USCCB publishes totally woke Amazonian “study guide”… Surprise! You’re a racist deplorable

You have to go read it all HERE. You won’t believe how racist you never knew you were.

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Be sure to visit he site and click on those other links too, so you can teach your children just how much they are to blame for Cherokee Nation.

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That’s another great link to go learn about plastic cups and fossil fuels, you shameless, commuting, air conditioning abusing, charcoal barbequing, whore.

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Below is a glimpse of their episcopal certitude on the worst enviro sins you need to take political action on NOW, for the betterment of your community and all of humankind, you know. SEAMLESS GARMENT YOU HEATHEN.

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Please contact Susan of the parish council to arrange group study for your family.


10 thoughts on “USCCB publishes totally woke Amazonian “study guide”… Surprise! You’re a racist deplorable”

  1. Man, Mark. Are you channeling Tucker Carlson with your commentary between USCCB’s “dreary devilish drivel”? ; )

  2. I believe much of this was plagiarized from a pamphlet we received from our local electric company. Does attending Earth Day events fulfill the mass attendance requirement?

  3. Addressing the true sins of greed, envy and lust would be a better way to deal with the problems of materialism, commercialism and over consumption. But, what do I know. I am just a Catholic and not a bishop. /s

  4. It’s interesting how Bishops use the authority of their position, divinely derived from Christ, to force the Faithful to follow them in obedience away from Christ and heaven in service to His enemy in earth and hell.

    And that is why we must always look through the earthly authorities to the true authority beyond: it is Jesus Christ we worship and it is heaven to which we aim.

    Sorry fellows – I have carefully considered your study questions and they are deficient.

    Here are some alternate questions for the USCCB Bishops to ponder, discuss, consider and share among themselves:

    1: Why are you ashamed of the Cross of Christ?

    2: Why are you ashamed of the heroes of the Faith who brought salvation and redemption to a lost and suffering People through the Cross of Christ?

    3: Why do you think it is better to leave the ignorant lost in their sins than to give them the Pearl Of Great Price and limitless treasure from heaven?

    4: Why do you celebrate false demonic gods when you represent the living Almighty God who hates idolatry?

    5: Why do you discuss eco-sins when such sins are not part of the revealed Word of God?

    6: Why are you afraid of the earth’s ecology when the earth is sustained by a loving and present God.

    7: Why do you never talk of the eternal; only earthly?

    8: Why do you never raise high the Cross of Christ?

    Discuss among yourselves. And then thoughtfully apply your answers in life changing ways.

      1. Thanks to Oakes Spalding, I found this video of eco-believers singing hymns to the trees (at a Seattle public hearing).

        This is what I imagine the USCCB would like in our liturgy, going forward, or something much like it, (we should prayerfully meditate on the cry of the trees; the hole in our air).

        This is pure religion, and not compatible with Christianity. They have lost their minds.

  5. I don’t charcoal barbecue: I transform organic matter to a more primitive state as it caresses other organic matter with heat and light and then return it to mother earth.

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