Biden finally sending weapons to Ukrainian Nazis

By Jeff Childers

Welcome to the new bizarro world, where left is right, right is wrong, and everything is upside down and topsy-turvy. To set the dining table, recall that last week, without a shred of public discussion and without consulting anyone except his traditional neocon toadies, in secret, Biden armed the Ukrainian army with missiles to shoot into Russian cities. Apparently unsatisfied with having dared the Russians to object to U.S. missiles flying across their breakfast tables, completely spoiling Russians’ morning blini, Biden is still sprinting the wrong way up the nuclear war escalator.

Azov recruitment poster


The alleged President of the United States, the free world’s bastion of freedom and democracy, the shining light upon the hill, the country that saved the world from the German Chancellor with the funny mustache, is now officially and literally arming nazis.

In a story describing Ukraine’s infamous Azov Battalion only as “a one-time militia with a checkered past,” the Washington Post ran this understated headline: “U.S. lifts weapons ban on Ukrainian military unit.

military unit! Not even a “controversial” military unit!

The article competed for being WaPo’s shortest story, offering only a few terse paragraphs. There’s so much that could have been said about Azov, including easily obtained, eye-popping visuals like the one I included above, all fussily ignored by WaPo’s editors…

6 thoughts on “Biden finally sending weapons to Ukrainian Nazis”

  1. This is, actually, hilarious. Why?

    1) Under Barry the Fairy, we removed a duly elected Russian-leaning president for a selected and illegally installed US-backed hack. Then we sent billions to assist said US hack, which was deposited into an oligarch’s bank, and then used to fund PRIVATE MILITIA UNITS, namely the Azov Battalion, that were pillaging ethnic Russians in the Donbas.

    2) Publicly, we denounced the Azov Battalion and listed it as a terrorist organization, and thus an official enemy of the United States (the “war on terror” is still being conducted.

    3) Valodomyr Zelensky regularized the anti-Russian battalions, even those noted for their cruelty towards ethnic Russians, so our “contributions” to Zelensky indirectly go to terrorist organizations.

    4) Now, we have authorized financial assistance to an enemy of the United States (as per the war of terror), for the stated purpose of preserving the “democracy” of a state that is run by an autocrat who suspended elections, eliminates opposition, and executes deserters.

    And people think the government of the United States is legitimate…

    1. Dubya was not pro Russian. He and Obama sucked up to Putin initially to get him to back down in the face of future NATO expansion. Dubya said nice things about Putin in his first term and in his second instigated a coup in Georgia which Russia put down. In Obama’s first term they brought the reset button to Putin, gave him our uranium and then in the 2nd term when it was clear Putin wouldn’t budget, overthrew Ukraine in order to put NATO in. Bidens Dec 1 2021 declaration of NATO protection to Ukraine was the last straw.

      And even Trump was bullied into sending lethal aid to Ukraine.

    1. Well, they did start Iraqi 1 and 2, and our longest war, Afghanistan. And Trump gave lethal aid to Ukraine as president, and supported our recent aid package to Ukraine.

      1. But just today. on radio station WAMU they blamed Republicans for Vietnam. Iraqi wars were started by Neocons who are democrats that have been mugged. Trump is actually old school democrat.

        The true conservative Pat Buchanan spoke against the Iraq war. I even had my Clinton loving but basically antiwar liberal mom listening to him.

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