Sub-65 IQ Yemeni pirates force US Navy carrier to retreat from Red Sea

The End of Carrier Diplomacy


(VoxDay) It is widely believed that the Yemenis damaged the USS Eisenhower sufficiently to force it to retreat from the Red Sea before it was sunk:

According to satellite images published by navigation trackers, the Eisenhower was seen sailing north off the coast of Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, heading to the far north of the Red Sea, more than 1,100 kilometers from Yemen. The Eisenhower had noticeably repositioned over the past two days, moving from off the coast of Qunfudhah in southern Saudi Arabia to off the coast of Jeddah before moving further north.

This retreat coincided with two ballistic and cruise missile attacks and drone strikes launched by Yemeni Armed Forces on the aircraft carrier since Friday, in response to recent American and British assaults that resulted in the deaths and injuries of 58 civilians. This escalation prompted Sana’a to vow a “firm and deterrent” response, according to the Supreme Political Council.

The blatant retreat of Eisenhower has put the United States in an extremely embarrassing position after attempting to cover up the Yemeni attacks on the carrier through silence. Many activists have sparked a wide debate regarding Eisenhower’s status following the attacks, leading Captain Chaudhary Hill to release a video to calm public opinion. However, the video showing a fighter jet taking off from the carrier turned out to be an old clip from March, reinforcing suspicions that Eisenhower might have sustained significant damage from the Yemeni attacks.

I, and many other observers, have long predicted that it would be the sinking of a US aircraft carrier that would definitively mark the end of US global military supremacy. However, I’d always assumed it would probably be a Chinese hypersonic missile, or possibly a Russian hypersonic missile, that would provide the historical coup de grace.

But the fact that it might be a lowly desert people taking down the mighty symbol of one of the most powerful empires to ever dominate the planet would be both fitting and ironic. There is too much disinformation and misinformation to confirm the rumors yet, but the longer the USS Eisenhower stays dark, the more it looks as if the USA has passed its Syracuse Moment.

5 thoughts on “Sub-65 IQ Yemeni pirates force US Navy carrier to retreat from Red Sea”

  1. War has changed. Aircraft carriers and tanks still have their uses against less advanced nations, but are large expensive sitting ducks in an age of advanced and skilled militaries with cheap flexible drones and faster missiles.

  2. My initial reaction (speculation) is that God permitted the self-exhalting American Empire to suffer this humiliation, aided and abetted by preternatural forces with MUCH higher IQ than the Yemenis.

    1. Like, most people think the US was the victor of the first two world wars was because of military strength, but I would argue it is because the US was isolated from all enemies by an ocean. Most of Europe got totaled by Germans because of their proximity and because of new technologies like machine guns.

      It would be a fatal error to let the enemy attack from proximity or within one’s own territory, no matter the technology you have. In fact, one emp would render electronic defenses worthless.

      I don’t think it’s stupidity or arrogance, a world war is part of the agenda to build the NWO. I think it’s so the “man of peace” can create a one world system and save us from nationalism and religious exclusivism.

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