Fatima, Bergoglio, scandal, and judging the actions of Pope Benedict according to his own words: A brilliant prosecution of current events by Dr. Edmund Mazza


5 minutes – (it’s a zoom call, so it takes a few minutes for people to join)
10 minutes – Setting the stage- “Living on Borrowed Time” (Fatima, unheeded)
20 minutes – “Is Pope Francis the Holy Father?”
30 minutes – The subject of “Scandal” – is it wrong to discuss this if it causes Scandal
38 minutes – Dr. Mazza offers us a preview of his new academic paper
57 minutes – what is “Pope Emeritus?”
1 hour, 20 minutes – Talking about the words in Benedict’s Interview-Book
1 hour, 30 minutes – Wrap-Up Summary
1 hour, 34 minutes – Benedict’s “Spiritual Diary” & the revelation of the Third Secret?
1 hour, 40 minutes – maybe we only have 3.5 years (2025) instead of 7 years until the prophesied coming crisis.
1 hour, 43 minutes – During the canonization of Francisco and Jacinta, Pope Francis said he was the “bishop dressed in white,” what is the deal with that, and what did Sr. Lucia mean when she wrote about that?
1 hour, 49 minutes – Hasn’t Pope Benedict XVI already been stripped of his authority in keeping with Our Lord’s warning to Sister Lucia of Fatima?
1 hour, 51 minutes – Is it possible that Pope Benedict XVI could be the pope of the assassination “killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him” described in the vision of the Third Secret of Fatima?
1 hour, 53 minutes – To me the Benedict-is-Pope position makes sense but so does sedevacantism. The latter position answers my question about how a valid Pope could call an invalid council. How can I be sure sedevacantism is incorrect. There is not much debate comparing these two positions.
1 hour, 55 minutes – Do you think the “katechon” could be the reservation of some measure of the Papacy by BXVI restraining canonically/legall/juridically the full force of Francis’ actions?
1 hour, 56 minutes – Dr Mazza, under your understanding of the current situation, would BXVI have the canonical ability to name Cardinals “in pectore”?
1 hour, 58 minutes, 30 seconds – Why is the date 2029 instead of 2017?
2 hours, 1 minutes – What about the bones of St Peter being sent by Francis to Contantinopole?
2 hours, 3 minutes – Who is the real “Vicar of Christ” if Pope Francis did not accept the title?
2 hours, 10 minutes – The Pastoral Council and the Vatican-Moscow Agreement
2 hours, 14 minutes – Is it okay to attend Mass (esp. Novus Ordo) if the Priest invokes the name of Francis as Pope during the Canon?
2 hours, 22 minutes – If the words of the Consecration becomes deranged and anyhow, with all the banalities occuring at the NO, wouldn’t it be better to remain home with our devotions, especially if the Mass in those last 3 1/2 years become invalid? 

Link for the hosting org: https://fatimasouls.com/index.html

Direct link to the video player, where you can adjust playback speed (I listened easily at 1.5x): https://bvm.la/play/436

9 thoughts on “Fatima, Bergoglio, scandal, and judging the actions of Pope Benedict according to his own words: A brilliant prosecution of current events by Dr. Edmund Mazza”

  1. I found the playback very choppy, for whatever reason – my setup is usually fine, which suggests problems today on the internet or the sourcing service – so I saved the video locally.

  2. Many Catholics take the supernatural as stupid. We pray to God, who apart from the Son, is a spirit. When we pray we are talking to spirits. I have no clue why all this talk about spirits is seen as disconnected from religion. Too much philosophical materialism or fear of wacky New Age talk. But God, as always, has sent prophets to warn us. Should the words of consecration change, we are not to attend these masses. We should flee from the one world masses. It will no longer honor God but insult him. After the illumination of conscience, God might lead some of us to refuges, if we are not called to martyrdom. I think it’s coming after the abomination of desolation. There will come an oath of loyalty to the false prophet that priests will have to take.

  3. Dr. Mazza certainly makes the substantial error theory for
    BiP stronger, but in my opinion that also strengthens the theory that his substantial error would thwart his ability to accept the papacy.
    Also, to quote Benedict to try to refute sedevacantism is pretty useless. The look on the doctors face when using Benedict’s quote to argue how we’ve had bad councils before that were a “waste of time” was priceless. We all know there’s no comparing VII to any other council in the Church’s history. None. VII is exactly why we have sedevacantism, BiPperism, FiPpetism, Novus Ordoism…..😊

  4. “the substantial error theory for BiP…also strengthens the theory that his substantial error would thwart his ability to accept the papacy.” – What are you talking about?
    I can find only 2 ways to make sense of the words used.
    – if you are sedevacantist
    – or if you mean that Benedict, either through the error in his 2013 failed resignation or through previous errors, was/is enough of a heretic to invalidate his papacy as well as Bergoglio’s; let’s call that neo-sedevacantist

    1. Yes, I now after 5 years of being BiP believe sedevacantism is the correct position. After my conversion in 2015, I learned about Assisi and that has always bothered me. A lot. I left protestantism after learning about the Eucharist and always did realize the need for an earthly authority for Christians. Of course I was warned to stay clear of sedes. After 7+ years of seeing traditional Catholics have to ignore not only the pope, but most bishops and priests I embraced 5 years of BiP…..but the priests I trusted insist Bergoglio is pope. This made zero sense to me. Then I actually read, listened to podcasts and debates, prayed for understanding and decided the sedes are more correct than anything out there.

  5. When was this recorded? There is a reference to an Ann Barnhardt podcast with Mazza. I found one from 2021. Does anyone have a link to the Barnhardt-Mazza interview reverenced? My web search came up empty.

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