NYC Mayor Fires 1752 Employees for Not Getting Jabbed

By Lorenz Duchamps

The office of New York Mayor Eric Adamsannounced on July 23 that more than 200 city workers were fired for failing to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The latest additions bring the total number of terminations in the city to 1,752 as of July 13, a spokesman for Adams’s office told the New York Post. He declined to provide a list of departments where the jobs were cut.

Some 64 percent of the employees who were fired in February worked for the Department of Education, while 101 workers were fired from the New York City Housing Authority, 75 from the Department of Correction, 40 from the Department of Sanitation, and 36 from the New York Police Department.

In March, Adams became the subject of criticism for exempting athletes and performers not based in New York from the mandate, while keeping the rule in place for private and public workers.

“This exemption sends the wrong message that higher-paid workers and celebrities are being valued as more important than our devoted civil servants, which I reject,” New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams said, questioning the Democratic mayor’s decision.

New York had some of the most restrictive mandates in the country, requiring almost all employees in various government agencies to be vaccinated and requiring private employers to ensure that their workers were vaccinated as well.

2 thoughts on “NYC Mayor Fires 1752 Employees for Not Getting Jabbed”

  1. If anyone reading this is in NYC. Get. The. Hell. Out! At this point, those of us living in large, blue cities should probably consider leaving (yes, that includes me). That said: some places are definitely going to either be rightfully destroyed in an imminent chastisement or will become hell-on-earth due to the rotting of our culture and the effeminacy of authority.
    Washington DC – Come on folks. This is the world’s first city, born completely out of freemasonry. Do you really think God can and will allow a city that’s a middle finger to Him survive to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart?
    Las Vegas NV – They don’t call it sin city just to be cute. Get. The. Hell. Out.
    San Francisco CA – Mecca of the sodomites. This city is so far gone, Sodom back in the days of Genesis looks like Mayberry by comparison.
    Los Angeles CA – Name one good thing that Hollywood has brought to the world? Hollywood is the cancerous tumor that has metastasized for too long. It must be dealt with.

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