13 thoughts on “Why Fauci isn’t in prison”

  1. Because we are , and have been for probably 30 years at least, a lawless nation. I’m no Catholic ( yet, I’m working on that so give me a minute) and I can see that. Heck, even atheists can see that. We are simply LAWLESS. But if Trump gets in he’s gonna fix it all. Right? Right? Uh. No.

          1. The truth isn’t just not taught. It’s been turned upside down and inside out.

            Lincoln might just be the most vicious man to ever occupy the office. And there’s some incredibly stiff competition for the distinction.

  2. Fauci isn’t in prison because he didn’t commit any crimes. Everything he did was authorized and carried out by the executive. NIH, CDC, FDA are part of the executive branch. Trump should be in prison. Biden should be in prison. Trump made the vax available, Fauci didn’t.

    And by the way, Trump has never said Fauci ran over him, never regretted authorizing the jab.

    Fauci is all too willing to be the scapegoat because he is untouchable, he’s just advising and the lawmakers and presidents are actually doing the damage.

    1. In fact, Trump in his new campaign, has been proudly affirming that HE made the vaccine available asap. He is not our savior. Only our true Savior can save us from our own destruction.

  3. Fauci doesn’t need to be in prison. He needs to be publicly executed, live-streamed on the web for the entire world to see. Same for Bill and Melinda Gates. Same for the executives at Pfizer, Moderna and J&J. Same for hundreds of people in the media, academia, government and pharma. Covidism is THE biggest crime against humanity and oh yes, it’s 1000x worse than the holocaust.

    1. ^^^THIS^^^

      Then again, we get the .gov that we deserve. Welcome to Communism rooted in the false religions of GAIA and Identity

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