21 thoughts on “The Great Horse Paste Hoax of 2021”

  1. If you’re going to take Ivermectin, take the horse paste or the pill designed for human consumption. IF you take the 1 percent injectable orally it will not make it through your digestive system and liver. Despite what certain always right Catholic bloggers persist in saying.

      1. Injectable Ivermectin, like insulin for example, if taken by mouth would be broken down by enzymes in the digestive process. One of those bloggers did correctly explain how to get the dosage from the veterinary paste form arithmetically correct for human beings but it would be easier if you just got the human form. That same person – who is very good on some issues – has been wildly wrong on other very basic health care questions. I heard her confidently assert, for example, that “blood type AB is the universal donor” (it’s not; O- is; AB+ is the universal receiver, not donor – a mistake of that nature might get a patient killed). You do have to be careful of them. There are smart, natural leaders who are great in some areas but who can’t stop trying to lead even when they don’t know where they’re going.

        1. OK this is the first time I’m hearing any objections to the 1% injectable ivy. Did anyone you know actually take it and use it for it’s “intended purpose” of clearing up covid and it worked? You guys are saying just get the human form but that’s just it. At the time doctors were actively DENYING ACCESS to the human form and pharmacies not filling prescriptions thus the need to even LOOK into horse paste. Taking horse paste isn’t absurd but the 1% injectable is? And again this was all experimental and anecdotal anyway. Here is a meditation that will potentially help and keep you out pf the clutches of the medical system. Try it. And calling a doctor a midwid is mild compared to a psychopathic murder we witnessed a lot of them become during this ordeal.

          1. The 1 percent injectable is not meant to be taken orally. It won’t work when taken orally. That’s why oral ivermectin has ingredients to facilitate absorption. I’m not surprised you didn’t know this but all ivermectin isn’t the same.

          2. Hey Mike the horse paste isn’t supposed to be ingested orally by humans either. It says it right on the box which is why MSNBC tried to shame and humiliate people for taking it by saying you’re not a horse. What ingredients in the paste facilitate absorption? I tried looking them up online and couldn’t even find out what else is IN the paste. The 1% injectable’s ingredients are really available.

      2. Common sense, trial and error. Have you ever wondered why they don’t give cows the injectable orally Mark?

        Why don’t they give horses a sterile 1 percent solution?

        Why does ivermectin for humans contain buffers and ingredients to help it pass?

        When certain right wing catholic bloggers call a doctor a midwit for saying you can’t take the injectable orally , it’s the height of irony.

        Humility is rare in the trad blogosphere.

        Take the paste or human formula (available otc in some states).

        1. “Humility is rare in the trad blogosphere.” Indeed. And only when we recognize it in ourselves can we learn from it.

    1. That’s funny. After developing an addiction to Ivermectin pony paste in 2020 which led to daily usage, going on four year later, I’m alive and well. No problems at all with digestion and liver.

      1. It seems you ate the ingestible paste; you didn’t drink the injectable form. Formulation and concentration are different between human and veterinary products (it probably doesn’t matter that the blogger’s arithmetic based on weight disregarded concentration). If you want the biochemical or pharmaceutical mechanisms of action – I can’t give you those as I am a nurse but not a pharmacist or biochemist. And FWIW, your own personal experience should not be extrapolated to anyone else.

        1. What part of experimental and anecdotal are we not getting? Would you have suggested taking ivermectin in any form to combat covid prior to this ordeal? Would you in your medical capacity have even looked to into ivermectin as a potential treatment since it’s main use is dewormer and river blindness which us in the supposedly 1st world have no need for?

          1. I have absolutely NO medical capacity — as in zero, none, nothing. I do have nursing “capacity.” I do stay in my own lane so as to avoid crashes.

    2. Yeah seriously where are you getting this? It technically is a dewormer so if it’s given to animals and passes through their digestive track to remove worms how does it not work the same for humans? Personally I can’t get over the eye irritation that it causes. That my biggest beef with ivy not that it dOeSn’T wOrK.

      1. Please look above. It DOES matter. The veterinary and human forms are differently pharmaceutically/biochemically designed –that is true even if Big Pharma and organized medicine are on the one hand tring to depopulate the world (kill us) and on the other don’t care and just want money and career and acceptance by the (beginning to crumble?) medical establishment. And regarding Ivermectin: how it was found is so spectacularly unlikely that I believe the person who found it, an unusually and directly qualified Japanese man, was led to it by his guardian angel. It’s a blessing which I suspect may eventually be found to be more wonderful than we can yet foresee (against nano-/biosynthetic parasites???) and I wonder what else there may be, where it may be, and whether anyone will ever find it (absent their guardian angels). (And it’s IV — meaning IntraVenous, not Ivy; and tract, not track! For your own good look until you find an honest health care provider).

      2. Paste ivm won’t hurt you. Ivm tablets won’t hurt you. Ivermectin is safe. Injectable solution won’t do anything if you take it orally.

    3. Also all this was experimental and anecdotal anyway, with the added benefit of being a low risk/low side affect medication to try. Who the hell was thinking about ingesting horse paste for a cold in 2019? If the 1% injectable works for YOU then take it. It’s another option that could’ve potentially saved you from going to the hospital.

  2. Every time I see that guys face from MSNBC my blood boils. He’s the same guy who lamented “celebrating” Memorial Day a few years back.

  3. And just because I’m getting concerned over this — if anyone out there is taking injectable insulin as per their health care provider’s instructions: INJECT it, as instructed. Don’t drink it!

    1. Why would your health provider even suggest ivermectin at all? Especially not HORSE PASTE or 1% injectable. Does it work for covid or was it an experimental drug that COULD work and they were actively DENYING access? Who would be so incurious and hostile against a drug that is low risk/low side effect and could potentially CURE YOU?

  4. I don’t mean to step into a can of worms (mixed metaphor, sorry), but I started taking the horse paste a couple of years ago to fight off long covid and to prevent colds. I feel better when I take it every couple of weeks. Now I know this next bit will sound crazy, but I started using it as a face cream when I learned that expensive rosacea creams contain it…my skin cleared and has never looked better. I also used it to cure a toenail fungus I had for 30 years, a fungus that dangerous prescription pills had not touched. And of course I am NOT A MEDICAL PERSON! Just a retired math teacher. I never plan to be without my Duravet. Works for me. May not work for anyone else but me and the ponies. But this is my experience.

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