New study finds myocarditis from covid jab 223x higher than all previous vaccines combined

Study Finds Shocking Rates of COVID-Shot-Induced Heart Ailments

CV NEWS FEED // Authors of a peer-reviewed study published this week are calling for further investigation into the adverse effects of the COVID-19 shot after finding shocking rates of COVID-19 shot-induced myocarditis, especially in males between the ages of 0 and 30.

On January 27, peer-reviewed journal Therapeutic Advances in Drug Safety published the study conducted by Jessica Rose, Nicholas Hulscher, and Peter McCulloug titled “Determinants of COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis.”

Myocarditis is a heart-inflammatory health condition that puts its sufferers at risk of “chest pain, heart failure, or sudden death,” the authors noted.

After the distribution of the COVID-19 shot through pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Moderna, “millions of individuals have reported adverse events (AEs) using the vaccine adverse events reports system (VAERS),” the authors wrote:

We used VAERS data to examine the frequency of reporting myocarditis since the beginning of the mass vaccination campaign and compared this with historical values in VAERS and COVID-19 vaccine administration data from the Our World in Data database. We examined myocarditis reports in VAERS in the context of sex, age, and dose.

The authors wrote that their study’s findings indicated an “imperative” need to launch “further investigation into the underlying mechanisms of COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis.”

“COVID-19 vaccination is strongly associated with a serious adverse safety signal of myocarditis, particularly in children and young adults resulting in hospitalization and death,” the authors wrote:

We found the number of myocarditis reports in VAERS after COVID-19 vaccination in 2021 was 223 times higher than the average of all vaccines combined for the past 30 years.

This represented a 2500% increase in the absolute number of reports in the first year of the campaign when comparing historical values prior to 2021.

Does ivermectin remedy vaxx protein spike injury, or merely mask symptoms?

Good caveat here from Denninger, sent in by reader “Peter,” in reference to this post.

A Warning On ‘Spike Detox’

by Karl Denninger

The referenced video in this presentation is here:

This looks very bad for those who think Ivermectin is a “spike problem fix” — it instead looks like a “spike problem masker“, much like taking Aspirin or Tylenol will alleviate the symptoms of a headache, but if the cause is still there when the drug wears off…… you still have a headache.

Note that the full video states that the doc doing this is seeing this pattern with all of his patients.  That all the symptoms resolve at the same time with application certainly supports causation, and pharmacology appears to support this as well — but the problem is that when you remove the drug it comes back, so it doesn’t “fix it”, but rather “blacks it out” or “masks it” — and then it wears off.

Would I use it anyway if my life were ruined without it?  You bet. But…

“The occasions for great gains come but rarely, but of little gains many can be made each day”

via Laura Wood:

THE GREATEST fault among those who have a good will is that they wish to be something they cannot be, and do not wish to be what they necessarily must be. They conceive desires to do great things for which, perhaps, no opportunity may ever come to them, and meantime neglect the small which the Lord puts into their hands. There are a thousand little acts of virtue, such as bearing with the importunities and imperfections of our neighbors, not resenting an unpleasant word or a trifling injury, restraining an emotion of anger, mortifying some little affection, some ill-regulated desire to speak or to listen, excusing an indiscretion, or yielding to another in trifles. These are things to be done by all; why not practice them? The occasions for great gains come but rarely, but of little gains many can be made each day; and by managing these little gains with judgment, there are some who grow rich.”

—- St. Francis de Sales

Why is the Arizona National Guard getting droned in Jordan, and why have they been there since September?

Satellite photo from Planet Labs PBC shows a military base known as Tower 22 in northeastern...
<Satellite photo from Planet Labs PBC shows a military base known as Tower 22 in northeastern Jordan, on Oct. 12, 2023> (Planet Labs PBC via AP)

Arizona National Guardsmen among those injured in Jordan drone strike

The overnight drone strike happened in northeast Jordan near the Syrian border. Gov. Hobbs said in a statement that she is watching the situation and is in contact with the state’s National Guard Adjutant General Muehlenbeck for status updates on the guardsmen.

The current Arizona National Guard service members in Jordan were sent to the Middle East in late September 2023 in support of Operation Spartan Shield. They’re tasked with providing “law and order and personal security capabilities” for about one year, an Arizona National Guard spokesperson said. Information on the attack is still being investigated, and it’s unknown how many Arizona servicemembers were injured in the attack.

President Joe Biden said Sunday that the U.S. “shall respond” after three American troops were killed and dozens more were injured…

Do you know anyone who took the jabs, was injured or just regrets it, and wants to know what they can do to reverse it? Show them this.

Copy paste from Miss Ann:

Speaking of those who took the poisonous injections, here is a fantastic video from just a few days ago of Dr. John Campbell and Dr. Robert Clancy discussing Ivermectin as a very real therapy for the fake-vaccine injured. As was reported in this space in ARSH 2021, Ivermectin essentially puts a protective “cap” over the spike protein that both the Fauci virus AND the death injections produce.

Interestingly, dandelion extract is also reported to have this effect, albeit with less potency. But hey, putting dandelion extract in your water can’t do any harm. And neither can taking Ivermectin. The only contraindication for Ivermectin that has been so-far observed is the blood thinner WARFARIN. Other than that, Ivermectin is safer than aspirin. Remember the case study of the teenager in Africa who “attempted suicide” by taking a 100X dose of Ivermectin… and she had an upset tummy for three days.

WAR: Three US soldiers killed, dozens more injured in drone attack; Biden vows vengeance


Three US Army soldiers were killed and at least two dozen service members were injured in a drone attack overnight on a small US outpost in Jordan, US officials told CNN, marking the first time US troops have been killed by enemy fire in the Middle East since the beginning of the Gaza war.

The killing of three Americans at Tower 22 in Jordan near the border with Syria is a significant escalation of an already-precarious situation in the Middle East. Officials said the drone was fired by Iran-backed militants and appeared to come from Syria.

US Central Command confirmed in a statement on Sunday that three service members were killed and 25 injured in a one-way drone attack that “impacted at a base in northeast Jordan.”

President Joe Biden vowed on Sunday to hold those responsible for the attack “to account,” saying that while facts are still being gathered, “We know it was carried out by radical Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq.”

“These service members embodied the very best of our nation: Unwavering in their bravery. Unflinching in their duty. Unbending in their commitment to our country — risking their own safety for the safety of their fellow Americans, and our allies and partners with whom we stand in the fight against terrorism. … [H]ave no doubt – we will hold all those responsible to account at a time and in a manner our choosing.”

“My bishops made $3 billion helping with the human trafficking of immigrants”


You’re seeing it already: the attempt to snap Christians’ spines and render us invertebrates, to leash us via our heartstrings, to shame us into silence about the Biden regime’s lawlessness at the border.

As a Catholic, I’m used to this dreck. I’ve been inundated with open borders agitprop by professional Catholics for decades. Some of that, to be fair, was motivated by a perverse hatred for Western civilization and masochistic white guilt. But most of it was straight up self-interest, a craving for warm bodies in pews, and greed for gold.

My bishops made $3 billion helping with the human trafficking of immigrants into America — enough, dollar for dollar, to cover all the costs of settlements for the children whose rapes they enabled by hiding and shuffling pedophiles. Indeed, by this point the U.S. bishops conference is best described as an immigration pyramid scheme and a gay employment agency … with a Catholic problem…

(He is just getting started, much more including video):

Come And Take It, Amy Coney Biden

Irony of ironies that the SCOTUS decision tipped by Judge Amy on Texas razor wire, far from punishing Governor Abbot, actually puts Biden in an impossible situation. Will he send federal troops to confront the Texas National Guard? Will he attempt to “federalize” the guard? How about the optics of cutting down the wire? Or impending video of feds in armed conflict with Texas citizens and uniformed troops?

I lived in Texas for eight years. If you think you understand how proud the citizenry is about their republic, think again. Yes, I said republic. Texas was a sovereign nation when it entered the Union, and this is drilled into every public school pupil from and early age. Students learn “Texas History” from Grade 5. Only later do they learn “U.S. History,” and in many cases that history only begins at the point Texas became a state. They learn why Texas is different than all the other states, and better. That’s why the Lone Star flag is flown at the same height as the Stars and Stripes. It’s sort of a big deal. Did you know that?

Stay confessed. This is going to get interesting.

Why is almost no one covering the blockbuster Deep State RINO attempted bribery of Kari Lake?

Gee, I wonder. Have you even heard about this? The Arizona state chairman of the GOP caught on tape attempting to bribe Kari Lake to go away for a few years, at the behest of Deep State RINOs “back east.” Sounds like a pretty juicy story, right?

I’m tight on time, but here is cut and paste coverage from the always reliable Jeff Childers:

There’s bribery, and then there’s bribery. On Tuesday, another literally unscriptable story broke in the UK Daily Mail:


In the bizarre story, Kari Lake accused Arizona’s GOP Chairman, Jeff DeWit, of trying to bribe her to drop out of the Senate race for vague financial or professional rewards offered by powerful, unidentified people “back east.” The Daily Mail’s exclusive included ten candid minutes of their conversation appearing to back up her claims.

image 8.png

The story broke like a hand grenade going off in a GOP convention hall. Social media, already burning hotly, assumed Solar levels of furious conflagration. While all we had yesterday was the unverified Daily Mail story, it was already obvious that one of their political careers was over, depending on whether the story was true.

It quickly developed that Jeff DeWit’s political career was over. Yesterday The New York Times ran this headline:

image 2.png

The looming question of whether the audio was authentic was settled yesterday, by DeWit himself, who resigned with two single-spaced pages of public non-explanation. DeWit, you see, is the real victim here. In his letter, DeWit denied breaking any laws.

He explained that politics is a messy business, frequently requiring finesse, and claimed Kari set him up and also the audio was “selectively edited.” But he didn’t specify how it was selectively edited. DeWit admitted he’d said things he “regrets,” but not which things. Projecting, DeWit claimed Kari was blackmailing him, and had threatened to release even worse audio — DeWit claimed ignorance of its substance — unless he resigned as Arizona’s GOP party chair.

Welp. Then he resigned. So I guess it worked.

Lake’s campaign hotly disputed threatening DeWit.

To give you the gist, I drafted a concise dialog, boiling ten minutes of conversation down into one minute. This is merely meant to convey the essence of the conversation and isn’t a transcript. Listen to the whole audio for the precise details.

As you read this, imagine Kari Lake eating a bag of corn nuts and sipping on a nearly-empty Big Gulp, which is what the background noises sounded like:

Kari Lake: Jeff. So what’s going on? What is it? (rustle, crunch)
Jeff DeWit: I’ve got a proposition for you.
Kari Lake: Oh? What kind of proposition?
Jeff DeWit: Well, there’s some very powerful people back east who want you out of politics for a couple of years. They really want someone different.
Kari Lake: And what do they want me to do?
Jeff DeWit: They want you to stay out for two years. I can tell you what I can offer you. They’re willing to pay you a lot of money and put you on the payroll of a company. Whatever we need to do.
Kari Lake: Are you serious? (slurp)
Jeff DeWit: Yes. It’s a good offer. You could take a break from politics and come back in a couple of years.
Kari Lake: I’m not interested in being bought off. This is about stopping Trump! I don’t think that’s good for the country.
Jeff DeWit: It’s not about being bought off. It’s about taking a step back and letting things cool down.
Kari Lake: I don’t need to cool down. I’m fighting for what’s right. This is a hill worth dying on.
Jeff DeWit: I understand that, but this could be a good opportunity for you. DC is a big back-scratching club. You’re in no position to scratch anybody’s back.
Kari Lake: I don’t need any opportunities from those people. I’m going to keep fighting. The battle is right now, Jeff, not two years from now. They’re going to have to kill me to stop me.
Jeff DeWit: Alright. Just thought I’d let you know about the offer. You should be honored. I wish you’d just make me a huge counter-offer. Gimme a counter. Is there a number where you’d … just take a pause?
Kari Lake: No. No. I have to go work on my book. I’m flattered, and offended. But thanks for letting me know. Bye-bye.
Jeff DeWit: Goodbye.

Throughout the conversation, which apparently happened at Lake’s house, DeWit’s tone was subtly apologetic. He sounded for all the world like he had no control over events; he was just the messenger. He repeatedly seemed to agree with that Kari it was wrong. At one point, Kari suggested that DeWit go public about the attempted bribe. DeWit immediately rejected the idea, ominously joking, “Then I turn my key in my car and — boom! I like my car.”

DeWit is probably right he didn’t commit any crimes. Election law is complex and I’m not an elections specialist. But since Kari isn’t (yet) a ‘public official,’ none of the bribery crimes I reviewed apply. Nor did DeWit try to influence any ‘official act.’

But the question of whether it was a crime or not was the tiniest question of all.

Who are the ‘very powerful’ people ‘back east’ (presumably DC)? Did the bribe come from a single wealthy donor, or even just a small group of influential donors? How common are these kinds of “deals”? Was Kari in the wrong? Given they were friends, did Kari betray DeWit’s trust, showing she’s untrustworthy? Or was Kari brave to release the audio, knowing it would make mortal enemies? How angry should GOP voters be that these kinds of backroom deals are happening?

Regardless of where you come down on those questions, and regardless of the technical legality about what happened, it all feels gross and sneaky and un-American.

Kari was smart not to take the deal. If she had taken it, or even started negotiating, “they” would have owned her forever. Bribery time would have changed to blackmail time. Similarly, DeWit was smart to immediately resign. His position as Arizona’s GOP Chairman was completely untenable. He had to go, and I assume he got that message loud and clear from inside the party.


Action Alert! Cardinal Burke wants to know your questions!

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I want to assure you that we should not fear our current circumstances. Rather, we should be very grateful that we can follow His Eminence, Cardinal Burke, who does not back down in addressing the confusion in the Church.

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Your fellow Rosary Warrior and Faith Defender in Christ,

Thomas J. McKenna
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