Demons in the combox: Timely reminder of the satanic “logic” to be used at the upcoming sinnod

The comment below was originally posted , a few months after the pachamama demon enthronement at St. Peter’s in Rome, and just as coronadoom was all the rage in Italy, soon to be executed in your neighborhood. You need to prepare yourself for how bad this October synod is going to be. Kissy Tucho is doing his best to explain it to you. Do not be scandalized out of the Church. These people have zero legitimate authority. Go to Mass and pray the Rosary. If you know what’s what, that an apostate antipope is squatting on the Chair, speak up. Fraternal charity demands it.

Demons in the combox: “The joys, blessings, and power” of Pachamama


Trust me, you do NOT want to “discover the joys, the blessings and the power of the Spirit” of Pachamama.

Pro tip: If anyone, especially a priest, suggests to you that the truth can only be found by following a “spirit” that guides us BEYOND what we know to be “true, sacred, and holy,” then you are dealing with someone undergoing a preternatural disturbance. This is Teilhard’s demonic dream where creation, cosmos, and consciousness go forward together toward new mo’ better troofs, if only we are brave enough to set aside our fears and embrace the “spirit.”

They aren’t more enlightened than you are. They aren’t in possession of some acquired knowledge, blossoming as the fruit of docility to the “spirit.” Friends, the fullness of truth is already in front of you in the Deposit of Faith. It doesn’t change, because God never changes, hello Malachi 3:6. It doesn’t “go forward, always forward.” Anything contrary to this is satanic, and it’s only going to get worse. The lies will always be interwoven with truths like, “God is bigger than all of us.” Arm yourself.

May I suggest this little primer… it’s 59 pages that will change the way you look at everything, and it’s $3.16. HERE

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7 thoughts on “Demons in the combox: Timely reminder of the satanic “logic” to be used at the upcoming sinnod”

  1. Terrific warning so needed for our time. The reality of demonic or satanic apostasy coming from the Vatican probably won’t catch protestants unaware…but it will some Catholics…maybe many. Will faithful priests and bishops warn the flock? Will professional Catholic pundits? Book authors? Catholic networks? You know mother Angelica would. We’ll see….won’t we.

    1. Why do you say it won’t catch protestants unaware? They have been unaware since 1517. Most believe the Church is wrong, which is a blasphemy and many believe it is the whore of babylon, that it has always been the seat of the anti Christ.

      When Jesus comes they might get very surprised at where they end up.

  2. ANYONE who thinks they cannot be fooled by AC is already in a position to be fooled, imo. But yes, Protestants are already fooled and it would seem to me are in a very bad position right out the gate.

    I have the book you recommended Mark. Bought it a couple years before becoming sede and now find it strange that Angelus Press aka SSPX would publish a book on discerning spirits when they don’t seem able to publicly discern what spirit Bergoglio is led by. Same applies to the Indults. I guess truth is stranger than fiction.

    Looking into SVism forced me to look into the R&R position more closely. As a former Protestant, I could see how insipid and destructive the position was. Note: they never use ecclesiology to defend their position, only emotion. Also, there is interesting info regarding Abp. Lefebvre possibly being a FM, which helps to point to why SSPX can’t see what ’22 and ’58 sedes clearly see.

    Interesting times for sure. But I would caution anyone who thinks they can’t be fooled by AC. He’ll be helped and guided by an angel crying out loud.

      1. Here’s a very lengthy letter that I have not yet finished. I’m told the last 1/3 or 1/4 is the most pertinent, but I don’t want to skip ahead, so haven’t read it yet. It’s from Fr. Barbara, I believe he was the very first priest Lefebvre ordained for the Society.

        Here’s one from

        If you go to their site and search Lefebvre there are a lot more than just this one. They *seem* to be quite fair, as they also publish letters/anecdotes from those who defend the archbishop. But please know, I am not convinced one way or the other. I’m just saying if it’s true, it would answer why the SSPX can’t “see” who Bergoglio is and also why they, after all the rotten fruit of V2, still hold to such a destructive position as R&R.

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