Dubia first anniversary

Today marks the one year anniversary of the publishing of the Four Candinal’s “dubia” concerning Chapter Eight of Amoris Laetitia, two months after it was delivered to antipope Bergoglio.
The dubia are brilliantly written, and they follow a longstanding tradition in the Church when Rome issues a directive which raises questions in its interpretation. The ones we have in front of us, due to the wretched heresy contained in Chapter Eight, put Bergoglio in an impossible position, which is why he has refused to answer.
The dubia are important, as this is the only public challenge, by men with any standing to actually do something about it, to the public heresy of the man who is acknowledged by these same men to be the current pontiff, and the verbiage is precise and damning. On the other hand, the dubia are meaningless, because the premise is false, because Bergoglio is an antipope who usurped the throne invalidly due to the failed partial abdication of Pope Benedict XVI, who is still the one and only living pope. Which means Amoris Laetitia never really happened, nor did any of the other bogus “papal” documents, like the one about the backyard barbeque being mortal sin HERE. None of the hundreds of heretical and/or blasphemous mutterings of the despicable Argentine have any impact on the magisterial or pastoral teaching of the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church, because he is not now, never was, and never shall be pope. Thanks be to God.
So my prayer today is that the world be awakened to the true situation in Rome, but also for the two remaining dubia cardinals to get on with it, with whatever the final correction is going to look like.

5 thoughts on “Dubia first anniversary”

  1. Let’s see, Fr. Weinandy has a letter criticizing AL go public, and in a matter of days, if not mere hours, he gets sacked. The Dubia brothers issue a dubia to PF and, over a year later, nada. If only the remaining dubia brothers could act as swiftly as some of their fellow Cardinals for things that mattered to them.

  2. Daniel Larson points out on his War Against Being blog a very good point about the true root of AL’s heretical content – it pits God’s perfect Justice against God’s infinite Mercy, essentially teaching that His Mercy overrides His Justice. This logically leads to universal salvation (either all are saved, or those who are not are annihilated) and the basically Lutheran heresy of sin boldly and trust in God’s mercy (i.e., once saved, always saved). Sadly, this Mercy over Justice thing is not just Bergoglio’s invention, but Benedict appears to have pushed it as well, albeit with more subtlety.

    1. This is absolutely correct. Why would God warn us over and over about the reality of Hell, if His infinite mercy precluded anyone from going there? You have to detach your brain from reality and logic to “think” this way.

  3. Oh believe me docmx001, their brains are detached from reality alright, from the black sludge they are swimming in due to the sins of heresy and apostasy. Their brains are so black at this point, they literally cannot think with any kind of ‘logic’.

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