Does ivermectin remedy vaxx protein spike injury, or merely mask symptoms?

Good caveat here from Denninger, sent in by reader “Peter,” in reference to this post.

A Warning On ‘Spike Detox’

by Karl Denninger

The referenced video in this presentation is here:

This looks very bad for those who think Ivermectin is a “spike problem fix” — it instead looks like a “spike problem masker“, much like taking Aspirin or Tylenol will alleviate the symptoms of a headache, but if the cause is still there when the drug wears off…… you still have a headache.

Note that the full video states that the doc doing this is seeing this pattern with all of his patients.  That all the symptoms resolve at the same time with application certainly supports causation, and pharmacology appears to support this as well — but the problem is that when you remove the drug it comes back, so it doesn’t “fix it”, but rather “blacks it out” or “masks it” — and then it wears off.

Would I use it anyway if my life were ruined without it?  You bet. But…

2 thoughts on “Does ivermectin remedy vaxx protein spike injury, or merely mask symptoms?”

  1. I watched the whole thing. The graph showing a near total rebound to the original symptom level was based on self reported data from ONE PERSON. This is stated repeatedly.

    The graph is easy for anyone to reproduce in order to measure their own symptoms after taking the ivermectin (or other medications) for a while, stopping, and recording what happens afterward. For the individual in this micro-mini study, rebound began after about a weel.

    Also, it does not require megabucks for an initial larger scale study to be done. It just takes a bunch of people willing to cooperate by putting their results online. This would at least provide solid initial data for a gold standard study later. The podcaster’s air of hopelessness (nobody will pay for it) is not warranted, and just leads to paralysis.

    It may be that some people rebound, and others do not. When all you have is a single subject study, all you have is a possibility to explore further.

    I also disliked the podcaster’s “gee, this could be scary” tone. Have the long term effects of taking ivermectin daily been studied? He says not. On the other hand, would taking it weekly work? This is the dosage that can be used for river blindness, if I understood him correctly, and so the effects are known.

    Asking the question of whether ivermectin only masks symptoms is important. But if I had heart palpitations, confused thinking, a tendency to fall over when standing up, etc., I might settle for that if there were no other treatment.

    I also disliked his attack on people (not named) who come up with “protocols” (not identified) for helping long Covid. Whether the protocols work, partly work, or don’t work, they are the best we have so far, and to vaguely attack the scientists and researchers who came up with them is grossly unfair.

  2. Karl is a beast isn’t he?? I mean that in the best way possible. He has zero fear of facts. It’s great to see.

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