9 thoughts on “Anyone been to Chipotle lately?”

  1. Yep – I’ve gotten bit by the price gouging at a couple of fast food places recently. Unreal. Eating more at home now, which is a good thing.

  2. I went a couple days ago. $11 for a burrito, pricey but I got it to go so no drink. They charge extra for guacamole and I see that mentioned twice on that receipt. Also double meat, that’s another add-on. And the drink order sounds upgraded, too.

    It’s bad in California but not that bad. Somebody wanted to pig out then play the victim.

  3. It’s not worth it if you can make it yourself. Tastes better and cheaper, depending on what it is. At the very least it’s better for you. No seed oils or additives when cooking at home.

  4. Double meat? Lemonade? Why no beans? Hmm. Wondering if the person ordering this is on statins. The choices seem unhealthy as seemingly promoting a poor lipid profile. Beans are nature’s natural scrubbers of the ol arteries.

    Don’t even get me started on fast food and ordering drinks. I see families ordering huge, saturated-fat laden meals and every kid gets an expensive, super-sized sugary drink. My, how times have changed.

    When we five kids were lucky enough to get one slider maybe twice a year at the local drive-in greasy spoon, Dad and Mom might have shared a coffee and we waited til we got home and had a glass of milk. Mom made powdered mixed with half whole milk. That turned it into 2%. Healthier and helped the food budget.

    1. It would explain why kids clothing appears bigger to me. More sugar and fake foods means fatter children. Water or milk. Maybe an occasional organic fruit juice. That’s it. No one needs soda.

  5. Of course double meat will cost more. This looks normal to me, price wise. And no, meat will not kill you with a heart attack. Carbs will kill, via diabetes, ironically causing a heart attack. Watch the movie Cereal Killers.

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