The real data behind the new COVID vaccines the White House is pushing

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What if I told you one in 50 people who took a new medication had a “medically attended adverse event” and the manufacturer refused to disclose what exactly the complication was — would you take it?

And what if the theoretical benefit was only transient, lasting about three months, after which your susceptibility goes back to baseline?

And what if we told you the Food and Drug Administration cleared it without any human-outcomes data and European regulators are not universally recommending it as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is?

That’s what we know about the new COVID vaccine the Biden administration is firmly recommending for every American 6 months old and up.

The push is so hard that former White House COVID coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha and CDC head Mandy Cohen are making unsupported claims the new vaccine reduces hospitalizations, long COVID and the likelihood you will spread COVID.

None of those claims has a shred of scientific support.

In fact, if Moderna said that, they could be fined for making false marketing claims beyond an FDA-approved indication. Pfizer’s version, approved this week as well, also has zero efficacy data and has not been tested on humans at all. We only have data about antibody production from 10 mice.

The FDA, or Moderna (frankly, it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes), should disclose what happened to the patient who took the new vaccine and had a complication that required medical attention. The public has a right to know.

The last time the Biden administration approved and recommended a novel COVID bivalent booster, last fall, with no human-outcomes data, it was an epic fail. Only 17% of Americans took it (and some of those were forced to do so by their employer or school). Now it is making the same mistake.

Two weeks ago, the Biden administration upped its orders for the pediatric version of the new COVID vaccines from 14.5 million doses at $1.3 billion to 20 million doses for $1.7 billion, which is more than four times as many pediatric doses as were used last year.

There clearly seems to be a special push this time to give it to children — the same group European regulators are not supporting.

In fact, the original Moderna vaccine was banned in parts of Europe for people under age 30.

European doctors are not alone…

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4 thoughts on “The real data behind the new COVID vaccines the White House is pushing”

  1. It might sound promising that only 17 percent took the last version, meaning less might take this one. But 90 percent of the country has had at least one Covid 19 vaccine. That’s all it takes.

  2. Saddest Interview Yet: Mass Death in the UK

    “Using standard methodologies, Ed Dowd and his colleagues have found, in a new 22 page report, looking at the UK, that adjusted cardiovascular excess deaths in the UK are up in a signal that cannot under any circumstances be ignored. “We observed 13 per cent increase above normal trend line in 2020, 30 per cent in 2021 and forty-four per cent in 2022.” Anything above 3 standard deviations is a signal — a 3.8 standard deviation is the same as you getting hit by lightning once in your lifetime. When I say ten standard deviations this is an improbable event from the norm. Ten [standard deviations from the norm] is crazy.””

    “From this chart, based on Office of National Statistics and UK Monthly Registered Deaths, All Cause, and the Peersonal independence Payment System databased (ONS the gold standard at least per the UK government; it was ONS that announced COVID infections during the pandemic) — excess deaths were up in 2020 and 2021, then seemed to resolve in 2022, and are now up again dramatically in those aged 15-44 in Q2 of 2023. These are younger, healthier people — — Millennials — the moms and dads, the work force — who are not supposed to die.”

    “Dowd is angry that the gatekeepers whose jobs involve responding to data such as these — public health officials, officials at ONS, but also insurance company executives and others — are keeping silent. He brought up the fact that the insurance companies mandated the injections, as did most major companies, in 2021, so the General Counsels in the boardrooms of major insurers, would likely be advising their clients not to say a word in public about what they insurers are seeing in their own data regarding massive increases in excess deaths and Millennials’ disabilities.”

    Ignoring the Heart of the Matter: How Myocarditis Became the Silent Scandal of COVID-19 Vaccination.

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