t have the Office; the true Pope didn’t abdicate; didn’t leave. Still there.

    One King at a time. One Pope at a time. When the prior King or Pope dies or abdicates (not just for pretends) then a new King or Pope.

    Not two (+) Kings. No Kings Emeritus(es). Not two Popes (+). No Popes Emeritus(es).

    The British Royals understand this, even if most Catholics don’t.

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