Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead…

Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead in Charleston After Break in Depositions

Boeing whistleblower John Barnett was found dead in his truck at a hotel in Charleston, South Carolina after a break in depositions in a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit.

John Barnett (Photo: BBC News)

That’s according to Barnett’s lawyer Brian Knowles.

In an email to Corporate Crime Reporter, Knowles wrote that Barnett “was supposed to do day three of his deposition here in Charleston on his AIR21 case.” (AIR21 refers to a federal law that provides whistleblower protection for employees in the aviation industry.)

“Today is a tragic day,” Knowles wrote. “John had been back and forth for quite some time getting prepared. The defense examined him for their allowed seven hours under the rules on Thursday. I cross examined him all day yesterday (Friday) and did not finish. We agreed to continue this morning at 10 a.m. (co-counsel) Rob (Turkewitz) kept calling this morning and his (Barnett’s) phone would go to voicemail. We then asked the hotel to check on him. They found him in his truck dead from an ‘alleged’ self-inflicted gunshot. We drove to the hotel and spoke with the police and the coroner.”


7 thoughts on “Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead…”

  1. This might be the most brazen, in-your-face, “we don’t give a damn who knows it” hit I’ve ever seen in my life.

      1. Unless you’re talking about Jr., neither of the Kennedy murders happened in my lifetime.

        But whoever did it absolutely gave a damn who knew it. That’s why they went to extraordinary lengths to create so many potential suspects, while the most likely suspect is never even talked about.

  2. The more I think about this, the more suspicious it gets. Why would someone acting in Boeing’s interest wait until this guy was in Charlotte to testify and in-between depositions to whack him out? Why do something like this, in such an obvious and absurd manner, with so much media heat on Boeing already (multiple MSM exposés, Colbert/John Oliver/Kimmel all doing monologues smacking Boeing around, etc.)?

    The biggest institutional shareholder of Boeing is Black Rock (followed by State Street and Vanguard). The biggest institutional shareholder of every media entity attacking Boeing is also Black Rock (also followed by State Street and Vanguard). Steven Colbert and John Oliver don’t attack a corporation their bosses have a controlling interest in without, at the very least, getting permission, if not a directive.

    There’s something very off about all of this.

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