Urgent prayers and Lenten Almsgiving needed

The Newell Family

Please help however you are able to show support for the Newell family, FSSP Phoenix.

“Late Thursday afternoon, the Newell family experienced a terrible accident; their sweet baby girl Annunziata (Nunzi) fell into a gated pool and drowned. The firemen were able to revive her and she is now in critical care at the hospital. It will take a few days before we know much about her prognosis. Nunzi has two older brothers and another sibling on the way. Her parents are caring, and loving. Their beautiful family is one that we all love very much. With permission from family, I am creating this on their behalf. Please spread the word and pray for a miracle. Please support, share, donate, however you are able. With little ones at home, and family traveling to help them in this time, having help with food can hopefully help the family in a small way and allow them to focus on their sweet little girl.”


More info: https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/y8349y

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