4 thoughts on “Reduced Spontaneous Eye Blink Rates in Recreational Cocaine Users: Evidence for Dopaminergic Hypoactivity”

  1. Regarding the videos of Biden not blinking in question, I think it’s a deepfake, and a poorly done one at that. Probably some engineers in a forgotten office in a hanger on a military base that doesn’t appear on any map is laughing at what such a horrible job the White House interns did at that deepfake.

    1. I agree that it is probably an amateurish fake video. It’s not normal for anyone. My eyes itch just watching him.

  2. I think the angry deepfake used hunter as the source because less adjustments would need to be made. Which explains in part the cocaine eyes.

  3. Fake governments that care nothing for its citizens and nations, fake news which cares nothing for the truth….brought to us by fake popes and a fake “Church” which cares nothing for the souls of man including the faithful.

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