Catalonia and Convergence: Is the pace of events getting your attention?

The Catalonia situation is not going to end well. If you haven’t been following this, you need to.  Today the Catalan parliament voted overwhelmingly for independence, and declared Catalonia a free republic. This move and the sentiment that caused it are very much akin to Brexit and MAGA. Later in the day, Madrid moved to crush the movement by dissolving the Catalan parliament and exerting, for now, direct rule on the region.  That should go over well, don’t you think? It will be very interesting how this plays out, given that it goes without saying the EU and all the globalists, including inside the Church, will want to crush the rebellion. This also has NATO implications.
In Rome, Summer is over and the silly season is about to begin. There is a distinct feeling of imminent doom, as we march headlong toward schism. You need to be spending a lot of time in prayer, all three kinds.  But also set aside some time to meditate on the coming storm, and what it might look like as it unfolds in your country, your diocese, your parish. You probably haven’t given nearly enough thought to what it’s going to be like when you are forced out of the “Visible Church”. You do realize, barring some supernatural intervention, this schism is coming with 100% metaphysical certitude. In fact it is already upon us, it’s just that the real purge has yet to begin.  When it does, they won’t allow one square inch of “dissent” to remain. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you can start envisioning scenarios and developing your plan.
Back in the States, we learned again this week that we really have no idea the extent of Deep State, because it constantly shows itself to be deeper than we could imagine. Russia/DOJ/FBI/Clinton/Obama bombshell revelations, which have been covered by the MSM exactly zero minutes and zero seconds. We must never forget that we really do need to rely on supernatural help not only in spiritual warfare, but also in this earthly fight, because their immoral tactics know no bounds.  We are in a pitched battle in which we have a rule book, but they don’t. And never forget that deep down, the other side really truly thinks they are doing the “right” thing. As I have stressed over and over, if you live in flyover country, and have never lived in the northeast corridor or the west coast, it’s hard to convey just how depraved these people can be, AND PROUD OF IT.
Tantumblogo over at Dallas Area Catholics writes brilliantly about it today HERE.

If you want to figure out what evils, what dirty tricks, what law-breaking the DNC and the Left generally are most involved in, most committed to, and which they feel is both one of their most powerful tools of malfeasance as well as one of the greatest dangers to their position of power, just look at what they accuse the other side of.
And it’s not just this fake (and frankly stupid, and disgusting) dossier contrived by a deep state apparatchik – it’s also things like the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the emerging masses of reports indicating that many leftist men, who constantly reproach normal men for their “toxic masculinity” and hateful, antiquated views towards women, are, in fact, serial rapists and abusers of women themselves.  Sargon apparently has a massive expose coming on this subject this weekend.
The three, invariable rules: leftists always lie, leftists always project, leftists always double down.
Now that the “Russian collusion” meme has been shown to be a massive conspiracy and illegality engaged in by the DNC, Hillary campaign, Deep State apparatchiks, and their media leftist running dog lackeys, it is suddenly to be flushed down the memory hole.
But in future, always remember, the very accusations themselves are a total giveaway of the evils the Left is wholly immersed in.
I felt this “Trump pee-party dossier” thing was a massive redirect and information op from the beginning.  And indeed, that’s finally, painfully slowly, what has been revealed.
How deep this goes is anyone’s guess.  It is already known the Obama administration, through its wholly corrupt and politicized Eric Holder/Loretta Lynch InJustice Department, is knee deep in this scandal.  How far up the chain of command involvement goes is easy to guess by how furiously the Dems are trying to prevent further investigation of not only Fusion GPS, but also the very strange scandal of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’ muslim former IT admin, who happened to abscond with several terabytes of classified data from now totally wiped computer hard drives.  The dems have been using all their power to keep that data from being subpoenaed………why?  What will it show?  Will it show, for instance, Obama’s direct involvement in the 2016 presidential election and deep corruption/collusion with the Russian government?

Great stuff. He goes on to explain the sexular pagan agenda and why it’s all tied together. Everything is connected.

…This Deep State/Leftist penetration of power and solidification began under Clinton, became entrenched under the (laughably inept and tone deaf) Bush 43 (thanks for giving your stalwart supporters a great big middle finger the other day, we sure appreciate it!  Guess we know where your loyalties lie.  Skull n Bones take care of their own, no?), and reached apotheosis under Obama.  I don’t know whether it is even possible at this point to deconstruct it.
Back to the rampant sexual abuse on the Left, up to and including massive pedophilia rings in their centers of power (just HOW many times did Clinton dump the Secret Service and fly to pedophile island?), Corey Feldman threatened to start naming names in Hollywood, and all of a sudden he gets slapped with a marijuana possession charge.  In CALIFORNIA?!?
The scandals are coming so thick and fast they are overwhelming, as, indeed, they are intended to be.  Scandals 10 times the importance and scope of Watergate pass by almost daily now, with the bought-n-paid for corporate/Deep State media telling us “nothing to see here.”  Or simply refusing to cover this at all.

The pace of events, indeed.

…This is what comes from an “elite” that rejects God and Our Savior Jesus Christ.  Pagan societies always devolve into endless self-aggrandizement, corruption, and wholesale ineffectiveness/incompetence.  People devoid of any sense of a law greater than themselves feel zero compunction over robbing citizens blind, colluding with deadly enemies, raping little children and forever destroying their sacred innocence, or the wholesale slaughter of very nearly 1 in 3 babies conceived in this nation over the past 44 years.  Indeed, the last point is the most telling – abortion has brought a curse down upon America, and, most particularly, on those “elites” who have done the most to keep it legal and the blood sacrifices to satan flowing.

And of course, the Church plays into this too, in a huge way.

…Incredibly, historically, philosophically, theologically, and historically speaking, the Church has played a huge role in the ascendance of sexular paganism among the cultural elites. By surrendering all the firm dictates and sublime, impervious moral and theological aspects of the “bad old faith” (e.g., “razing the bastions”), Church leadership not only left the Church open to further penetration by the forces of sexular paganism, but gave many wavering souls both perfect cover, and the perfect excuse, to make the final, irrevocable choice between God and Mammon.  By utterly neutering the Church’s unique power and voice, that leadership – some of which consisted of double agents of Mammon, but much of which were simply men to weak to resist – the choice of God or Mammon was made elementary, obvious for millions of lost souls, especially those with great ambitions and access to all the “delights” of power, money, and renown the world can offer.

I really want to cut and paste the whole thing… You can really tell when the stream of consciousness is just flying out of someone’s fingers onto the keyboard. I bet he wrote this in ten minutes. PLEASE click the link and go read it all.
Did I mention it’s the 100th Anniversary of Fatima and the Communist Revolution in Russia? And the 500th of the Lutheran heresy? Just sayin’.

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  1. abortion has brought a curse down upon America, and, most particularly, on those “elites” who have done the most to keep it legal and the blood sacrifices to satan flowing
    While no doubt the elites deserve whatever is coming to them, I still haven’t quite seen them suffer the consequences. Hillary is still roaming around free and with plenty of cash on hand (I know, even if they never suffer the consequences in this world, it is nothing compared to what they will pay in the world to come).

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