Come And Take It, Amy Coney Biden

Irony of ironies that the SCOTUS decision tipped by Judge Amy on Texas razor wire, far from punishing Governor Abbot, actually puts Biden in an impossible situation. Will he send federal troops to confront the Texas National Guard? Will he attempt to “federalize” the guard? How about the optics of cutting down the wire? Or impending video of feds in armed conflict with Texas citizens and uniformed troops?

I lived in Texas for eight years. If you think you understand how proud the citizenry is about their republic, think again. Yes, I said republic. Texas was a sovereign nation when it entered the Union, and this is drilled into every public school pupil from and early age. Students learn “Texas History” from Grade 5. Only later do they learn “U.S. History,” and in many cases that history only begins at the point Texas became a state. They learn why Texas is different than all the other states, and better. That’s why the Lone Star flag is flown at the same height as the Stars and Stripes. It’s sort of a big deal. Did you know that?

Stay confessed. This is going to get interesting.

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  1. Having lived in Texas for two years in graduate school, it is a state very near and dear to my heart. I made some lifelong friends, among they native Texans and saw true diversity (German and Czech influence is what I’m referring to). God Bless Texas and keep her safe!


  2. Texas students had Texas history in 4th grade, 7th grade, and 11th grade, at least where I taught. Not sure now with anti-sanity infiltration. Proud to say I taught Texas History for many years, even prouder to have studied it in college under the great Dr. June Rayfield Welch. Just came here to brag.

  3. God Bless Texas…..but how do you explain Abbott’s association with the World Economic Forum? I believe we’re being played; big time.

  4. My Texas friends were shocked that Abbott did what he did. He has no history of leading the pack and doing what is right for Texas, but rather what can ingratiate him to potential voters (outside of Texas).

  5. I will just say to Mr. Biden what our folks used to say to us when we
    could not be deterred from a really bad idea:

    “Alright, hardhead.”

  6. As someone who lives in Alabama, I would not place any confidence in Texas. It is one of the most liberal states in America and is full throttle globalist. It just likes to pretend it is “independent” and conservative. It is the Germany of the American states. How independent is this? “Texas Ranks First in U.S.-Installed Wind Capacity and Number of Wind Turbines.”,most%20installed%20wind%20capacity%2C%20at%2024.2%20gigawatts%20%28GW%29.

    And Texas is going to save America? Not likely.

  7. Greg Abbott imposed a mask mandate on Texas in the summer of 2020… and he won the Republican primary with 66% of the vote, and cruised to re-election.

    You can only survive so much immigration from Mexico and transplants from California before your state is forever lost. We’re seeing exactly the same thing in Arizona.

  8. This is partially incorrect. The people of Texas are very conservative. The idiots they elect, however, are absolute morons. Why did TX go for green energy? The legislature voted for it.

    Texas has the reputation of being the most conservative state. This means that Republicans with an aspiration for national office believe they must appeal to the “middle” so they can get the Austin and Dallas vote. Its a dynamic that is seen nearly everywhere, but most pronounced in Texas, because of their reputation. Most local reps will appeal to their base for elections…however will moderate when in office to appeal towards the middle. You can’t be a Congressman or Senator is you always follow the dictates of the base, you know.

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