Why is the Arizona National Guard getting droned in Jordan, and why have they been there since September?

Satellite photo from Planet Labs PBC shows a military base known as Tower 22 in northeastern...
<Satellite photo from Planet Labs PBC shows a military base known as Tower 22 in northeastern Jordan, on Oct. 12, 2023> (Planet Labs PBC via AP)

Arizona National Guardsmen among those injured in Jordan drone strike

The overnight drone strike happened in northeast Jordan near the Syrian border. Gov. Hobbs said in a statement that she is watching the situation and is in contact with the state’s National Guard Adjutant General Muehlenbeck for status updates on the guardsmen.

The current Arizona National Guard service members in Jordan were sent to the Middle East in late September 2023 in support of Operation Spartan Shield. They’re tasked with providing “law and order and personal security capabilities” for about one year, an Arizona National Guard spokesperson said. Information on the attack is still being investigated, and it’s unknown how many Arizona servicemembers were injured in the attack.

President Joe Biden said Sunday that the U.S. “shall respond” after three American troops were killed and dozens more were injured…


8 thoughts on “Why is the Arizona National Guard getting droned in Jordan, and why have they been there since September?”

  1. Guess what ? 1st BN 112th Infantry, 28 ID, Pennsylvania Army National Guard are being deployed to Africa ! Courtesy of PA’s Democrat (Communist) governor ! But PA won’t support fellow Americans in Texas.

  2. Arizona? MTG just posted that the three National Guardsmen killed in Jordan were from Georgia. WTH is going on?

  3. Ukraine is the ancient homeland of Ashkenazi Jews. 90% or more of European Jews were Ashkenazi, and they emigrated to Israel. Thus, most “Zionists” are Ashkenazi. Ukraine is the “bread basket” of Europe. Seeing as Netanyahu and his current government want to make Israel the dominant country in the reason, they’ll need the resources their ancient homeland offers…

  4. Technically, if the Guardsmen are deployed overseas, it is at the behest of the CIC. Christ-hating-Jew Josh Shapiro could, however, send some PA Guardsmen to TX to assist. He’s in a bind, though: if he sends them to assist Joey B, most of the Guardsmen will assist the TNG.

  5. Exactly. Few people point this out but isn’t it interesting how one day it was 24/7 covidism on every single national, state and local news outlet, and then one day… Bam! Covidism was gone and all of us were told that that coke-snorting, faggot, Jewish nazi in Kiev was a “hero” and we all needed to hate Russia and put blue and yellow flags in our windows. Nope. Not me and thankfully, most Americans didn’t care enough to buy it either. Fast forward to 2023 and we start seeing hysterical media stories and social media posts about “anti-semitism”. Then “Hamas” attacks Israel and the ghost of John McCain is salivating from hell as the war hawks in the freemasonic party’s two fake parties, rally the neocon and liberal zionists to bend over for Netanyahoo. The whole thing REALLY pisses me off but what grounds me is the fact that Heaven is my true country and Christ is my King.

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