Pretty sure that thing about Jesus judging the living and the dead has been in the Credo since 325 but okay.

Princes of the Church, the salvation of souls is the prime directive.

7 thoughts on “Pretty sure that thing about Jesus judging the living and the dead has been in the Credo since 325 but okay.”

  1. Antichurch. Antichurch. Antichurch. It’s visible, in your face and thrusting its middle finger at Our Lord, daring you to be a man (or a Joan of Arc woman) and call it out. What are you going to do about it? Don’t reply back to my post, just think about what you’ll say at your personal judgement before God and then before ALL the souls of all time at the general judgement.

  2. You couldn’t make this up if you tried. Good news is, they’re being up front about it. As in, they’re literally telling us they’re the antichurch.

    1. The problem is that most Catholics will blindly follow the “dude in white” because he’s the “dude in white”. I was reading a series of lectures that a Church historian gave in the 1870s (after presenting the information at Vatican I). He stared that after Pope Honorius wrote his private letter to Sergius in Constantinople, the machinations of heretics and the blind obedience of Catholics led souls into heresy. In our modern world, we have the Modernist heretics who have been masquerading as Catholics since 1958, creating an anti-church…and we have had Catholics blindly follow them and prop up the anti-church as legit.

      AL, FT, TC, and FS do not happen in a vacuum. As JPII said in Ecclesia Dei, no. 18, there are many new and innovative teachings in Vatican II that have not been reconciled with Tradition.

  3. Another day, another heresy from antichurch. There are so many it is easy to become numbed to their evil. Yet each one hurts the Body of Christ and chisels away at the faithful. Every heresy harms. Every wound Our Lord suffered during His Passion hurt; every heresy is a similar evil wound but with the opposite effect. Our Lord’s precious wounds each had infinite redemptive value, but the modern barrage of heresies leads only to loss of faith.

    How can people stay on the Novus Ordo crazy train? I say crazy train not from flippant disrespect but because a logical person should see immediately that heretical teachings cannot come from the true Church, yet here we are trying to square the circle and make this nonsense fit some paradigm of orthodoxy.

    Bergoglio sure loves to pander to modern sentiment by decrying the act of moral judgement, doesn’t he? Not even Our Lord is supposed to judge according to him Yet by criticizing the act of judgement, he judges. He supplants the Faith with Hallmark card sentiments while at the same time denigrating those who love and follow the Creed.

    The most astounding, baffling aspect of the dislocation in the Vatican – that is, the fact that the Catholic Church and the Vatican are no longer one and the same – is that most of the world is oblivious to it. People scratch their heads and wonder what went wrong in the world, why does evil seem to be winning these days, well, shucks. The world’s moral compass was demagnetized by whatever happened in the Vatican back in the sixties. It’s so obvious even a skeptical Gen-X person like me, born after the fact, has seen it for the past 44 years.

    1. Best reply evah, gniesslady! I’m a boomer and am so ashamed of the “spiritual—not religious”, felt banner, banal hymnody—embracing Novus Ordo Crazy Train embraced by my cohort.

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