The Mazzathon continues with Tim Gordon interview: How can there be two different ways to properly resign the Papal Office?

This episode is premised on the incredible Register article from 21 July, wherein the author mistakenly unknowingly reveals why Pope Benedict never validly resigned, HERE.

Dr. Mazza methodically goes through the BiP evidence, Gordon tries to poke holes, it’s a good back and forth between these two. You won’t want to miss Tim’s comparison of Bergoglio’s intricate retirement denials with a 1987 aquamarine IROC-Z. Bravo, sir. Mazza closes with a Depeche Mode reference that WILL make you spit out your drink, so be careful.

Please go ahead and watch on YouTube, if you don’t mind, and hit the like button. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “The Mazzathon continues with Tim Gordon interview: How can there be two different ways to properly resign the Papal Office?”

  1. Question raised from another thread but I think it’s worth an answer (whatever that may be).
    Isn’t Ratzinger’s career full of substantial errors & misleading the faithful, going back to V2? Making him a really kind of a polite heretic? Who thereby either lost, or didn’t have to begin with, a valid papacy?

    1. Note: Mr. Docherty did not answer any of your questions. To answer them with intellectual honesty and thoroughness, according to the canons of Rome, would open a pandora’s box that the Benedict-is-pope crowd prefer to stop their ears and cover their eyes to.

      1. Note: it’s a process pelayo. Assuming you’re a sede of the 17th century flavor? Why not be thankful that NVP allows sede input at all…..most trad sites do not.

  2. Something very important I’ve learned over the last decade:
    Things can be invalid.
    Someone can yell, scream, rant and rave all they want, it doesn’t matter, if something is invalid, then it is invalid. Nothing happened.
    That applies to marriages, where everything can “look” like a wedding, have a priest, expensive suit and tie and dress, have a very nice party afterwards, but if there is an issue (public or private) at the time, then the marriage is invalid and nothing happened.
    That applies to Baptisms. Everyone can dress up, parents grandparents and Godparents can all meet up at the Church, and be all lovey-dovey towards the newborn, (and they’re right to do so!) but if the priest or deacon doing the Baptizing says “We Baptize…” then it doesn’t matter. The Baptism is invalid and nothing happened.
    And finally, the same thing can apply if the resignation of a Pontiff has serious and substantial errors, in which case then: It was invalid, and Nothing Happened.

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