Laetare! Heartwarming update from the Newell family, and thanks to the readership for your fraternal charity!

This is from the FSSP family in Phoenix who nearly lost their little girl just a few weeks ago. I had asked for spiritual and financial support from the readership at that time, and boy did y’all step up. Thank you! Background story and donate button HERE.

UPDATE March 9, 2024 by Teresa Newell

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His mercy endures forever.

Nunzi had a good day today. She talked, she laughed, she ate more applesauce. I got to the hospital this afternoon and she woke up from a nap. I said, “I love you!” She looked at me and said “I love Cobi!” (our dog) I was shocked that she responded, let alone with a full sentence. Laughing I confirmed, “did you just say I love Cobi?” And with great enthusiasm she nodded her head and exclaimed “Yah!!”

She was much more comfortable today, rolling, sleeping curled up on her tummy. Her strength continues to return.

We learned that her morphine wean will last the next eight days, and after that they will start her six day clonidine wean. They ended her antibiotics today. If I understand correctly the last thing keeping her on the general floor before moving to in patient therapy is the chest tube. As long as her xray looks good in the morning I believe they plan to take out the chest tube tomorrow.

Please pray that she face no more infections, that her body can absorb and deal with the remaining fluid around her lung, that her weanings are uneventful.

We are so grateful for every day with her, to witness her return to health. Thank you all for walking with us.

Holy Theotokos, Our Lady of the Annunciation, Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Saints Lucia and Hyacinth, Blessed Alvaro del Portilllo, pray for Nunzi.

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  1. Oh lovely child, living up to your great name! God be with you, Our Lady intercede for you, angels surround you, amen. This happened in our family. So easy to happen. To have her intact is a miracle, praise God!

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