I only know one thing about new Philly Archbishop Nelson Jesus Perez

He banned kneeling at Mass in the Diocese of Cleveland last year. HERE

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  1. This is where obedience to legitimate authority with a legitimate request or command based on legitimate teaching comes into play: “liturgical services are not private functions but are celebrations of the Church…, the holy people united and organized under the authority of the bishops” and (from the GRIM) “in the celebration of the Mass the faithful…[are] to avoid any appearance of singularity or division, keeping in mind that they have only one Father in heaven and that hence are all brothers or sisters one to the other.” No mention of worship (grant it that might come up in the elipsed material) or Truth only unity, fraternity, celebration…yada, yada, yada. Will ushers be instructed to banish or use a taser on resistant brothers and sisters in order to yield the appearance of unity?

    1. Islam_Is Islam: Calls to mind your very useful exchange with Br Bugnolo on From Rome, similar topic, “legitimate authority and obedience“ (I printed and saved his advice on “licit, legal, legitimate”) – very relevant to this idea that a mere Bishop can prevent a Catholic from kneeling in the presence of God (!).

      This is the essence of the current undeclared “schism”. Beyond the Pope/antipope question it comes down to Commandments 1-3 – glory and honor to God or glory and honor to self and Mankind.

      Any Catholic who recognizes the presence of God in Holy Eucharist will kneel before the Almighty.

      Any Catholic who sees bread and wine in a “supper” of a shared meal will stand, and consider those who kneel “idolators” and self-promoters.

      It always comes down to whether Jesus is actually present or not. Protestants stand or, usually, sit (take one down, pass it around) – not present. So, the new Bishop is well on his way to Ecumenical unity with his “separated Brethren” in separation from Christ.

      1. Yes, Aqua. Br Bugnolo’s sound advice for addressing “Catholic-on-the-street” kinds of issues is blessedly refreshing. (I have a file of his writings, too.) : )

  2. Yeah, “unity”: lets all hold hands and stand and sing. The ‘liturgical celebration’ is all about us after all. What a crock! Poor Philly.

  3. This policy contradicts itself. The fourth paragraph of the letter states in part that “The Church reminds us of the importance of the unity of posture by stating that ‘in the celebration of Mass the faithful…..[are] to avoid any appearance of singularity or division’ “. Yet in the table listing the postures, the faithful can either sit or kneel during the period of sacred silence. This is typical of the modern mentality of some of our clerics who can’t or won’t see contradiction with things previously established. Also, since this is Novus Ordo Missae (NOM) what’s wrong with posture options since there are already so many options built into the NOM? This is just another tip of the iceberg indicating sanity lost.
    And yet, these will be the same people who deride the TLM.

  4. Banned kneeling. Sodomy-affirmative “ministries.” No-Borders fanatic. (Immigrants vote 80% pro-abortion.) Chaput gushes what a fantastic choice he is.

    The faster the Bergoglian church collapses, the sooner we can find out where the Catholic Church is.

  5. I attended a Mass the Sunday after Christmas and about 15% of us kneeled after we’ve received Communion. We were probably all guests. When It first happened in 2003, we were hassled by several ushers to stand.
    My opinion then as well as now is that I’m not there to be with them, and that my kneeling position is in union with the rest of the Catholic Church.

  6. Question… is this guy really my archbishop (I live in Philadelphia)? Bergoglio is NOT the pope. Therefore, are his appointments valid?

      1. Thanks Mark. I was hoping for a different answer but I respect and trust your knowledge here. For the protection of my church and priest, I will not say where I attend Mass. I will however say that if he suppresses what I attend on Sundays, I will move over to SSPX. I sure as hell will not stand during the consecration. Hoping and praying my fellow Philly Catholics don’t apostisize. Please pray for us.

    1. Grandma. Please do whatever you can to find a traditional Latin Mass church/chapel and leave your parish behind. Even if you have to drive 2+ hours each way on Sunday, it’s worth the hardship. The novus ordo is bad for the soul and with the filthy, scandalous antipope we have right now, combined with our pansied bishops who are too cowardly to call out his antipapacy, it’ll only get worse.

  7. Mark, The answer Mr. Dunn’s excellent question–is Perez actually archbishop of Philly under the law, i. e. a legitimate appointment even if by an antipope–is I believe negative.

    Ecclesia Supplet presupposes good faith by the actor–do you really think Antipope Bergoglio has that at all toward Holy Mother Church?

    Although normally the appointments and other actions of an antipope may be valid under the doctrine of Ecclesia Supplet under which the Church supplies the jurisdiction an antipope lacks, this is most likely not so in the case of Bergoglio due to the apparent malice with which he acts.

    If he is acting–as I believe is evident from the facts–from malice, that is with an intent to destroy the Church, the Church does not supply jurisdiction. It’s only in cases wherein the actor lacking office acts in good faith for the good of the Church that jurisdiction is supplied and the Church makes up for the lack of de jure authority (authority under the law).

    Bergoglio and good faith go together about as well as good faith and McCarrick. There isn’t any.

    So while it may be that every action–act by act–of Antipope Bergoglio needs to be scrutinized for nullifying malice, it may also be the case that his overall aim is to destroy the Church.

    If his bad faith is that complete, then any action of his tending toward that end would be illicit and invalid, and a nullity.

    All of such actions would of course need to be reversed.

    And is it not thus the case that the Bergoglio legacy needs to be obliterated, undone, and the earth he trod and the ground he plowed dug up and salted.

    And something Catholic needs to be restored in its–and his–place.

  8. Every adopted son of God has THE DIVINE RIGHT TO ADORE HIM BY KNEELING. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Postures at Mass are not morally obligatory when they decline from prostration or kneeling before the Divine Majesty. — Finally, why does he begin his Letter with the invocation of Lucifer, the Morning Star?

    1. Isn’t Jesus also referred to as the Morning Star in some parts of Scripture? Giving the benefit of the doubt, it was likely a reference to Him, not Lucifer.

      1. I do not give a Bergoglian the benefit of the doubt, not after the idolatry performed in the Vatican and the silence of a great number of Bishops and Cardinals at that abomination of desolation. I think it would be imprudent for anyone else also to continue to give them the benefit of the doubt. There is nothing that can join the Church of Light with the Church of Darkness.

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