4 thoughts on “Thank You, President Trump, for speaking the Truth at March for Life today”

  1. If this were France in the late 1700s, crazy ole Bernie would be one of the ringleaders, calling for the execution of all who don’t submit to the revolution’s goals.

  2. It is nice, as a symbolic gesture, that he was at the March for Life; however, this is an election year and he needs the deplorable votes. It would have been something more significant if it wasn’t an election year, but what the hay, thanks.

    1. True. But even in election years, other GOP presidents just phoned it in. For all his faults, I think in his gut he knows abortion is wrong (maybe Melania has an influence on this). How far he is willing to go on that gut knowledge, I don’t know. His court appointments have been mixed thus far, but not as bad as other “pro-life” presidents. Would certainly rather have him pick RGB’s successor than the latest crop of Dem(ons). Would be great if he could find a female Clarence Thomas – the feminist head-spinning would be first rate entertainment.

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