Video: Discover how fetal cells are used in vaccine development, and how those cells are extracted

“To effectively harvest the heart cells from a fetus, it has to be kept alive during the extraction process. Meaning they have to cut open the chest to access the heart without anesthesia, extract the cells while it’s still beating, and then euthanize the fetus before or after extracting the rest of the tissue and organs for sale to pharmaceutical and biomedical companies. They do the same with garnering the highly sought after fresh cells from the brain, but instead cut open the face while the fetus is still alive. I’m still dumbfounded that this is allowed and acceptable in any single capacity, and honestly wish I could forget it. Anytime I think of vaccines, I’m reminded of this disclosure and feel disgusted. It’s terrifying how devalued human life has become in the eyes of “modern” medicine and the establishment, and the lengths pharmaceutical companies will go to get what they want. It’s so inhuman and objectively evil. If you think abortion rights have anything to do with the rights of women to choose or bodily autonomy, then you’re naive. They don’t care about any of our rights at all, and COVID demonstrated that to all of us many times over. It’s about profit, power, and other nefarious agendas. This has to stop.”

4 thoughts on “Video: Discover how fetal cells are used in vaccine development, and how those cells are extracted”

  1. It’s agonizing to realize that this actually happens .
    It’s horrifying to realize how demonically animated today’s “experts” are.
    Thank you for all of the work you do to bring us truth .

  2. I weep. This is so evil. How do we reverse course? It seems only God could fix this. We must be brought to our knees.

    1. How do mainstream pro-life groups claim that the abortive mother is anything other than a co-muderer with the abortionist? Bringing an end to abortion and healing to sinners requires that moral (and legal) responsibility be returned to mothers.

  3. I wonder whether the cytokine flurry children’s bodies release in response to the injected foreign human DNA could be part of the reason for the insane spike in allergies and autoimmune problems in children these days. You can’t find a kid without a long list of allergies anymore. Allergies used to be something rare.

    If manufacturers have to put warning labels on tobacco and booze, they should also have to put labels revealing which drugs were developed from, made with or contain fetal tissue. Stop pretending that anyone opposed to using tissue harvested from defenseless baby humans is some kind of woman-oppressor.

    Tomorrow is the feast of Our Lady of La Salette. How much longer can she hold back the arm of her Son?

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