On church shootings: How to inform your pastor of our sacred duty to protect ourselves and our families

Yes, it’s not just a God given right, it’s a sacred duty.  It’s biblical.
I’ve already reblogged the post once, but in case you’ve yet to read it, go HERE The beginning is a little dated, as it was written during the chaos in the immediate aftermath of the election, but the core lesson is solid, and comes to us from the very lips of our Lord and Savior. Please click on the link to learn how and why Jesus Christ commands you to arm yourself.
If your church has “no weapons” signs posted outside, now is the time to explain to your pastor how dangerous this is. The events in Texas are a foretaste. Churches will become more numerous targets, as the world descends further on its trajectory. Priests who remain faithful and preach the truth will become targets, which makes the laity targets as well.
Write to your pastor and explain this. Following is a sample letter you can use. Laws are different in every state, this example is for Arizona. Both concealed and open carry are legal here, with or without a permit, but entities can erect and enforce “no weapons” policies on private property with proper signage. Learn well the laws where you live.

Dear Father,

The events in Texas prompt me to engage you on the topic of the “no weapons” signs posted at the entrances of the church. Please hear me out. I’m attaching a link which explains well the obligation we have to protect ourselves and our families from corporeal threats. This is not only a God-given right, but a sacred duty. It’s not optional.
Criminals do not obey signs. In fact, these signs make our church, and you, more prone to attack, because the criminal knows that law abiding citizens do obey signs, and the sitting ducks inside the building have all been disarmed. The signs literally make the church a more dangerous place. To make matters worse, no additional security whatsoever has been provided as a countermeasure to the increased threat level caused by the signs.
Your continued valiant preaching of the hard truths also puts you and us at greater risk. It’s hardly unimaginable for someone with rage in their heart after a particularly uncomfortable sermon pricks a guilty conscience to want to teach this judgy priest a thing or two. We both know the hard truths will continue to be taught, so we ought to be prepared for the worst.
The current situation at the church leaves the laity with three horrible choices:
1. Neglect our sacred duty and attend Mass unarmed
2. Obey our sacred duty and break the law
3. Attend Mass elsewhere
I recommend adopting the policy of Mater Misericordiea in Phoenix, after the tragic murder of Father Walker. They have no signs forbidding concealed carry, plus they have added armed security. I’d be willing to bet that place is more secure than a police station.
Father, I beg you to remove these signs. The brilliance of concealed carry is that an assailant has no idea who is armed and who is not, and therefore must assume everyone is carrying. It is a huge deterrence to violence. The signs are an invitation to violence. We have enough hard choices to make in life.  This shouldn’t be one of them.

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