Barnhardt Podcast #101: The ShutUpStupiSode

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Barnhardt Podcast #101: The ShutUpStupiSode

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In this episode we** discuss the works and miracles of St. Raymond of Peñafort before diving into the current events surrounding the Bergoglian anti-papacy. We also talk Pope Benedict as Kantian co-author — we can’t really know if he is or he isn’t — and “Bookgate,” in which the “former” Pontiff continues to co-author books not in silence behind the Vatican walls. We also cover the Damn Dirty Liar Georg Ganswein, the doctrinal guarantee of the Visibility of the Church (reproach of 1958 sedevacantism), and the current and glaring visibility of the anti-church. Regardless of the craziness and the manifest reasons to be nervous and fear, Our Lady has foretold all that is happening and how to maintain Faith, Hope, and Charity until the end.

** Nota Bene: Mark D. substitutes for SuperNerd in this episode.

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7 thoughts on “Barnhardt Podcast #101: The ShutUpStupiSode”

  1. Delightful! Thanks Mark and Ann. More of this!

    As a convert (technically a re-vert as I was infant baptized, but never practiced the faith) I immediately saw through the sham of “Recognize and Resist” as Protestantism; thanks for calling it what it is. Also, the tearing down of the papacy by good Catholics is what convinced me to start praying for Pope Benedict instead of “the Pope”

    I think the comment about the Remnant’s reach was from Steven O’Reilly.


    An ugly, stupid BiP.

  2. Benevacantist is an idiotic term. If Benedict is Pope, then the seat is not vacant as you two point out. As you say, BiP is more accurate, as is “Benesede” if you crave Latin.

  3. By the way, when you reported that (Ganswein?) likened Benedict’s resignation to the Incarnation I had a real Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment. Then I started to think about it: If Bergoglio is the FPR, then that means the end times are not far off, so in a sense, yes, it is a rather big deal.

  4. Good podcast overall. You’re way better than Super Nerd. But, something you said gave me pause. In speaking about the 1983 code of canon law, you state we are bound to it and that God binds himself to it as well. But, how can that be when there are at least 3 novelties in the new code that can’t be accepted? Canons 844, 1055, and 336 must be rejected. The one that stands out the most being canon 844 that allows non-catholics to receive Holy Communion, which in reality is a mortal sin and denies the dogma “outside the Church, no salvation”. I don’t think you really meant to say that God binds himself to these errors.

    1. To say that God binds himself to Canon Law is nothing more than pointing out the plain meaning of Matt 16:19, wherein the Second Person of the Triune Godhead promised exactly this. The most notable problems with the 1983 code are related to how bad actors could use certain parts in a way contrary to the mind of the legislator, which is the standard for interpretation.

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