Bioweapon, confirmed. Funded by Fauci, confirmed. “Would leave no signatures of purposeful human manipulation”

Judicial Watch has the receipts… and yes, the vaxx was being developed right along with the weapon. Turns out neither worked very well, but I’ll bet they do better next time. -nvp

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today it received 5 pages of records from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that show an April 2020 email exchange with several officials in the bureau’s Newark Field Office referring to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China as including “gain-of-function research” which “would leave no signature of purposeful human manipulation.”

Judicial Watch obtained the records in response to a May 17, 2023, FOIA request for: emails and text messages of the Newark Field Office, including to Special Agent David A. Miller, containing the terms “gain of function,” “GoF,” “R01A|110964,” and/or “EcoHealth.” Judicial Watch sent the FOIA request to follow up on uncovering the FBI Newark Field Office’s investigation of the Fauci agency’s gain-of-function grants after the Covid-19 pandemic began.

On April 23, 2020, an email exchange with the subject “Follow up call” takes place between several unnamed Newark Field Office FBI officials. A person whose name is redacted writes:

Details of the current NIAID [Fauci’s National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases] grant for WIV [Wuhan Institute of Virology] bat coronavirus surveillance and WIV bat coronavirus gain-of-function research are available at: [summary of NIH grant to EcoHealth Alliance for Project 2R01AI110964-06]. The key activity for bat coronavirus surveillance is ‘Aim 1 … We will sequence receptor binding domains (spike proteins) to identify viruses with the highest potential for spillover which we will include in our experimental investigations. (Aim 3).’

The key activity for bat coronavirus gain of function is “Aim 3 … We will use S protein sequence data, infectious clone technology, in vitro and in vivo infection experiments and analysis of receptor binding to test the hypothesis that 0/0 divergence thresholds in S protein sequences predict spillover potential.” Translated into lay language, this equates to: “In Aim 3, we will use de novo synthesis to construct novel viruses encoding different spike proteins in an otherwise-constant genomic context, and we will test the ability of the resulting novel viruses to infect human cells in culture and to infect laboratory animals. We hypothesize that there is a direct correlation between the receptor binding affinity of the spike protein and the abilities to infect human cells in culture and to infect laboratory animals. We will test this hypothesis by asking whether novel viruses encoding spike proteins with the highest receptor-binding affinity have the highest abilities to infect human cells in culture and to infect laboratory animals.”

The reason I am writing is that the experimental strategy proposed in Aim 3 (“infectious clone technology”), if performed using commercial or in-house gene synthesis to prepare the infectious clones, *** would leave no signatures of purposeful human manipulation***.

(All the emails are here) 

6 thoughts on “Bioweapon, confirmed. Funded by Fauci, confirmed. “Would leave no signatures of purposeful human manipulation””

  1. The vaxx WAS and IS the weapon.
    There was no “pandemic”.
    Dr Mike Yeadon, former VP and Head of Respiratory research at Pfizer, has been blowing the whistle on the vaxx since 2020.
    Please see his most recent statement at , which he updates from time to time.
    In a comment he added to this post on 20 April, he wrote:
    “I no longer accept the model of acute respiratory illnesses being caused by submicroscopic, infectious particles, commonly known as viruses. If this model was correct, it would be straightforward to show transmission or contagion. There is a medical literature of more than a century duration, in which people with these acute respiratory illnesses (“donors”) were placed in close proximity to healthy people (“recipients”) for several hours. Controls were the situation where healthy people replaced those who were ill. In no case did the recipients fall ill at a higher rate when exposed to ill donors than to healthy donors. This destroys the commonplace narrative about these illnesses: how they are caused and transmitted. It’s lies.”

    1. Never attribute to malice what can be attributed to stupidity, ignorance, or another less malicious cause.

      I am of the opinion that bioengineers have been working on mRNA technology to “update” or “fix” perceived issues with the human genetic code. However, such attempts require large scale testing, and very few people would willingly sign up for “experimental gene therapy”. In order to obtain the consent of people to be tested, they needed the therapy to be marketed as something less scary, Iike a vaccine, and for that, they needed a scary virus.

      That the shot causes severe health issues and leads to death is to be expected when you are conducting tests on an experimental technology that has never been successfully attempted.

      1. Presumably you did not read much of Dr Mike Yeadon’s statement.

        I understand, it is long and spans at least 32 points explaining exactly WHY he, as himself a highly qualified and experienced pharmaceutical designer, concluded that the mRNA “vaccines” from Pfizer / BioNTech and from Moderna were designed “intentionally to cause harms including death and sterility”.

        “28. My contention is that, by close examination of the products of such design teams, I can, at least in part, deduce the intentions of the designers. It gives me no pleasure to lay out below several features of the design of the mRNA “vaccines” from Pfizer / BioNTech and from Moderna, ALL of which predictably give rise to toxicity. The features of interest are common to both products. There is no reasonable conclusion to this analysis other than that the designers intentionally created products which would be expected to cause harms including death and sterility.”

        There are at least 31 other points he makes to demonstrate this. They are not all dependent on each other, but nor are they all independent, either.

  2. Mark – back on the Japan study – writers at Epoch Times explain more of what it says.

    Although vaxxes raised cancer mortality overall, they did it especially for six types: ovarian, leukemia, prostate, lip/oral/pharyngeal, pancreatic, and breast.

    The 6 are “estrogen sensitive” cancers. Idea is that spike protein, if circulating in your blood (and again, blood circulation that could be more likely with vaxx than with covid infection), it binds strongly to estrogen receptors in your cells (both men & women) which messes up the cell in ways that bring on cancer.

    Note, that’s different from the theory of the vaxx suppressing T cells. However, the article goes on to mention other research that found T cell suppression.

    The Epoch Times writer suggests that people’s cancer problems (remember, this ignores carditis or clots – just talking cancer here) could be worse with Moderna because the mRNA dose (remember, that means spike protein dose) is bigger with Moderna. “For each Pfizer-BioNTech dose, there are about 13 trillion SARS-CoV-2 mRNA-LNP molecules. For Moderna, the number is 40 trillion”.

    Hope this is informative.

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