I have some troublesome “cherished beliefs” I need to share with Cardinal Archheretic Cupich

“It is our job to take up that discernment. It takes time. It involves discipline. Most importantly it requires that we be prepared to let go of cherished beliefs and long-held biases,” said the Archbishop of Chicago in a talk to the Catholic Theological Union published on YouTube October 27. HERE

Dear Blase, may I share with you a particular cherished belief that I’m most definitely not prepared to let go of?
Oh, does it seem wrong to “cherish” the thought of Hell? Nope, think again.  Hell is real. It’s never wrong to love the eternal truths. It’s never wrong to proclaim the Truth. You are obliged to do this. Knowledge of Hell is a great, great blessing. In fact, desiring Heaven solely out of a fear of Hell is good enough to get you there. It’s called Imperfect Contrition.
Cardinal Cupich is a lying heretic who needs to know he will spend all eternity in Hell for leading countless souls astray, and every one of those souls will rage against him personally face to face forever. He needs to repent and renounce of his heresy. He needs to know that there is no way to trick God by discerning, encountering, or attempting to abrogate God’s laws out of faux mercy.
I’ve been praying quite a bit on the Four Last Things. This topic has come at me from several different vectors of late. That’s usually a pretty good sign to sit up and pay attention. In particular, meditating on Hell and developing a deeply terrifying fear of it can be a most helpful exercise. It is an important step in growing our love for God, and wanting never to offend him. But for most of modernist, humanist, secularist western society, the Four Last Things have tragically become the Two Last Things. There are two versions, both as vacuous as they are ubiquitous:
First version: Death, Nothing. This group is split between the exploding number of atheists, and believers who think there might be a Heaven but no way could there be a Hell because mercy. Those who don’t make it to Heaven are just snuffed out… Soul annihilation. For a solid tracing of where this mindset must lead, using rational, linear thinking, go visit Ann Barnhardt, who nails it as usual HERE. 
Second version: Death, Heaven. For most nominal believers, that’s it. It makes no difference how the person lived their lives nor the circumstances of their death, nor really anything, unless they were literally Hitler. I’ve seen a lot of this even in Catholic circles, because of course nobody knows the faith. Yet suddenly when a “nice” person dies unexpectedly, of course he or she goes to meet God right away.  Julie at Connecticut Catholic Corner has a few words about this HERE.
Both versions reek, in different ways, of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. If you want to understand just how far 95% of “Christianity” has gone astray, get to know MTD. The five core dogmas of MTD are:

  1. God exists and He created the world
  2. God wants people to be nice to each other
  3. God wants everyone to feel happy and good about themselves
  4. God doesn’t need to be involved in our daily lives, unless there is a problem and we need Him
  5. Good people go to heaven when they die

It is not an exaggeration to say that hundreds of millions of people today think MTD is the central message of Christianity, which could not possibly be farther from the truth. I am linking here to a site that unfortunately contains quite a bit of anti-Catholic bigotry, but the page I’m sending you to is the best visual representation of MTD I’ve been able to find. Please go take a look. It’s a page that describes hundreds of people I know, both “Catholic” and not. Please go HERE.
This is what happens when you abandon “cherished beliefs”. Pretty soon, not only is your religion hollowed out, it actually turns into the opposite of what it was meant to be. You must call this out, and warn others about it. God’s laws don’t change, because God never changes, because God was always perfect, and you can’t change perfect into something more perfecter.
Let’s get back to Heaven and Hell. God created us to know, love, and serve Him in this life, so that we might be happy with Him forever in the next. He shared with us through the revealed truths what makes him happy and what hurts him. If we love someone, we try to do those things that make them happy, and avoid those things that hurt them. Sometimes we fail, and we need to be sorry for that and seek forgiveness. Striving to live an authentic Christian life is founded on these concepts. Building your “personal relationship” with the Triune Godhead is based on renouncing your sin AS A SIGN OF YOUR LOVE. Once you start thinking about it this way — that your actual sins are in fact personally injurious to God — you’ll start putting a whole lot more “discernment” into those bad decisions.
Hell was first created as a result of Lucifer’s refusal to serve God, when God revealed the entire plan of salvation to all the angels. Lucifer, likely the most glorious, beautiful, and intellectually superior angel created by God, was so disgusted, so enraged, so filled with sinful pride, that he just couldn’t accept the plan. This beautiful angel refused to accept that almighty God would lower Himself to take on flesh, homo factus est, and immolate Himself to redeem humanity. We might imagine that the icing on the cake was being told that God would not only become man, but be born of a woman, the spotless Virgin, and that this woman would in turn become Queen of the Universe. You can imagine the total throw down hissy fit Lucifer had upon learning that he had a female human monarch over him. So he issued his Non Serviam, and fully one third of the angels followed him in their rebellion, and were cast out. The other two-thirds chose wisely and were granted the Beatific Vision.
If you truly want to grow in your spiritual life, in your love of God, through a terrifying fear of Hell, think about this: If one-third of the angels willingly chose to reject the will of God, and were cast into Hell because of it, what percentage of the human race do you think ends up there? These angels, with soaring intellects orders of magnitude greater than ours, pure spirit, with no temptations of the flesh, the most beautiful and gifted creatures ever created by God… if 33% of these angels each individually chose to reject God to His face, what chance do we have?  Yeah, I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess a frighteningly large majority of the human race ends up in Hell. God’s justice is perfect, and the percentages aren’t good. Hammer this fact into your brain until it starts to pop up every time you are in the near occasion of sin.
We must instruct others on the reality of Hell. We must never desire anyone to go there. We must work and pray for the salvation of all souls. But Hell exists, it’s not empty, and people are falling into it every day.
Discern that, Blase.

“Then he shall say to them also that shall be on his left hand: Depart from me, you cursed, into everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels.” Matt 25:41

10 thoughts on “I have some troublesome “cherished beliefs” I need to share with Cardinal Archheretic Cupich”

  1. This is SOOO spot on!! The poor poor Catholics who are now more Protestant than Catholic thanks to the heresy and ‘Protestantism’ that is so overwhelmingly rampant in the Church of Christ have no clue about the REALITY of hell. Seriously, I have not heard a sermon about the 4 last things at ANY Catholic Church I’ve been a part of since Vatican ll. If the laity are falling into hell like snow flakes (according to the Blessed Mother) can you even imagine what’s happening to our Priests and Bishops after death?? There may be a few that have made it, but I would say VERY few. And you are correct….the ‘MTD’s really don’t believe in hell except for the ‘Hitler’ types. We desperately need our clerics to start preaching a little bit of ‘fire and brimstone’. But, not sure that’s going to happen, even THEY have bought the lie!

  2. Cupich and his ilk spew their feel-good propaganda to the self-satisfied multitude…giving them what they want to hear (when God is thoroughly angry with His people He permits bad priests to lead them). The institutional church and too many of her priests are aligning with secular values and it frightens me that so few priests care about the salvation of souls.
    Several years ago I started my personal journey of repentance, and I prayed for God to show me the state of my soul and in His mercy He graced me with a frightening vision that jolted me out of my spiritual complacency. That experience spurred me to pray for God to show me His Truth, and also to pray to know His Will and to do His Will. Since that time I try (with great difficulty) to model my behavior on the Blessed Virgin Mary, because she is the example of perfect virtue that He wants us to emulate.
    Everyone needs to pray their rosary daily and if possible do so with your family. Pray for the conversion of sinners and don’t forget to pray for the souls in Purgatory. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us!

  3. One more thought…the Pope and Bishops do not have the authority to change Christ’s doctrine or the traditions of the Church (as St. Paul said hold fast to the traditions). They are Christ’s stewards and have been entrusted with the preservation and teaching of doctrine. In this regard Cupich is placing himself above Christ.

  4. Such a good reminder….will share this with many, and revisit it often.
    Wish you’d wrote more….I look forward to your’s and Ann’s writings like rain in the midst of a decade’s-long drought. God bless you!

  5. Yes, BC, when Cupich is given the ‘Cardinal Bernadin’ award, you KNOW what he is all about, and it’s NOT Catholicism! May God have MERCY on us poor sinners, and provide us with even a few good Priests to guide us!!

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