The Immaculata Church Project is picking up steam… still time for you to be part of this… hear the first testing of the newly cast bells!

June was our fundraising’s highest in the last 15 months gaining a new member of the Fr. Shyne League and raising a total of over $1 million.

“It is astounding how new and existing donors large and small continue to come forward to help in the work of building a home worthy of the Immaculata; and we certainly need that support now as we edge toward completion in the next eight months.

“It is also humbling to learn that some of the amounts estimated for costs outside the construction contract (vestments; altars and other marble; sacred vessels; linens; etc) were low which requires us to increase our cost estimate; these increased costs are included the remaining $2,380,000 we need to raise.  In our financial update next month, we will provide more insight into specifics of those costs and related fundraising.

“If you have not yet become a guild member or have not yet donated, we ask you to considering doing so using either our page for new donors or our page for existing donors.”

Our bells are now on their way across the sea from France to their destination here in the USA! Before being shipped, each bell was tested and tuned in order to make all five bells blend harmoniously. Here is an interesting excerpt quoted from the Paccard Foundry as they were testing our MARIA IMMACULATA (B♭2) and JOHN THE BAPTIST (D3) bells:

“I was walking in from the Museum and entered into the Foundry workshop, when Cyril and Corentin started the swinging. As soon as ‘Ioannes Baptista’ bell started ringing all our working craftsmen immediately stopped their tasks and came towards the large bell frame to see and hear the bell. ‘Maria Immaculata’ was moving back and forth but its swing was not yet far enough to have the bell ring ….”


6 thoughts on “The Immaculata Church Project is picking up steam… still time for you to be part of this… hear the first testing of the newly cast bells!”

  1. That project gives me hope.
    In 100 years, 2122, I think that Church will still be active, and most likely bursting at the seams with young children joyful leaving the TLM with their parents.
    I think in 100 years my own Parish will be closed and falling into ruins. At age 36 I’m the youngest person at Mass by three decades or more.

    1. What cupich is doing in Chicago is a big test for the ICK and the greater Ecclesiae Dei. If they succumb, using an en effeminate obedience excuse, I predict we will soon be in a situation where the SSPX will be the remnant Church and the dioceses will be extensions of the antichurch. I have been visiting what is considered to be one of the more conservative dioceses in the US and I’m seeing some very disturbing developments.

  2. I love SSPX as that is where I found the Traditional Latin Mass that I experienced for the first three and a half years of my life (but had no memory of), and then for the last three and a half years with SSPX and then a Diocesan “indult” Mass.
    What I really cannot understand or accept is how and why they – in my very limited experience:
    1. recognise Bergoglio as Pope and
    2. reserve far more criticism for Pope Benedict XVI than for Bergoglio
    3. repeat much of the twisted “logic” of WEF and Bergoglio regarding the morality of Covid-19 “vaccines”.
    There is something very sinister going on there.

    1. As an SSPX chapel attendee, I am often disturbed by some of the “guidance “ that comes from the top down, but have found that many of the priests do not fall in line with it at times, and often disagree with the leadership in some cases. I believe the priests are trying to do what is right sacramentally
      ( if that is a word?).

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