NYC Mayor Fires 1752 Employees for Not Getting Jabbed

By Lorenz Duchamps

The office of New York Mayor Eric Adamsannounced on July 23 that more than 200 city workers were fired for failing to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The latest additions bring the total number of terminations in the city to 1,752 as of July 13, a spokesman for Adams’s office told the New York Post. He declined to provide a list of departments where the jobs were cut.

Some 64 percent of the employees who were fired in February worked for the Department of Education, while 101 workers were fired from the New York City Housing Authority, 75 from the Department of Correction, 40 from the Department of Sanitation, and 36 from the New York Police Department.

In March, Adams became the subject of criticism for exempting athletes and performers not based in New York from the mandate, while keeping the rule in place for private and public workers.

“This exemption sends the wrong message that higher-paid workers and celebrities are being valued as more important than our devoted civil servants, which I reject,” New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams said, questioning the Democratic mayor’s decision.

New York had some of the most restrictive mandates in the country, requiring almost all employees in various government agencies to be vaccinated and requiring private employers to ensure that their workers were vaccinated as well.

Three young doctors at the same Ontario hospital die within three days of each other, just days after hospital began administering fourth jab to staff

By Steve Kirsch

Will physicians EVER speak out? Or will they continue to shrug their shoulders and refuse to look at the data showing that these vaccines are the biggest scandal in medical history?

The deaths:

Dates of death: July 17, 18, 20.

Look at how close together the dates are! All three died in a 3 day period just days after they gave the 4th shot. All are young doctors. You can see from their pictures. All three at Trillium Health in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

No mention of the vaccination date or cause of death.

Just bad luck? Or related to the vaccine? What do you think?

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Scarf Lady now says she always knew the vaccines wouldn’t work… now go get vaxxed and boosted, you filthy prole.

Two years ago today: The one about the history of corona vaccines killing the patient

This was months before any vaccines were “approved.” And just bear in mind, every scientist and researcher in the field of viralogy knows all these facts. The failure of vaccines in this area is INFAMOUS, because not only do they NOT work, they have a tendency to harm, bigly.

Would you be surprised to learn that coronavirus vaccines have a tendency to kill the patient?

Originally posted

Imagine my shock to learn that there is a significant risk of worsened illness or higher mortality for vaccines for several past strains of coronavirus, including RSV, SARS, and feline coronavirus. The vaccines end up enhancing the infection by increasing the body’s uptake of the pathogen. It’s almost as if they picked a coronavirus on purpose. The following article is three months old, so bear that in mind, but all of the facts remain relevant. Full annotation at the source link.


As they race to devise a vaccine, researchers are trying to ensure that their candidates don’t spur a counterproductive, even dangerous, immune system reaction known as immune enhancement.

The teams of researchers scrambling to develop a coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine clearly face some big challenges, both scientific and logistical. One of the most pressing: understanding how the immune system interacts not only with the pathogen but with the vaccine itself—crucial insights when attempting to develop a safe and effective vaccine.

Researchers need to understand in particular whether the vaccine causes the same types of immune system malfunctions that have been observed in past vaccine development. Since the 1960s, tests of vaccine candidates for diseases such as dengue, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) have shown a paradoxical phenomenon: Some animals or people who received the vaccine and were later exposed to the virus developed more severe disease than those who had not been vaccinated (1). The vaccine-primed immune system, in certain cases, seemed to launch a shoddy response to the natural infection. “That is something we want to avoid,” says Kanta Subbarao, director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza in Melbourne, Australia.

This immune backfiring, or so-called immune enhancement, may manifest in different ways such as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), a process in which a virus leverages antibodies to aid infection; or cell-based enhancement, a category that includes allergic inflammation caused by Th2 immunopathology. In some cases, the enhancement processes might overlap. Scientific debate is underway as to which, if any, of these phenomena—for which exact mechanisms remain unclear—could be at play with the novel coronavirus and just how they might affect the success of vaccine candidates.

Some researchers argue that although ADE has received the most attention to date, it is less likely than the other immune enhancement pathways to cause a dysregulated response to COVID-19, given what is known about the epidemiology of the virus and its behavior in the human body. “There is the potential for ADE, but the bigger problem is probably Th2 immunopathology,” says Ralph Baric, an epidemiologist and expert in coronaviruses—named for the crown-shaped spike they use to enter human cells—at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In previous studies of SARS, aged mice were found to have particularly high risks of life-threatening Th2 immunopathology (2). Baric expresses his concern about what that might mean for use of a COVID-19 vaccine in elderly people. “Of course, the elderly are our most vulnerable population,” he adds.

Experts generally agree that animal experiments and human clinical trials of candidate vaccines for COVID-19, which is caused by the novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), should include a careful assessment of possible immune complications before releasing the vaccine to the public. If any of the mechanisms under investigation are indeed involved, they say, the resulting risks are real. “You really have to test a vaccine carefully,” says Marc Lipsitch, an epidemiologist at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health in Boston, MA, “and not just roll it out because people are clamoring for it with an epidemic underway.”

Upwards of 80% of patients who contract COVID-19 develop only mild flu-like symptoms. “The immune system fights off the virus and people might hardly notice,” says Darrell Ricke, a researcher with the MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s Bioengineering Systems and Technologies Group in Lexington, MA, who posted a preprint in March on the possible COVID-19 vaccine risks (3). “But there seems to be a tipping point: Some individuals appear equally healthy yet can progress to a more severe disease.”

Ricke points to ADE as a potential explanation for this variability. The phenomenon has been reported in some tissue culture and animal studies of HIV, influenza, and SARS. But it is best known for its influence on the immune response to the dengue virus. If a person is infected with one of dengue’s four serotypes, their immune system should confer lifelong protection against that serotype. But as researchers have discovered, if that person is later infected by a different dengue serotype, then they can develop a severe and potentially deadly illness. In fact, according to one study in the 1980s, more severe responses were found to be 15 to 80 times more likely in secondary dengue infections than in primary infections (4). Instead of the antibodies neutralizing encountered dengue viral proteins, they enhance uptake of the virus. The back end of the antibody binds to macrophages, a type of white blood cell, and helps the virus enter those cells and accelerate viral replication.

ADE has posed a similar challenge in the creation of vaccines for infections including dengue and a cat coronavirus, feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIPV). In one study, cats vaccinated against FIPV got sicker than cats left unvaccinated (5). Again, the virus-specific antibody increased the virus uptake by macrophages.

Barney Graham, deputy director of the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in Bethesda, MD, which is collaborating with the Cambridge, MA-based biotech Moderna on a COVID-19 vaccine candidate, also questioned the role of ADE… Graham emphasizes alternative ways in which a vaccine could potentially induce more serious COVID-19 infections: Th2 immunopathology, in which a faulty T cell response triggers allergic inflammation, and poorly functional antibodies that form immune complexes, activating the complement system and potentially damaging the airways.

Both processes were at play as an unfortunate situation unfolded in the 1960s, according to Graham. Researchers at the time were pursuing a vaccine against RSV, the leading cause of severe respiratory illness in infants. In trials of one vaccine candidate, several children who received the vaccine developed a serious illness when infected with the natural virus (7). Two toddlers died. In this case, researchers noticed severe damage and the unexpected presence of lots of neutrophils and eosinophils, both immune cells, in the children’s lung tissue. A similar inflammatory response was seen in animal models of RSV, in which cytokines, a type of immune cell, had invaded and damaged tissue.

“That really killed RSV vaccines for a generation,” says Peter Hotez, a vaccine researcher and dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX. After more than 50 years of further study, a candidate RSV vaccine is finally back in clinical trials.

When SARS, also a coronavirus, appeared in China and spread globally nearly two decades ago, Hotez was among researchers who began investigating a potential vaccine. In early tests of his candidate, he witnessed how immune cells of vaccinated animals attacked lung tissue, in much the same way that the RSV vaccine had resulted in immune cells attacking kids’ lungs.

Moderna’s mRNA vaccine candidate has progressed at unprecedented speed, thanks in large part to China’s January release of the genetic sequence of the virus. A phase 1 clinical trial began on March 16 in Seattle, WA. “We need to get some answers by next winter so we can at least be more prepared for the winter of 2021–2022,” adds Graham.

But immune enhancement concerns linger. Stanley Perlman, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, agrees that a good T cell response should sidestep enhancement concerns. He is also part of a special committee convened by the World Health Organization (WHO) to address immune enhancement, which they refer to as vaccine enhancement. The committee now aims to define what exactly this enhancement means, what the relevant issues are for a COVID-19 vaccine, and what to do with that information, notes Perlman. A subgroup of the committee is expected to produce a summary report within a few months.

Vaccine experts have underscored the need to avoid mistakes from the past, such as the halting of SARS vaccine development. More coronaviruses are likely waiting in wild bats, primates, and rodents, ready to make the jump to humans. “Ecological disruption really increases the odds that we might encounter a pathogen that we’ve never seen before but grows in us just fine,” says Rasmussen.

The Immaculata Church Project is picking up steam… still time for you to be part of this… hear the first testing of the newly cast bells!

June was our fundraising’s highest in the last 15 months gaining a new member of the Fr. Shyne League and raising a total of over $1 million.

“It is astounding how new and existing donors large and small continue to come forward to help in the work of building a home worthy of the Immaculata; and we certainly need that support now as we edge toward completion in the next eight months.

“It is also humbling to learn that some of the amounts estimated for costs outside the construction contract (vestments; altars and other marble; sacred vessels; linens; etc) were low which requires us to increase our cost estimate; these increased costs are included the remaining $2,380,000 we need to raise.  In our financial update next month, we will provide more insight into specifics of those costs and related fundraising.

“If you have not yet become a guild member or have not yet donated, we ask you to considering doing so using either our page for new donors or our page for existing donors.”

Our bells are now on their way across the sea from France to their destination here in the USA! Before being shipped, each bell was tested and tuned in order to make all five bells blend harmoniously. Here is an interesting excerpt quoted from the Paccard Foundry as they were testing our MARIA IMMACULATA (B♭2) and JOHN THE BAPTIST (D3) bells:

“I was walking in from the Museum and entered into the Foundry workshop, when Cyril and Corentin started the swinging. As soon as ‘Ioannes Baptista’ bell started ringing all our working craftsmen immediately stopped their tasks and came towards the large bell frame to see and hear the bell. ‘Maria Immaculata’ was moving back and forth but its swing was not yet far enough to have the bell ring ….”


U.S. funded Ukrainian deathlabs, already fully exposed back in February and ignored, now Russia has the receipts and is about to release the kraken

First, you need to get caught up. I mirrored several posts from Dilyana on this back in February, just weeks after the war started. Start with copies of the actual funding contracts executed between Ukrane and USA to set up the biolabs, all over Ukraine, but particularly along the Russian border:

The day before that, the US embassy in Ukraine deleted their entire bio-weapons lab database website:

Next, Dilyana has the receipts on live pathogen testing on humans. Nice:

Finally, after weeks of MSM claiming the biolab story was Russian misinformation, Victory Nuland admitted on March 8th in open testimony on the Senate floor that they were real, they were ours, and they needed to be protected:

Now you are up to speed. Now you know why Biden’s stolen WH is all-in for Ukraine. And now Russia knows too, and they also know that the release of pathogens was no accident. This is the sutff WWWIII is made of.

Everything below is from Jeff Childers of the CoffeeandCovid substack. Link at the end. More tomorrow.

The next story may possibly be the most significant news I’ve ever reported, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating. The news is that Deputy Chairwoman of the Russian State Duma (congress) Irina Yarovaya gave an update yesterday on Russia’s official investigation into US Biolabs in Ukraine.

What the Russians are saying isn’t pretty. And they claim to have a mountain of evidence. So far, the U.S. has not deigned to respond to any of the deadly serious allegations.

Remember that back in May, the Russians presented evidence to the U.N. Security Council arguing that the U.S. had been performing illegal bioweapons development — AND TESTING — in Ukraine, including accusing the last three Democrat administrations of working with George Soros, Bill Gates, and big pharma to break treaties, develop illegal weapons technology, release bioweapons into Ukraine, test the weapons on soldiers and mental patients, and — most significantly — infect the Russian people and crops.

Specifically, the Russians identified a surprising list of key individuals and groups alleged to have masterminded the conspiracy:

  • The *Democratic National Party*
  • *Barack Obama*
  • *Hilary Clinton*
  • *Joe Biden*
  • *George Soros*

I am not making that up. That’s what the Russians are saying. A remarkable diagram shows all the alleged players that goes far beyond those named above, and includes Pfizer, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and others.

The Russians accused the top Democrats of facilitating the illegal research for military purposes in league with big pharma, which was brought in whenever there were tests or leaks, to develop lucrative treatments for the new diseases. In return, argued the Russians, big pharma funneled massive campaign contributions back to Democrats, making a sinister and demonic viral feedback loop.

U.S. corporate media — which furiously leapt on the made-up Russiagate story and for weeks breathlessly reported unsubstantiated allegations against Brett Kavenaugh — completely ignored the Russians’ incredibly serious accusations, fully discounting them as “Russian misinformation” to the point it wasn’t even worth mentioning. The Biden Administration even tried to setup a “disinformation governance board” run by a former Zelensky aid, in an apparent effort to screw an even tighter lid onto the news.

Last week, the Russians announced they intend to release a comprehensive report about the U.S. biolabs program soon — before the midterms — and yesterday, as I said, Chairwoman Yarovaya gave a status update to the Russian Duma, or legislature.

🔥 Yarovaya began her comments yesterday as follows:

“As evidence today, the parliamentary commission may already present the facts that bio laboratories supervised by the Pentagon on the territory of Ukraine did not meet safety criteria. In the current mode of their activity, they posed and pose a colossal threat for citizens of Ukraine and for the whole world.

The facility was not only insecure. Despite the fact that they were working with dangerous viruses and pathogens, there was also a leak. It is quite likely that this explains the growth of epidemics in Ukraine.

But most likely, those who created these laboratories were interested in ensuring [they] were not adequately protected, not only for corruption, but also in order to carry out a live experiment; in this way, to monitor what the reaction from the population would be, what the mortality rate would be, what the consequences would be.”

In other words, the Russians are saying the U.S. has been INTENTIONALLY negligent. The idea would be that the U.S. could deliberately leak pathogens and then hide behind the excuse it was just an accident, because everybody knows the labs are so shoddy. Like when your kids manically swings his arms around acting crazy and then “accidentally” punches his younger brother in the nose. Sorry not sorry!

The Russians’ theory sounds bonkers until you consider Wuhan. Starting in 2018, the State Department published a series of reports about how the biolab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology was so insecure and poorly-run. And then nothing whatever was done about it. Then the covid virus “accidentally” leaked and broke the world. So those State Department reports were retrospectively super helpful, in diverting suspicion that the virus was purposefully leaked.

It was just an accident.

The Russians also alleged that the U.S. culprits are hiding behind “animal research;” further concealing their guilt by genetically grafting human infection capabilities onto existing animal viruses, so they can claim natural origins for the newly-developed bugs. Like with covid. Or monkeypox.

If true, it would explain all the “veterinary reasearch” biolabs the U.S. has been building in all these third-world countries that lack oversight or effective supervision and what regulators there are, will — well — look the other way under the right circumstances. And probably pretty cheaply.

Yarovaya said the result of all this intentional negligence has been “unforeseen situations all over the world.” She fingered the U.S. for the novel monkeypox outbreak. “Everything related to coronavirus, monkey pox, should be searched in the test tubes of American laboratories,” she said.

By a totally random coincidence, the very same Wuhan Institute of Virology where covid was developed was also experimenting with monkeypox:


🔥 Because the Russians are naming specific individuals, it is starting to look like the Russians plan to launch a Nuremberg-style international criminal complaint along the lines that so many Americans have been wishing for…

VIDEO: Jane Goodall explains to the WEF that all our problems will be solved once we reduce the human population by 90%

If only we could mandate a deathvaxx that was actual a sterilant!


National Catholic Register unwittingly spills the beans on why Benedict is still Pope: “Does one stay pope forever?”

“Does one stay pope forever? In practice, Benedict XVI distinguished between the munus and the officium, that is, between the function and the exercise of the function. Once elected pope, he remains pope forever. In a certain sense, Benedict XVI equated the election as pope with a further episcopal ordination. German theologian Karl Rahner, who emphasized that the power of order and the power of jurisdiction were indissociable, had come to consider the primacy conferred with the election as pope as the highest degree of the sacrament of orders. According to this criterion, the beginning of the pope’s Petrine ministry would represent a unique ordination.”

Once elected pope, he remains pope forever.

Listen up. It is extremely important to get this straight. Benedict is still pope, but NOT because that statement is true. Benedict is still pope because that statement is FALSE, but he thinks it is true.

This is error. Substantial Error. Pope Benedict doesn’t think it possible to really, truly resign. What he intended to resign was only the exercise of the function, the active governance, the ‘doing’ – not the ‘being.’ Which means his entire resignation was invalid, per the Substantial Error clause of Canon 188. It’s plain as day. Which means the conclave convoked by the Cardinals in March 2013 was invalid, and could only produce an antipope. The fact that Antipope Bergoglio is a raging heretic who obviously does not have the protection of the Petrine Promises is merely a confirming proofset of his invalid election. Bergoglio is, in fact, the easiest antipope to spot in the entire history of Church and Her 30 something antipopes in 2000 years.

Full NCRegister article HERE.

Commentary from Miss B. HERE.

Cardinal Burke, call your office.

African immigrant who firebombed Philly police car during mostly peaceful riots gets off with “time served”

PHILADELPHIA – The first of six people charged with setting fire to police vehicles in Philadelphia during the 2020 protests after the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police has been sentenced.

Ayoub Tabri, 25, was sentenced Monday to 364 days behind bars — less time than he’s already served in custody, and short enough to avoid triggering deportation proceedings for the Moroccan immigrant.

Lawyers for Tabri, of Arlington, Va., said the green card holder has been in the U.S. since he was 6 years old. A longer sentence, which he and the others faced under the original arson charges that carried a minimum sentence of seven years in prison, could have sent him (deported).

Former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain had vowed to pursue the harsher arson charges against the six people arrested. After he left office last year, federal prosecutors worked out plea deals with a handful of those defendants, including Tabri and Lore-Elizabeth Blumenthal. Still, prosecutors argued for a longer sentence in court Monday.

“The judge took into consideration the appropriate factors and imposed a just sentence,” Nancy MacEoin, a federal public defender representing Tabri, said Tuesday.

Attorney Paul Hetznecker declined to comment on the specifics of Blumenthal’s case, but said the shift in prosecution against defendants facing charges from the protests is important.

“This reflects an evolution in the thinking of prosecutors in the justice department about these cases and putting them in the appropriate context,” Hetznecker said. “These cases occurred at an important flashpoint in our history, and they should be viewed that way.”

Are covid vaccines the superspread vector for omicron? It’s really starting to look that way.

by el gato malo 5 hr ago 497likes 255 comments

i’ve spoken quite a lot about why leaky vaccines drive viral evolution to select for vaccine advantage. rolling out non-sterilizing vaccines is is terrible idea. it’s like only taking half your course of antibiotics and then wondering why MRSA is suddenly everywhere. it’s just a selector for resistance and advantage. the basic mechanism is really very simple: antigens that were recessive become dominant in order to evade the fixated immune response generated by an inoculant that did not work to stop colonization, carriage, and contagion.

this is the simple, predictable, and inevitable outcome of herd level antigenic fixation whereby most people are all locked into the same increasingly ineffective immune response and fail to generate new responses when faced with novel pathogens. this gets called OAS/hoskins effect.

it’s also how you get a throwback variant like omicron which did not descend from delta but looks to be a second serotype whose last common ancestor with D was pre-alpha. it was a going nowhere failed mutation that lacked evolutionary fitness. but then the world changed and vaccines selected for omicron. it’s just simple evo pressure that works like this.

and it looks to be intensifying rapidly. since the emergence of omicron and especially of some of its later sub-variants, particularly the BA series, there has been dramatic change in viral behavior.

we saw the canary in the covid mine in the UK where risk rates were blowing out and even as they switched to “3 dose boosted” to measure relative effect, the fact that risk rates were not only higher in the vaxxed than unvaxxed, but rising fast over time became unavoidable.

covid was already vaccine advantaged, but was rapidly becoming more and more so. full data HERE.

notoriously, this led the UK to discontinue reporting of this series. it appeared they suddenly did not want to talk about this anymore. but it’s cropping up everywhere.

it can now be seen in UK all cause deaths data.

we also saw it in some US hospitalization data.

and in the data from israel.

this set me to wondering where else we might test this theory that “more injection = more infection,” especially with new variants.

the timeframe for investigation was easy to pin down so we have the makings of a testable hypothesis:

if these variants are more vaxx enabled, we’ll see more rise in prevalence in places of high vaccination.

if this prevalence is swamping the lower virulence of the variant, we will also see a rise in severe outcomes (because 4X cases at 1/2 severity is still 2X the number of severe outcomes)

so here we go:

i reached out to longtime gatopal™ and noted datahawk ben to get a look at some US data that he is far better at automating and slicing than i.

the results were extremely provocative…