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Topics tonight are focused on the 2022 “Consecration” of Russia and the 2013 “resignation” of Pope Benedict XVI, hosted by

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Lastly, Dr. Mazza will be with Tim Gordon on Saturday, the following link will need to be refreshed before the show:

About Dr. Mazza

EDMUND J. MAZZA is former Full Professor of History at Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles. For 14 years he taught Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance and Reformation History. Mazza is the author of The Scholastics and the Jews: Coexistence, Conversion and the Medieval Origins of Tolerance by Angelico Press and host of “The Bar of History” at He has produced teaching videos shot on location in Athens, Ephesus, Istanbul, Palermo, Naples, Venice, and Rome. Mazza was an invited scholar at Liberty Fund’s 2015 San Diego seminar “Convivencia and Reconquista: Freedom and Responsibility in Medieval Spain.” That same year he organized at New York University the conference “Conversing Conversion,” celebrating the 750th anniversary of the birth of Dante. Dr. Mazza was also the organizer of “Christ Among the Medieval Mendicants,” a 2013 conference commemorating the 750th anniversary of the Barcelona Debate and the institution of the Feast of Corpus Christi, co-sponsored by The Graduate Center of the City University of New York and the Morgan Library and Museum.

One thought on “Set your alarm! Don’t miss Dr. Mazza live discussion FREE today only 7pm EDT, 4pm PDT”

  1. Looking forward to hearing it.
    I’m listening to the most recent podcast, #176, from Ms. Barnhardt. I’ll concede that Eastern Orthodoxy is very tempting right now… To the question she asks: Do you go to Mass? Yes I do, even though bergoglio/francis is named in the Mass… Hell, last week I had to sit through “Gather Us In” which made me silently wish for Biden the Apostate to call for a new persecution just to be first in line to stop hearing that song…
    In a recent podcasts, Catholic Truth, Michael Lofton made the argument:
    From here, around the 8:14 mark:
    While Michael Lofton makes good arguments regarding almost any other subject matter in the Catholic Church, that one argument blew my mind. The argument is in regards to question about 1958-flavor of sedevacantism, and I’ll concede that flavor of sedevacantism is incorrect and falls apart, but it could also be used in favor of bergoglio as a valid Pope: “The whole Church has accepted bergoglio as pope so… He is pope.”
    I still haven’t heard anyone make any, good or otherwise, counter-arguments against Ms. Barnhardt’s main argument(s): Benedict didn’t properly resign, he is still Pope, and it doesn’t matter who the College of Cardinals elects to replace him.
    If Cardinal Burke had emerged from the 2013 “conclave” under the name Pius XIII, and he begun suppressing the Novus Ordo around the globe (while I would be overjoyed), if someone like Fr. James Martin came on the scene and made the same arguments that Ms. Barnhardt makes today, I would concede that he too was an antipope, and what he was doing was wrong.

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