Who the hell is going to take this jab?

By Annika Kim Constantino@ANNIKAKIMC

Moderna on Monday said its combination vaccine that targets both Covid-19 and the flu was more effective than existing standalone shots for those viruses in a late-stage trial.

The biotech company is the first to release positive phase three data on a Covid and flu combination shot, giving it a potential lead over rival vaccine makers Pfizer and Novavax.

Moderna plans to file for regulatory approval for its combination jab this summer in the U.S. and hopes it can enter the market in 2025, the company’s CEO Stephane Bancel said in an interview.

Moderna, Pfizer and Novavax have said that combination shots will simplify how people can protect themselves against respiratory viruses that typically surge around the same time of the year. The added convenience is critical as fewer Americans roll up their sleeves to get vaccinated against Covid.

Bancel added that combination shots could reduce the burden of respiratory viruses on pharmacists and the broader U.S. health-care system, which has been grappling with a labor shortage that has many workers stretched thin.

Moderna’s messenger RNA combination shot, called mRNA-1083, is made up of both the company’s vaccine candidate for seasonal influenza and a newer, “next-generation” version of its Covid shot. Both of those experimental vaccines – mRNA-1010 and mRNA-1283 – have shown positive results in separate phase three trials.


16 thoughts on “Who the hell is going to take this jab?”

  1. Elderly people in nursing homes and mentally incapacitated people. It’s a genocide against us all, but they are the most vulnerable.

    1. Possibly most of those involved in the Military, Sickcare, and Educational Industries. Surely it will be “offered” as the Flu Shot you’ve always gotten, and as the best way to protect others. /sigh

  2. I do know a lot of liberal Karens—70-somethings who remain amazingly giddy about this crap. Can’t wait for their next jab.

    I was explaining to one how federal money earmarked for the homeless in California vanished—trillions of dollars poorly invested, or through graft. Her reply, “O, but they were spared the ravages of Covid by being outside”. Said like a true Pollyanna.

  3. I keep saying this, and no one listens. Fear of dying is the most powerful motivator there is. Since we live in a culture that is in awe of credentials (doctors, etc) people will indeed take this crap.

    My aunt is 76. Valedictorian of her class, two Master’s degrees in French Spanish. She was a school teacher for 45 years. She is exquisitely smart. She has had 3 jabs. Every year she gets a flu shot and a C19 shot. Why? She considers herself smart, so people like me don’t know any better, and she “trusts” her doctor. And she’s scared of dying. As we all are.

    In fact sometimes you can trust your intelligence so much that you resist criticism or suggestions that you might be wrong.

    And finally, it doesn’t matter. mRNA is going to be in your food, water supply, produce (already is in California), etc.

  4. And the “labor shortage “ in the US healthcare system could be because so many people who were force vaxxed aren’t well and those who refused the vax were let go. There are always consequences…..

  5. Who’s going to take it? American consumers who think two-in-one is like a special sale. Memorial day sale maybe.

  6. Nobody in my family. The masses will take it though. And whatever “bird flu” vaccine that comes out. Too many scared, delusional and misinformed people.

  7. Weird how the language makes it sound good. Propaganda is an art. Sadly, a black art ie. mis-used.

    “Oh, they’re doing trials! Oh, they found it’s effective! Oh, it’s a combination – just 1 shot!”

    Never the drawbacks, not even the disclaimers of a commercial ad. “Oh, if there were drawbacks the media company would say! There must be only 1, good side to this!”


  8. Not just nursing homes. Even those with elderly relatives at home who relied upon occasional scheduled social workers to help were coerced to give them the shot, or be refused service.

  9. I’m reading a biology book and I am convinced that most people have biological information but zero understanding. It is simple impossible to not see intellegent design. A single cell is more complicated than anything engineers have ever built. They want you to believe it emerged from non-life. And the masses just accept it because scientists say so. They do not see that things like codons and translators imply an intelligent cause.

    But then again people accept mRNA shots. Why do you want people like Bill Gates controlling the protiens in your body? Would you give him the key to your house? The password to your bank account? Even if he promised to stop Russian hackers from stealing your money? It is absurd. Clown world.

    1. They accept it because they want to live a life free of moral restraints… which is all the religion represents to them. The scientists don’t even really have to make a coherent case. Just don the lab coat, stand in front of a camera, and tell them what they already wanted to hear: “there’s no God, so do as thou wilt.”

  10. The combination of flu shot and covid “vaccine” has been strongly linked to increased stroke risk, especially in the elderly. I read an article but haven’t tried to find it again – it’s probably taken down in light of this wonderful new Moderna product. My mother in law (a huge fan of the covid shot, masking, the whole charade) was over the moon about getting the combined flu and covid shots in December of 2023. Not the same as this new combination here; I believe it was just her Medicare encouraging (pressuring) her to get both shots during a single doctor visit. She and my father in law thought it was great! They were both too sick by Christmas for us to see them until the middle of January, suffering from severe colds that began within days of their double shots.

    Within a month she also started having a series of strokes, some big, some minor. She became bedridden on Shrove Tuesday and passed away the Tuesday after Easter, having suffered many small strokes during that time which left her nearly paralyzed.

    Of course, nothing to see here. At least she didn’t get the flu or covid, I guess. I post this hoping others will DISCOURAGE their elderly loved ones from pursuing this option.

  11. RE: Who the hell is going to take this jab?

    Answer: all the people who are idiotically still watching the news on TV, including FoxNews

  12. There is massive brainwashing. There is no longer love of Truth, people believe the lies spewed by media programmers is truth, so easily accessed and dispensed to them by “experts”, “credentialled” and “peer reviewed”. 2 Thessalonians 2:10 explains how God deals with the loss of love of Truth.
    Highly intelligent and professional people believe they must defer to experts because in their particular professions and silos, their niche of knowledge would not be easily understood by others. So, the best practice is to listen to other “experts” in their fields. And, also, so many are in on the grift, received kickbacks or were high up in facilities that got $$$$$, or own lots of Big Pharma stocks.
    I have a sibling who is a retired doctor, who lied to me blatantly about this whole hoax. I was very close with her, but now have no trust. Unfortunately, the rest of the family listens to all her advice to get jabbed, and I am the crazy one.

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