Amazon Exhortation clears way for a demon worshiping “Mass”

Nothing like a little bait and switch. Yeah, get everyone worked up and worried about deaconesses and married priests, then go full frontal Pachamamamania.

73. Inculturation elevates and fulfills. Certainly, we should esteem the indigenous mysticism…

74. Similarly, a relationship with Jesus Christ, true God and true man, liberator and redeemer, is not inimical to the markedly cosmic worldview that characterizes the indigenous peoples…

78. A process of inculturation involving not only individuals but also peoples demands a respectful and understanding love for those peoples… Let us not be quick to describe as superstition or paganism certain religious practices that arise spontaneously from the life of peoples.

79. It is possible to take up an indigenous symbol in some way, without necessarily considering it as idolatry. A myth charged with spiritual meaning can be used to advantage and not always considered a pagan error.

Then Paragraph 81 kicks off a section titled The inculturation of the liturgy… Might want to go have a look at that HERE.

A great synopsis, short and sweet, a two minute read, from a new blog/blogger “Septina Buccina” HERE … I have only laid out a fraction of what he found, and it is a MUST READ as he has highlighted much more from the document and added much commentary. I beg you to click the link. A quick taste here:

In Article 74 he reduces the eucharist to some sort of pantheism, says that God is in everything like the earth worshippers believe & ACTUALLY TELLS YOU THAT A RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST ISN’T INCOMPATIBLE WITH PAGANISM. Let’s be very, very clear here: the man pretending to be pope says that Christianity and paganism are compatible.

Ann’s take HERE.

Hey! Remember when they did all this IN PLAIN SIGHT? THE ANTICHURCH VISIBLE?

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6 thoughts on “Amazon Exhortation clears way for a demon worshiping “Mass””

  1. I hope Catholics are taking this seriously. Many have imbibed the false rationalism of modernism and will poo-poo the spiritual realities of evil powers “sitting where they ought not.”

    I feel deeply that Freemasonry is at work here.

  2. Ultimately, (I think) what antipope Bergoglio and his demonic friends want is ratification / legitimization of the immoral lifestyle of the Yanomami tribe, so they can do what they do behind closed doors out in the open. Pachamama and a satanic fake-mass are the steps they’re taking to get there. Start with a WTF (Pachamama), move to something more shocking (this), use political correctness to shame those into silence who speak out (RAAACISM!!!), and then, after the opposition is largely converted, legitimize what you wanted all along. So… how immoral is this Yanomami tribe?

  3. There isn’t really anything more to say. The details of this bacchanal are gross and have now reached the level of stupid and gross. Who falls for this? This is the false church of idolatry, paganism, evil. May it all burn to the ground. I truly hate it and everything it stands for.

    The True Church is still there, but hidden like a still, small voice. I love her more than I love life itself. I stand with her and will defend her honor until my last breath. Righteous and pure, she is, and there is not a single solitary thing these evil men can do about it.

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