Do you know anyone who took the jabs, was injured or just regrets it, and wants to know what they can do to reverse it? Show them this.

Copy paste from Miss Ann:

Speaking of those who took the poisonous injections, here is a fantastic video from just a few days ago of Dr. John Campbell and Dr. Robert Clancy discussing Ivermectin as a very real therapy for the fake-vaccine injured. As was reported in this space in ARSH 2021, Ivermectin essentially puts a protective “cap” over the spike protein that both the Fauci virus AND the death injections produce.

Interestingly, dandelion extract is also reported to have this effect, albeit with less potency. But hey, putting dandelion extract in your water can’t do any harm. And neither can taking Ivermectin. The only contraindication for Ivermectin that has been so-far observed is the blood thinner WARFARIN. Other than that, Ivermectin is safer than aspirin. Remember the case study of the teenager in Africa who “attempted suicide” by taking a 100X dose of Ivermectin… and she had an upset tummy for three days.

13 thoughts on “Do you know anyone who took the jabs, was injured or just regrets it, and wants to know what they can do to reverse it? Show them this.”

  1. Even if ivermectin puts a “cap” over the spike protein, it is still protruding from the cell and will cause clots and still produce an immune response, a bad one.

    Plus, since the mRNA changes your DNA and the way the cell operates, cancer is inevitable. Not to mention the toxic nanoparticles that alter the charge of your cell and causes death.

    I am a big fan of Ivermectin, I used it on my father to cure his rectal cancer. But it’s not such a miracle drug that it can stop a vax that changes your very being, your DNA.

    1. Mike…would you PLEASE be so kind to outline the protocol you used for your dad (dosage, frequency, etc.)? This is really valuable info and I have a personal stake in it. Thanks.

  2. When you get the death jab everything is “worth a try”, but unless you got a dud, you’re going to die from it.

    I guess it is still hard to fathom the incredible evil done to humanity here. Perhaps because if you internalize the horror you will lose your mind.

  3. Read Drs Bhakdi, Yeadon, read Dr Arne Burkhardt and look up Dr Janci Lindsay’s video from the South Carolina senate hearing on YouTube.

    The vax changes your very being by incorporating itself in your DNA.

  4. I know of a few cases of jab recipients who got covid anyway. Many elderly folk of my parish passed between 2020 and 2023. A physician friend has a colleague whose kid got myocarditis from it. I don’t see runaway cancers or severe immune suppresson or heart attacks near me. Lotsa hype all around.

    This issue is still the lack of ethical vacccine altneratives. Embryonic steem cells are all over.

  5. What was the ivermectin dosage you used on your father? Are there any protocols published for cancer treatment. Thanks!

  6. It’s worth a try. It certainly can’t hurt. I have yet to suffer any ill effects from my singular jab a few years back, thanks be to God. But only time will tell. Thank you.

  7. When dad first got sick, he had stage 2b rectal cancer. Every four days I gave him half a tube of ivermectin apple flavored horse paste.

    When his tumor disappeared I give him 7ml of the 1 percent solution once a week plus one dose of panacur and 12000 iu of vitamin d.

    In full disclosure my dad still has a bump the size of half a pencil eraser down there. The MRI in June said it was probably residual from the tumor or hemorrhoids.

    The last 2.5 years of my life have been very traumatic. I hope the ivermectin continues to work. And I want to point out it may not work for everyone.

  8. There doesn’t need to be a vaccine for Covid, as it is basically the flu, and you can’t vax for respiratory viruses anyway . The flu “vaccine” is placebo, basically .

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