African immigrant who firebombed Philly police car during mostly peaceful riots gets off with “time served”

PHILADELPHIA – The first of six people charged with setting fire to police vehicles in Philadelphia during the 2020 protests after the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police has been sentenced.

Ayoub Tabri, 25, was sentenced Monday to 364 days behind bars — less time than he’s already served in custody, and short enough to avoid triggering deportation proceedings for the Moroccan immigrant.

Lawyers for Tabri, of Arlington, Va., said the green card holder has been in the U.S. since he was 6 years old. A longer sentence, which he and the others faced under the original arson charges that carried a minimum sentence of seven years in prison, could have sent him (deported).

Former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain had vowed to pursue the harsher arson charges against the six people arrested. After he left office last year, federal prosecutors worked out plea deals with a handful of those defendants, including Tabri and Lore-Elizabeth Blumenthal. Still, prosecutors argued for a longer sentence in court Monday.

“The judge took into consideration the appropriate factors and imposed a just sentence,” Nancy MacEoin, a federal public defender representing Tabri, said Tuesday.

Attorney Paul Hetznecker declined to comment on the specifics of Blumenthal’s case, but said the shift in prosecution against defendants facing charges from the protests is important.

“This reflects an evolution in the thinking of prosecutors in the justice department about these cases and putting them in the appropriate context,” Hetznecker said. “These cases occurred at an important flashpoint in our history, and they should be viewed that way.”

8 thoughts on “African immigrant who firebombed Philly police car during mostly peaceful riots gets off with “time served””

  1. This isn’t John Valjean stealing a loaf of bread due to extreme hunger. This is anarchy, intimidation and a threat to societal safety and values. As the old expression goes, they should have been thrown under the jail.

  2. Everything is upside down. Church. World governments. And it didn’t just start with demon worshipping at St. Peter’s… simply accelerated it.
    Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for us.

    1. Deborah
      Arson is one thing, but putting your feet up on a senator’s desk and taking selfies is downright unacceptable!

  3. If you haven’t figured it out, demons are running the world, and the people at the top are more than happy to worship them, and laugh at you when people call you crazy for pointing it out.
    Sad to say, the man which nearly everyone in the Church would rather die than question whether or not he is Pope, openly worshiped a demon too.
    That’s the only explanation that makes any sense for such insanity.

  4. Antipopes Matter. It’s not insanity. It’s sober evil, with premeditated malice aforethought.
    Cardinal Bergoglio, stage name Francis (Antipope), on Pentecost attacked the Holy Ghost, calling Him the source of division. Ponder that, my friends. Division is good, you see, because as Jorge assures us division is really just another word for harmony.
    The Holy Ghost is also the source of disorder.
    That’s the heresy du jour for Jorge on Pentecost.
    As his goal is to gut and completely destroy the Church, his ancillary goal is to gut civil society, making it a Hell on earth.
    Many people have already died due to the policy pursued by The False Pope. For example, the Covid vaxxed and dead. You will recall that it was Antipope Francis who collapsed the resistance of the entire Catholic World to the Covid Narrative, and relentlessly pushed the so-called vaccines, even depriving Catholics of any religious exemption to the abortion-tainted experimental genetic tampering drugs. People died, and Bergoglio was glad.
    Bear in mind, Bergoglio had two secret meetings with Alberto Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, in 2021 where I do not doubt he received assurance of a large bribe–I reckon $2 billion sounds about right–for his cooperation and co-optation.
    Similarly, look at all the Chinese Catholics, dead, our brothers in the Faith hung out to dry and betrayed for . . . $2 billion a year. It’s a twofer for the Antipope: (1) destroy the Church in China without having to lift a finger; and (2) great deal for the treasury of Antipope Francis and the vampiric Parolin.
    Antipopes have consequences. Those consequences we are witnessing on a historic scale this very day.
    The problem is not so much that is an anti-pope. The church has had 39 anti-popes before, and weathered them all. The problem is that he is an anti-pope hell-bent on the destruction of the Catholic Church, which is a first in History.
    Bergoglio wants you dead, and your soul dead, and he wants you in Hell. Destroy the Church, destroy the Sacraments, destroy man’s path to Heaven. Hence Bergoglio’s early and constant focus on destroying the priesthood (by seeking men in the McCarrick mold, which is Bergoglio’s party, btw). Hence his venomous hatred of the Old Latin Mass (and its adherents, but hey, he hates everybody).
    And along the way if Antipope Francis can create a Hell on earth, all the better. Hence his alliance with the WEF and the great resetters.
    But the Church shall stand. And the Immaculate Heart will triumph.
    But please, basta on talk of “Pope” Francis. He is no pope. He must be called out for what he is, the first anti-pope in history hell-bent on destroying the Church of Christ.
    That is the first step toward recovery and defense of God’s Creation.
    C. P. Benischek
    New York, N. Y.
    P. S. Demons aren’t running everything. Grace is everywhere. The Sacraments abound. The Rosary has special power in these days. Pray, use it.
    (But don’t believe me, believe Sr. Lucy Dossantos of Fatima [the true one]: )

    1. Matthew 12:32, Mark 3:25 and Luke 12:10, all these verses talk of how forgiveness is impossible for sins against the Holy Ghost. Jorge is in for it.

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