Harrison Butker’s top-selling jersey, female edition sold out, has now been ghosted by the NFL

(Note well, the NFL has completely taken down the item. Please do go to nflshop dot com and you will see it isn’t even listed as out of stock, it is totally gone. -nvp)


Harrison Butker currently has the top-selling jersey on the Kansas City Chiefs following the controversial statements he made during a recent commencement speech at Benedictine College. As of Friday afternoon, sales of the veteran kicker’s jersey are even outpacing those of teammates Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, according to the official NFL Shop.

Listed among the “Top Sellers” on the official website, Butker’s No. 7 jersey has gotten quite a bump after the kicker’s polarizing remarks. CBS Sports has reached out to the NFL about the specific sales numbers.

The portion of Butker’s commencement speech that got the most backlash were the comments he made about women being sold “diabolical lies” regarding their professional careers…


11 thoughts on “Harrison Butker’s top-selling jersey, female edition sold out, has now been ghosted by the NFL”

  1. I thought Americans were all about Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, and all that sweet sweet delicious Capitalism…

    What next? Will the NRA refuse to sell Butker a gun?

    1. I doubt it; there’s probably a decent level of cross pollination between the NRA’s worldview and Harrison’s.

  2. Screw the nfl, screw new church. Where is Charlemagne when we need him. Where is the Guy?

  3. Really? I just went there and for $141 they will sell you one. No thanks. Too expensive and the NFL gets a cut.

  4. Because he did not say what those lies are and who sold them to women, he is being ragged. I wish he’d said it outright: It’s the feminists who sold those lies to women. And the lies are about feminism.
    BTW, how come there was no great revolt when what’s-his-name genuflected to protest something on the ground?

  5. Most likely they were sold out (at $139.00+ tax!!) You will note that (as of yesterday) there were only THREE men’s jerseys left. But it will be an interesting test for the NFL: the lucre, or their LBGTQIAASJ “principles”; will they re-order women’s? Re-up the order for men’s?

    Curious minds, and all that.

  6. You can get a t-shirt for “only” $39.99, as of May 20. There are also jersey’s for sale for $129.99.

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