Fury from the combox: “The central hidden lies of Fake News”

Frequent contributor “Aqua” once again manages to explain complex and seemingly dissimilar phenomena concisely and yet holistically.

I hope she doesn’t start charging me for content. (emphasis mine)


The leftist movement is global and seeks to control both the City of Man (global government – Soros, Clinton, EU, Obama etc) and the City of God (the Catholic Church – the Pope as Dictator to slaves).

I first noticed their (leftists) method to persuade me and other conservatives and orthodox like me (they already have the leftist like-minded) in the prelude to President Trump’s election. Though personal conversations with liberal (leftist) friends who shared my (then) dislike of Donald John Trump with typical variation on politics, I suddenly had a moment of clarity; literally as if a light bulb was turned on in mid-conversational stream: everything I thought I knew about the man (Trump) and the GOP (vis conservative) politics in general was driven by the central hidden lies of “Fake News”, or, the Ministry of Propaganda, Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, “Minitrue” in Newspeak.

I was a dupe (an increasingly doubting and questioning dupe) for decades. *Everything* they say is a lie. All of it, lies. I was literally shaking my head for days, processing this paradigm shift.

Since that moment, a few weeks prior to the election, I voted for Trump and have become one of his staunchest defenders. That moment of illumination has been confirmed as accurate over and over again.

And yes, I see the same pattern repeated in leftist, satanic driven efforts to subsume the Holy Catholic Church into their demonic leftist humanist ideology. They have “stolen a march” on Catholics, unaware of the threat behind their lines of defense.

Anyone who fails to acknowledge this now is guilty of willful deception. They are like the Never-Trumps who will hold their position whatever the cost because they have pridefully invested too much in a disastrously incorrect opinion at the moment of greatest need. It becomes harder and harder to admit error (“defeat” only from the perspective of pride) with their every public utterance and choice against the good.

Conservative commentators literally side with leftists on politics just to take down the object of their error and thus their hate.

I see (previously) orthodox Catholics committing similar error: siding with, defending, explaining away what until a few years ago was unthinkable apostasy.

Time is not their friend, as it becomes more and more gross, obvious, sulphuric.

I sincerely hope all Catholics of good-will find the humility necessary to forget all else and focus on the Truth, whatever the cost. The paradigm shift has (perhaps) begun. Everyone must choose a side in this divinely inspired time of moral choice and clarity.

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  1. Mark, In ref to “she” … fwiw …

    Born Non-Denom Protestant, converted (13 years ago) to the One, True Faith.

    *Father* of eight, adopted seven; six after our conversion – my wife and I’s second chance at being mother and father under the light of new Catholic grace; now on the back side of Father Time’s clock, but more appreciative of the parenting chance to get things right.

    Our passion now is international adoption advocacy, facilitating connection of life to life – advocating and educating through social media mechanisms for specific children on behalf of inquiring parents.

    I am truly grateful to Holy Mother Church for saving my soul, by God’s grace, in this life and the next. And that Church does not change, need not change, can never change. She is unspotted and perfect. That I know.

    Thanks once again for your great, illuminating, interesting blog. One of the few I read. I have made an effort to reduce media consumption. I still keep Non Veni Pacem, however.

  2. “Everyone must choose a side..”. Indeed. Unite the clans, but under the truth; Benedict is Pope. Prayers for those who have been fighting against this truth for the grace of humility to accept it. It’s not going to be easy for them.

  3. Aqua’s commentary is outstanding because it is so true, well stated and timely. Unfortunately nearly all Catholics are ignorant of the extent and degree of Leftist infiltration in the Catholic Church and fail to see its hierarchy as a tool of the Democrat Party. Along with this most Catholics have a favorable view of “Pope” Francis. The basic reason is Truth from the pulpit is wrapped in Liberal fatuousness.

    The election of Donald Trump is a kind of miracle of God’s benevolence giving us more time and a strong ally to fight against the evils of Progressive-ism in our country and the Church. Can we just imagine how bad things would now be if Hilary had been elected?

    Keep up your good work Aqua. We will pray for you.

    1. Speaking of speaking the truth, I get that Trump in 2016 was the lesser of two evils choice. The Never-Trumpers were never Trump for the wrong reasons (usually dealing with foreign policy – he was not trigger happy enough). Whether by change of heart or pressure, he seems to have gotten more in line with them.

      I fear The Donald will once again be the significantly lesser evil come November. Would that it were otherwise. I fell compelled to point out that the wonderful Ann Barnhardt, on a recent podcast, seemed to not be too troubled by the The Donald’s recent assassination of Soleimani. Ironically in her podcast she admonishes not to take the MSM’s word on matters, but the usually incredulous Ms. B seems to do just that in regards to the assassination – if not trusting the MSM’s take, at least taking the US Gov’s take on him, a no more credible source (I am sure Soleimani was no saint, but I seriously doubt he was the “imminent” threat to the US he was made out to be, and while killing Americans is not good, it is hardly unexpected if said Americans happened to be armed troops engaged in combat in a bordering country).

      The point of this is not to dissuade voting for Trump, but as is usual with the Enemy’s tactics, he sets it up so that we run away in one direction only to fall into another trap he has laid. Keep one eye open with this guy. As Aqua correctly points out – let’s avoid being dupes.

      1. c matt: It’s a binary choice, regardless of who the leftist D is.

        Option one supports life, religious freedom, respects families and workers, and will not betray America to our worst enemies,

        Option two hates life, will kill religious freedom, compel depravity, considers the family and our children government property and have already betrayed America to our worst enemies, pending Oval Office occupancy.

  4. How well I remember Trump’s (and our victory). My holy hour was from 4-5 am on Wednesdays, so I didn’t stay up for election results, and didn’t think we had a chance in Hades any way. Hopped in my car and turned on the radio….what a wonderful surprise. Walked into the chapel and couldn’t help myself and said “Praise be to Jesus Christ”….we were all over joyed at the good news.

  5. Beautiful life story Aqua, and it doesn’t surprise me a bit. God bless you and your family, and may He continue to increase your already substantial wisdom. Keep fighting the good fight, and pull no punches…we’re past the event horizon now; fighting demons behind (and in some cases within) the human figures.

    Mark, if you’re really smart (and I know you are), take hIm on as a blog partner like Mary Ann Keizer did at Les Femmes. That way you get good coverage, from someone whose writing and reasoning you trust, when you can’t post for long stretches. You guys’d be a great duo….think about it.

  6. Many wonderful points. Aqua, I came into the Church 12 years ago. God granted me the grace to see early on that something was wrong, and that the priests and deacons (for the most part) were preaching another gospel. I remember thinking that I wanted to be Catholic, not another Protestant sect.

    Anyway, I felt like a dupe, too. Was opposed to Donald Trump until I finally watched one of his speeches in summer of 2016. I would’ve crawled through broken glass to vote for him after I was awakened.

    I am most sorry that so many in the pews seem like automatons. When you speak truth, even mildly, they seem bewildered and then often a bit angry. They also do not realize that they have become Protestantized, if not Protestants.

    But God is good. He will make the choice clear to all in the end. I have often thought of this verse from 2 Cor. 6:17, “Wherefore go out from among them, and be ye separate, and touch not the unclean thing…”

    It is difficult, because the uncleanness is within this time. The false idols have been welcomed in, the apostasy is from our hierarchy. God bless and keep you and all who are fighting the good fight.

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