“My bishops made $3 billion helping with the human trafficking of immigrants”


You’re seeing it already: the attempt to snap Christians’ spines and render us invertebrates, to leash us via our heartstrings, to shame us into silence about the Biden regime’s lawlessness at the border.

As a Catholic, I’m used to this dreck. I’ve been inundated with open borders agitprop by professional Catholics for decades. Some of that, to be fair, was motivated by a perverse hatred for Western civilization and masochistic white guilt. But most of it was straight up self-interest, a craving for warm bodies in pews, and greed for gold.

My bishops made $3 billion helping with the human trafficking of immigrants into America — enough, dollar for dollar, to cover all the costs of settlements for the children whose rapes they enabled by hiding and shuffling pedophiles. Indeed, by this point the U.S. bishops conference is best described as an immigration pyramid scheme and a gay employment agency … with a Catholic problem…

(He is just getting started, much more including video): https://stream.org/would-jesus-use-razor-wire-at-borders-would-he-gaslight-people-with-dishonest-wwjd-arguments/

4 thoughts on ““My bishops made $3 billion helping with the human trafficking of immigrants””

  1. It’s what we’ve always suspected.

    The secret McCarrick deal with China was very likely also about Chi-Com money in exchange for selling off the Chinese faithful.

    Catholic Schools in Canada remain cesspools of heresy and immortality without bishops doing their jobs because government money flows in. The same for Catholic hospitals. They happily took covidian money too and let people die.

    The bishops will make the excuse that they are concerned for all the employees whose jobs they have to cut if the government bribes stopped… How will they live??? Better to keep employing them so that they can continue to spread the LGBT values to your children, they’re unionized, don’t you know?

    Once upon a time when sodomite marriage was legalized, I commented that perhaps Catholics and the Church should cease applying for marriage licenses and recognition from the State. One particular canon lawyer cried,”Good luck, how are you going to get your tax breaks???”

    It never occurred to him that at least some of us would be willing to lose out for the sake of the Truth and the Faith. It’s all about the money. When the Mark of the Beast comes, they’ll sign on. That injection will follow them beyond the grave.

    That final trial will be the most painful. Will you choose to love and acknowledge Christ above providing for your family? Even at the cost of their lives?

    Remember the mother of the 7 sons from Maccabees.

    Men, prepare your wives and children for that very scenario.

  2. I disagree with only one point, Johnno, that of warning children. Children are not developmentally able to deal with threats from outside. Children will likely become anxiety ridden messes if given more to handle than they can properly handle. Adults have more maturity, obviously, and perspective, children do not have the life experience nor maturity or perspective, so if they believe there is a credible threat, all they have is their parents to protect them. If mom and dad cannot do that, or hint they cannot, children cannot cope. We do not know how things are going to play out. I sometimes think people are willing on a doomsday scenario, (not you surely!) and truthfully any number of things could happen, not all of them involving martyrdom, which is remote. While mature, well formed Christians should always realize that possibility, this is not the capability of children. What good is averting disasters if your children end up needing psychotherapy. Play that fiddle like you’re on the deck of the Titanic for children, who need security and to enjoy their very brief childhood. Allowing them to be made nervous nellies is to allow them to be victimized. This is not directed at you, Johnno, I’ve seen this a number of times and have wanted to express that for quite a while, so thank you.
    The bishops are no more responsive or interested in Catholics than the US government is interested in it’s citizens. Democrats are finding out they do not have any more sway than Republicans. They don’t care about any of us. Most bishops in America are completely sold out to whoever is paying the bill and making their lives cozy. They have sold out Christ, the church, the faith, the flock. They are now official shills, and tormenters when they need to please Bergoglio, not all, but too many of them.

  3. Kate, in normal times, to not overly frighten children would make total sense.

    But in our times, children will no longer possess innocence. They will be groomed in all manner of sexual immortality, told they can be any sex, taught that they are helpless victims, or that they are privileged persecutors, and will have access to life altering drugs, surgery, and euthanasia, and do it all while habitually cursing in the Lord’s name.

    If we’re not preparing them to die a Catholic, then they will simply die a non-Catholic and worse. The heathen won’t hesitate to teach and use them.

    If one’s child is of the age of reason, and especially if they and their friends enjoy videogames where they shoot each other in the face, they are ready to have this talk, which is just as simple as reading the Bible and accounts of the saints and martyrs to them. You don’t need to get graphic or complicated. Children know who the heroes of the story are.

    In Africa and elsewhere, they use children as soldiers and to dig up mines and worse. It could always be that bad.

    Martyrdom tends to be a remote possibility because many fail to meet the criteria. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, and the Maccabean children met their fate head on. Who knows? The former were protected precisely because they were prepared.

    I don’t enjoy the thought, but it needs to be said and considered.

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