The preferential option for the fornicating

Just so I’m clear, if having a preference for fornication is a reason to be welcomed, what about a preference for adultery? I feel like this topic has been written about somewhere else? How about a preference for sodomy? After all, wasn’t the sin of Sodom simply that the townsfolk failed to be welcoming? How about a preference for contraception, money being so tight, you know. How can we consider marriage without total financial security? And when the contraception fails, you wouldn’t mind a preference for a little abortion, would you?
Francis, how shall I instruct my three sons, all of whom are cohabitating with their girlfriends? They all intend to get married. Is that wrong? Is it wrong for me to encourage this path? Is it wrong for them to attend Mass but refrain from receiving, until they are able to fully confess their sins with firm purpose of amendment? Is it wrong for me to instruct them of the peril of their current situation? Shall I tell them to remain where they are? Shall I tell them the fiscal pressures are just too great? Shall I tell them that most people are incapable of the heroic virtue necessary to live the Gospel, and it’s just a set of “Ideals” anyway?
Get behind me, Satan. I have kids with souls to save.

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