Whatever you may think about the Benedict is Pope position, the prelates in this video are not Catholic

31 thoughts on “Whatever you may think about the Benedict is Pope position, the prelates in this video are not Catholic”

  1. Oh, these are part of the valid Catholic hierarchy. But they are cowardly knuckleheads besides.

  2. BiP is a relief valve, designed to keep people away from the sedevacantist position. Those who push hard for the position AND dismiss sedevacantism without engaging in any meaningful way or theological argument are suspect.
    Yes, these “Cardinals” are not Catholic and neither are the “popes” who gave them their red hats.
    Sweet Heart of Mary, pray for us sinners who have recourse to Thee.

    1. My main issue with sedevacantism is that there’s no “end game.”
      Instead of hearing how there is a problem in the Church, I’d love to hear a way for them to get out of the problem. What conditions would be needed for there to no longer have a “vacant seat”? Because everything they’re saying, makes it seem like the situation is hopeless.
      It seems to me that the end result of the logic of sedevacantism is Eastern Orthodoxy. Almost everything they say about the papacy, and the Catholic Church, the Orthodox can happily agree on. “That’s what we been saying for 1000 years about the Pope, and the Catholic Church!” They’ll tell you if you start talking to them.
      At least with the Benedict is Pope group, there is an end game. Once Benedict dies, whoever is elected Pope next, He IS the Pope, and we move forward with that.

    2. Why is the foremost tenant of the sede belief system :there is no Pope since Pius XII? How do we know he was Pope? How do we know John XXIII wasn’t?
      I’m sorry but this just sounds like the most protestant thing. First commandment is YOU MUST believe Pius XII was the last! Talk about coping, good grief.

      1. Mark, I know all about the Sede position so no need to sit it out in fact I’ll continue to proclaim the truth to them that Pope Benedict is pope. Here’s a link to Fr. Hesse so you can educate yourself about the errors of the 1958 sedes: “Heresy alone does NOT vacate the seat”

    1. It’s real, it’s coming, it’s not the end proper yet, there is one last triumph of the Church in the age of peace, after that comes the AC.

  3. This does not bode well for the rest of the year. Please, good Catholics, make what reparation you can, especially those where this thing took place.
    And, you’d think that Bergoglio and the rest of the apparent apostates would take their paganism a little more seriously. I mean, this thing was infantile and stupid. Sin really does darken the intellect…
    I also noticed that Bergoglio seemed to glance around the room after they put their hands on their hearts — as if to make sure everyone was complying.

  4. The clip didn’t show the witch doctor summoning each of the four directions- north, east, west, south, to open their doors and pour forth….something. I think we all know who was summoned. I now expect all h-e-double-hockey-sticks to break loose.

  5. Well, at least you can’t fault the False Pope for inconsistency. Always promoting the Good, as he and his boss satan see it.
    2017: The First (and Creepiest Creche Ever) Homosexual Creche at the Vatican.
    2018: Antipope Francis Wields Stang devil-stick at Mass; sells out China Catholic Church; rumored to receive $2billion a year as his proverbial thirty pieces of silver, source Guo Wengui [https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2020/06/23/whistleblower-claims-chinese-communists-pay-vatican-2-billion-in-bribes/].
    2019: Pachamama enthroned in St Peter’s, Garden and Altar, Catholicism’s Hearth and Home, by the False Pope
    2020 Antipope Francis decides in the Vatican Yearbook to ditch the title: “Vicar of Christ,” soon thereafter goes globalist all in: Antipope Francis also shuts down the Church for Easter 2020, and caves opposition to Covid-19 narrative; smarmy bishops follow suit
    2021: Antipope Francis goes all in on the deathvax; You have “a moral duty” to deathvax yourself with the experimental genetic serum; two secret soirees with Alberto Bourla, Pfizer CEO (where I would bet another $2 billion was reaped by the False Pope)
    December 15, 2021: A Pachamama Nativity in St Peter’s Square
    2022: Wild Spirits Blowin’ in the Wind, with a little touch of pachamama in the night.
    Rise up Immaculate Heart and Smite This Imposter Bergoglio!

  6. Not having all the answers does not negate the truthfulness of the position. We’re obviously in uncharted waters and quite possibly very near End Times.
    There’s not really and end game to BiP either. If Ratzinger dies tomorrow BiPpers would be sede. And if both Ratzinger and Bergoglio die, barring Divine intervention, you’d just get Francis 2.0….Either way, sedes and BiPpers will need Divine Intervention to straighten things out.

    1. There are at least 2 possible endgames.
      1) Benedict does something while he’s still alive.
      2) Benedict does something in his will.
      This is, of course, ruling out some kind of supernatural intervention.
      My problem with the Sede position is that, if seventy years – a full lifetime – of No Pope Whatsoever does not count as the Gates of Hell Prevailing, then what does?

  7. The sede would reply that 70 years of VII and it’s liturgical abuses, false ecumenism, religious liberty heresies, all previously condemned by actual Catholic popes, together with the world wide loss of Catholic faith….. doesn’t count as the Gates of Hell Prevailing, what does?
    Mark, what is this rumored will of Benedict? Can you explain or link? Thanks.

    1. Benedict has spoken to Seewald about an unreleased “last testament.” I’m not sure it Seewald is the keeper of that or not. The rumor of course is that he spills the beans, and reveals he did what he did with full intent, so that the antichurch would become fully exposed. That last part has indeed been the result of what he did, it’s all totally out in the open now. But I don’t give much weight to the rumor.

      1. Even if he says something along the lines of, oh, by the way, I bifurcated the papacy, and my successor as contemplative Pope is Cardinal XYZ, that could blow the whole thing wide open. Depending on how he phrases things, exactly, and whether it is one act or several, isn’t it possible he could appoint his own successor to the Papacy? Even if, in the worst case, he doesn’t believe he’s conferring the “active ministry”?

    2. Only 57 years of Vatican II so far. But that number “70” does have Old Testament significance, and I have wondered if that is how long this conciliar period will last. I was hoping for an end at the 40-year mark, but no such luck.

    3. “ These matters having been treated with thorough-going exactness, we bear in mind what was promised about the holy church and him who said that the gates of hell will not prevail against it (by these we understand the death-dealing tongues of heretics); we also bear in mind what was prophesied about the church by Hosea when he said, I shall betroth you to me in faithfulness and you shall know the Lord; and we count along with the devil, the father of lies, the uncontrolled tongues of heretics and their heretical writings, together with the heretics themselves who have persisted in their heresy even to death. So we declare to them: Behold all you who kindle a fire, who set brands alight! Walk by the light of your fire, and by the brands which you have kindled! Since we are under command to encourage the people with orthodox teaching and to speak to the heart of Jerusalem, that is the church of God, we very properly hurry to sow in righteousness and to reap the fruit of life. In doing this we are lighting for ourselves the lamp of knowledge from the scriptures and the teachings of the fathers. It has therefore seemed necessary to us to sum up in certain statements both our declarations of the truth and our condemnations of heretics and their heretical teachings.”

  8. Feast of Our Lady, Saturday
    30 July, 2022 A. D., in the 105th Anniversary Year of fatima
    In the Third Secret “Most Likely” text,* Sr. Lucia relates how Our Lady forewarned the destruction of Rome 69 weeks (i.e.years) after the revelation of this message. As 1960 was the year Our Lady chose, hence it fell to John XXIII the UnSaint to release the Third Secret (both parts, see Socci).
    John XXIII as we know had better things to do, so he suppressed the Secret.
    In any case, the Apostasy in the Church is here. If it is still here and seated in Rome 69 years after 1960, it will be destroyed.
    That’s my take
    If the Gates of Hell prevailed, it means permanent. If you believe that, my dear Sedes, why, you clearly do not believe Christ.
    In Corde Christi,
    C. P. Benischek
    * Re the Third Secret, here’s a good place to start. I note that Jose Maria Zavala published an entire book in 2017 A. D., the Fatima Centennial year, the main point of which was to prove that the Secret below is actually written in the hand of Sr. Lucia of Fatima in 1944 A. D.

    1. So the Apostasy in the Church excludes the popes who promulgated VII and all it’s heresies?
      Why couldn’t the very small group of sede bishops, priests, lay faithful be the reason the Gates of Hell have not prevailed?

  9. Ah Kono, your secret sects know, do they not. The gnostic sedevacantist sects.
    I respond:
    “Put not your trust in man. Put not your trust in princes.”
    No pope including the five admittedly mostly feeble popes post Pius XII taught heretical doctrine officially or as purportedly part of the Magisterium. They all were preserved from teaching error due to papal infallibility as explained and distinguished at the First Vatican Council.
    Bergoglio is not a pope, hence we are well familiar with his heresies du jour. Not being pope, “Francis” does not enjoy the protections of the Petrine promise as to papal infallibility.

      1. And for the non-intellectuals such as myself, there are the photos of Assisi, Assisi-like “worship”, Koran kissing heresies for anyone with eyes to see.

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